How to Craft Realistic Buyer Persona & 15 Examples

Buyer personas and examples

It’s important that you know yourself. But when marketing, something trumps that—knowing your customer. And here the trump card is the buyer persona. The importance of a buyer persona cannot be understated. It’s your window into understanding your customer. Think of the buyer persona as a key to unlock your marketing potential, drive sales, referrals … Read more

How to Identify Customer Needs: Effective Strategies

needs assessment

Have you ever tried to pitch any product or service without knowing the lead’s needs and wants? Yes? What Was the Result? Of course, you weren’t able to close the sale. Assessing prospects’ needs is an integral part of the lead generation process. Without understanding your client’s needs, you can’t introduce them to your product … Read more

How to Use Demographic Segmentation to Reach Your Target Audience

Demographic Segmentation

To effectively reach your audience, you need to learn about them. That’s why there is multiple segmentation type for customers. One of those segmentation types is demographic. It is an interesting way to learn about your audience by segregating them based on different factors. Other popular types of market segmentation include: geographic, psychographic, and behavioral. … Read more