Facebook Ads Active But Not Spending (7 Reasons and Solutions)

Meta platform is an excellent tool to help you manage your Facebook Ads campaigns and ensure they run as smoothly as possible.

But sometimes, despite all of your hard work and best efforts, your campaigns don’t perform.

Sometimes you notice that your Facebook ads are active, but they are not spending your budget.

If you’re scratching your head over why your budget isn’t being spent despite the ads being marked as “active,” you’re not alone.

It’s a common issue, but luckily, a few tweaks can help get your campaigns back on track. This post will go through why this might be happening and how you can fix it 🔥.

Why Isn’t My Budget Being Spent?

There are a few possible root causes of Facebook ads being active but not spending. Let’s break them down.

Facebook Ads Active But Not Spending

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1 The Bid is Too Low

When creating an ad set, you’ll also need to decide how much you will pay for each result. Facebook may have trouble delivering your ad if the bid is too low. This often happens if the ad quality is too low and the competition is too high.

🛠️ Solution:

Try increasing your bid, and make sure you focus on creating high-quality ads that stand out from the crowd. That should help bring your Ads performance up to a more acceptable level.

2 Your Ads Aren’t Relevant

Facebook’s algorithms are designed to favor Ads that are relevant and engaging. If your ads aren’t speaking to a specific audience or providing value, then they won’t be able to perform as well as they should.

For example, if you’re targeting a broad audience, but your ad copy is too general, then it’s likely to get lost in the shuffle and won’t be seen as relevant by the users you’re trying to reach.

🛠️ Solution:

Try adjusting the audience settings in your Ads Manager to refine your targeting further and ensure that you’re reaching the right people with the right message.

Additionally, work on improving the copy and creativity of your Ads to ensure that it resonates with your target audience.

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3 Not Targeting the Right Audience

Another common mistake is not targeting the right audience. You might be targeting people who are too young, too old or don’t have any interest in your product.

When this happens, Facebook won’t find a suitable audience based on your ad, which will cause your budget to stay still.

🛠️ Solution:

Make sure to study who your ideal customer is and target them specifically with the right Ads.

4 Too Many Filters

Using too many filters when creating your audience can also be a mistake. If you have too many filters, chances are that the number of people who will see your Ads will be low, and you won’t get the desired results.

🛠️ Solution:

Filtering the audience is essential, but try to keep it to a minimum so that more people can see your Ads.

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5 Ads Are Flagged Due To Potential Policy Violations

Facebook reviews each and every ad to ensure they meet their policies. That means that if your ad is flagged due to potential policy violations, your ad may never get published.

If there’s a glitch with their system, your ad might show that it’s active, but it will never actually reach its target audience. So, you won’t spend the budget.

🛠️ Solution:

Make sure you read the policies and guidelines before you start creating ads, or else you might end up wasting your time and money on campaigns that will go nowhere!

Even if you’re a seasoned Facebook Ads expert, double-check your content to make sure it complies with the platform’s requirements. It’s just not worth the headache if your ads fail to reach their target audience because of something that could have been avoided.

6 The Ad Set Budget is Too Low

When setting up your ad sets, you’ll need to decide how much you want to spend. Facebook will only run your ads as long as there’s a budget left in the ad set, so if it’s too low, the ads will stop running after it exceeds the budget limit.

🛠️ Solution:

Try bumping up your budget and see if that helps!

7 Facebook Page is Unpublished

Another common glitch preventing your Ads from gaining traction is if your Page is unpublished.

Facebook Page  Unpublished

This change can happen for various reasons, such as not meeting the platform’s standards.

Sometimes your Page gets unpublished due to mysterious “unexplained” reasons 🤔. If your Page is not public, it can prevent Facebook from displaying ads to potential customers.

🛠️ Solution:

To ensure this doesn’t happen, double-check your page settings; if the Page isn’t published, ensure you fix that right away!


It’s no secret that running a successful Facebook ad campaign can be challenging. From managing your budget to creating the perfect ad, there is much to consider.

If your ad is active, but not spending or performing as expected, it might be due to something out of your control. Check for the reasons mentioned above, and if all else fails, contact a Facebook ad expert to see if they can help you. Good luck!

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