Can You Post Links On Youtube Comments? (Explained)

The comment sections of social media can be interesting places for all kinds of people to share their views, and YouTube isn’t any different.

While YouTube’s comment sections allow a lot of viewers to be expressive and share their opinions, you might have wondered at least once if they allow posting links (either to advertise your own content or a business project) in the comment section, and the best way to go about it if they do.

🚀 Quick Info:

Currently, you can post links on Youtube comments. YouTube allows links, but they have decided to hide such links as a default setting.

The main reason for this decision is to deter scammers who often post spam or dangerous links as a means to scam viewers who go through the comment section.

Does Youtube Block Comments With Links?

Yes, Youtube can block comments with links sometimes.

The main reason for this can be the actual settings for the video selected by the particular YouTuber or content creator.

Does Youtube Block Comments With Links

There’s a particular feature available to content creators to automatically label comments with links as spam messages. These comments are then filtered and not shown in the comment section.

TBH, with the pesky scammers and spam comments on the loose, one HAS to take such measures!

What is unfortunate about this is that most people often use the comment section to promote their own channels or business ventures.

  • If you continue to post links in comments, YouTube recognizes you as a spam account.
  • Your actual account CAN get suspended or even DELETED, which is a waste of all the hard work you have put into it.

YouTubers have the ability to approve comments with links, so unless you know the particular content creator personally, they won’t probably accept it and it is best to avoid posting links on YouTube comments.

How To Know If Your Link Went Through?

Because the majority of content creators have turned on manual comment approval, your comment with a link will most likely end up in a special folder where the content creators have to visit and approve each comment individually.

While there might be some creators who do this painstaking process, not everyone is that faithful to the practice, and will instead let youTube decide on what is what.

When you post a link as a comment, YouTube shows it to you as if it has been posted and is visible to all who see the video, when it is NOT the case. It has most likely ended up in that folder waiting for approval!

🚀 Quick Info:

So if you want to check if your comment is visible to the viewers,

  • You can simply visit the video after logging out of your account or using an incognito tab.
  • Open up the video and go through the comment section and look for your comment.
  • If it is visible, your comment has been approved or the content creator has allowed comments with links to show up in the comment section.
  • If it isn’t there, it is still up for approval or has been marked spam by the creator or YouTube.

What Are The Alternatives To Posting Links In YouTube Comments?

If the objective of posting links in YouTube comments is advertising, there are other social media platforms that you can use for advertising, such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

You can create pages that can be customized to reflect your business venture or any other project.

You can also focus on SEO content that is crafted for your projects as a way of reaching a larger audience. You don’t have to simply rely on YouTube comments which have a complicated process attached to them.

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Are Links In YouTube Comments Worth It?

Not really. The main reason is the possibility of getting your channel and all the inclusive work getting deleted from the platform.

YouTube does not treat spam accounts and scammers lightly, and if you are mistaken for one, you shall be treated with similar intensity.

However, if you still want to risk it, you can try to comment less than 10 – 20 times a day, so as not to look suspicious, since frequent comments are made by scammers and spam accounts daily.

If you have a lower frequency of posting comments and make sure your comments are creative enough to catch the eye of the creator who, hopefully, approves them, you should be just fine.

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Copy YouTube Comment Links

To copy Youtube comment links, open up the video and head toward the comment section and locate the comment you want to share.

Next to the comment, there should be a date (when the comment was posted) and this is where the link to the comment is.

How To Copy YouTube Comment Links

Just right-click on the date, and select ‘copy link’, which will then give you the link that you can share with literally anyone, or post anywhere.

Once someone clicks the link, the video will open on a browser, with the comment showing up first in the comment section.

Youtube Highlighted Comments

Can I Put Affiliate Links In YouTube Comments?

Yes, you can put affiliate links on Youtube comments, but it’s advised to put them in your OWN videos, instead of doing so on content by other creators.

You are allowed to post up to 5 comments with links on your videos before being taken down by YouTube.

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However, you CAN post affiliate links on comments for content by other creators as well, but you must make sure that they do not get flagged as spam comments, by making sure they are related to the video and are creatively presented.

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