Access Denied On Facebook (5 Reasons & Solutions)

There have been many reports of this “Access denied” error happening to a lot of users when they try to log in to their Facebook accounts.

When users attempt to login to Facebook, they may encounter an error message that reads “Access Denied. You are not allowed to access this page at this time.”

This is a security measure and you cannot be bypassed without proper authorization.

Reasons For Access Denied On Facebook Error

If you have encountered this error while trying to access your Facebook account, read on to find out what factors cause this problem and what you can do to resolve it and access your profile.


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Access Denied On Facebook

Let’s go through them one by one so that it makes it easier for you to get the error fixed.

Too Many Failed Login Attempts

If you put in the wrong username and/or password while trying to log in to your Facebook account.

The security features of Facebook can perceive it to be suspicious behavior -as if someone else is trying to access your profile.

So even if you get your login credentials correct the next time, it will deny you access.

If this is the case, try logging in after a few days and it should be resolved.

Using A VPN

Facebook and most other social media networks will block you If you are using a VPN.

While VPNs can protect your privacy and prevent hacking attempts at your online accounts, they come with a couple of issues.

A VPN keeps your personal information secure online by hiding your IP address and giving you a new IP. This IP could be shared with other users and the IP is from a different location.

The security features of Facebook are programmed to check your IP address when you try to log in.

So if two users have the same IP or attempt to login from a different country can look like a hacking attempt and Facebook denies access.

Plus, Facebook can easily identify if you use a VPN.

Logging In From Different Devices

Just like using VPNs – if you log in from different devices multiple times, it can trigger security rules and deny you access.

Why would a normal person login from different devices or locations every day? It’s definitely suspicious activity.

Issues With The Browser

This is super rare but I came across this when researching.

If you use an Internet browser to log in to your Facebook account, compatibility issues of your browser, browser cookies and cache accumulated over a long time.

Also, incompatible extensions can cause the “access denied” error too.

Fixing And Preventing Facebook Access Denied Error

As you now know what could cause you to run into this problem while trying to log in, let’s look at some workarounds, and prevent it from happening again in the future.

1 Turn The VPN Off

If you happen to have a VPN turned on when you had the problem, the VPN could likely have been the culprit. Turn it off and try logging in to Facebook again.

Once you have logged in successfully, you can turn the VPN back again if you want to.

2 Remember Your Login Credentials

Writing your Facebook username and password down and keeping them close to you but hidden from others will help you to avoid making mistakes while entering them in the login form and getting access to your profile denied.

Or just use a login combo you will never forget!

3 Stay Logged In

Not logging out of your Facebook account after each session and staying logged in instead minimizes the number of times you log in and the chances of getting that error.

But you must use one trusted device, with proper security settings and malware protection, and you don’t share with others to make sure that no other entity can access your profile.

4 Resolve Browser Issues

Trying different web browsers to log in to your Facebook account to check if the browser was the cause of the Access denied on Facebook error.

You can also:

  • Clear Browser Cookies And Cache
  • Update Your Browser: Browser updates often contain fixes for compatibility problems.
  • Disable Unused Browser Extensions. Disabling browser extensions that you don’t use might fix the problem too if there are incompatible ones among them causing it.

5 Reset Facebook Account Password

You can reset your password as a last resort to resolve the denied access issue. But there’s a chance this might not work too.

Simply go to Facebook login page, enter your username, and choose, “forgot password”. Follow the steps to reset your password, and log in to your profile using the new password.

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Quick Recap

The “Access Denied. You are not allowed to access this page at this time.” error Facebook users get can be due to VPNs, submitting incorrect login details, multiple device logins, or issues with the browsers used to log in.

The problem can usually be solved by following the workarounds we talked about or resetting the user password if everything else fails. Or just use the Facebook app.

Worst case – You won’t be able to login for a couple of days.

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