Does Pinterest Show You Who Viewed Your Profile?

Pinterest is the 15th most “active” social media platform as of January 2023 with more than 450 million active users each month, according to Statista. 

Unlike many other social platforms, the user’s intention of this platform differs from other social media because most Pinterest users have buyer intent. Because of this fact, most social media marketers prefer this platform to expand their reach. 

It is important to collect and analyze data and information about the viewers and followers of any social media platform because they help the digital marketers to analyze and optimize their content. 

In Pinterest, knowing who viewed your profile can be important info as gender difference, age, and their interests can make a huge difference on planning our next piece of content.

So, how does Pinterest show you who viewed your profile? Let’s find out. Plus, I’ll also go over a few other questions you might have while analyzing user data.

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Can I Track Who Views My Pinterest Page?

The answer is NO.

A few years back, Pinterest sent notifications when someone viewed your profile.

It was a great option to have while using the platform because it helped us increase our follower base by following back the user who viewed our profile. 

Sadly, Pinterest has removed this feature, and now there is no way to know who viewed your Pinterest profile.

However, If you have a business account -you can still check your analytics to see who has seen your content and interacted with it. 

Load up your business account, head over to Analytics and click on Audience Insights which is in the top left corner.

Does Pinterest Show You Who Viewed Your Profile

Unfortunately, it will not show EXACTLY who viewed your profile, but this page will show you an insight of your audience size, age, gender, location, and device, as below:

If You Block Someone On Pinterest, Can They See Your Profile?

By using this data, you can atleast get an idea of who is viewing your profile, how many views you are getting, and also what type of content resonates with them. 

This information can help you create laser-targeted content that can catch your audience right away. 

Plus, by using these insights data, you can determine who’s not looking at your content. Then, you can target them with different marketing strategies.

So, as you see, Pinterest no longer shows the data of users who viewed your profile, but the audience insights it provides us are more than enough to better understand our content and audience.

 Few Benefits of using Pinterest Analytics 📊

  • Provides insight into audience demographics
  • Helps identify popular content and trends
  • Measures engagement and reach of Pins
  • Provides data on follower growth
  • Enables tracking of competitor activity
  • Provides insight into which Pins lead to sales
  • Helps to optimize content and strategy based on data
  • Allows for testing and experimentation with different Pins and strategies.

With the help of this information, you can create more targeted content and build better campaigns to increase your follower base.

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If You Block Someone On Pinterest, Can They See Your Profile?

If you’ve ever had to deal with a pesky Pinterest user sending spam messages and comments, blocking them might relieve you from that pain. 

But when it comes down to it, blocking doesn’t actually keep that person from seeing your profile — they just can’t message or comment, but can still check out all your posts even though you blocked them. 

This can be really frustrating for some users who don’t want their content seen by people they blocked. 

The best option is to report them if they are violating Pinterest’s community guidelines so that your account stays protected from further spam.

Does Pinterest Tell You When Someone Screenshots?

Sharing screenshots of interesting pins is a common practice of many Pinterest users. However, Pinterest doesn’t have the technology to identify the users that take screenshots of their site. 

So, Pinterest won’t let you know if someone takes a screenshot of your pin.

To make sure no one can spread your pins without permission, you can set up a secret board that only invited people can access. This guarantees that any sharing of your pins is done with your permission.

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Does Pinterest Tell You When Someone Saves Your Pin?

Yes – you’ll get the alert! 

Whenever someone saves a pin to their profile, you will receive a notification of this. Plus, if one of your pins is added to a group board by another user, you’ll be notified about that too.

🚀 Quick Info:

However, if a person saves your pin to one of their secret boards, you will not get any notifications.

Secret boards are hidden from public view – they can only be seen and accessed by people who have access to them, so it’s likely that anything saved onto these boards would remain unknown by outside parties – including the pin owner!

If tracking activity around your pins is essential for you, Pinterest has got you covered with its analytics feature which allows users to track pin impressions and how many times each pin has been saved or added to various other boards (excluding any secret ones). 

This information can help you understand if your pin went viral or not. With that info, you can create similar looking content to have a better chance to go viral.

Bottom Line

Pinterest doesn’t tell you who checked out your profile each time it’s viewed, but it does provide the general stats of all viewers. You can also track how many people saved your pins through their analytics feature. 

Pinterest Analytics can give you a better idea of how engaged users are with your content. 

Taking advantage of this data gives you the opportunity to interact with people that have already interacted with what you’ve posted and increase chances for further engagement. 

So if you’re looking to level up your Pinterest game, don’t forget about taking full advantage of what their analytics have to offer! 

It can help you to plan a top notch strategy that can optimize your profile for maximum impact.

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