9 Tips To Improve Landing Page Conversions Rate (And Calculating Methods)

Landing page conversion rate is the key factor to analyze whether your advertising strategy is paying off or not. It is vital to see the ratio of how many visitors you managed to convert into buyers. Because if you’re not getting any conversions then there is no point in spending for paid advertisements. One must calculate landing page conversion rate to find out if they are moving in the right direction. But the question is:

  • “How to calculate conversion rate?”
  • “What is a good conversion rate?”
  • And “How to increase landing page conversion rate”

Well, to put it in simple words the landing page conversion rate may vary. Depending upon the industry you’re operating in. Some industries have a much higher conversion rate compared to others. So, the right question to ask here would be:

  • “What is the average website conversion rate by industry?”

We still can’t deny the fact that some websites are managing to get above-average conversion rates. Don’t worry, you can achieve that as well by increasing or optimizing. In this article, we’ll be answering all your queries. So, let’s get started.

Average Website Conversion Rate By Industry

The average conversion rate across all industries is 2.35% to be exact. However, the landing pages in the top 10% have a higher conversion rate of 11.45%. Similarly, the top 25% landing pages are getting conversion rates of around 5.3%.

We have listed down the average website conversion rate by industry for your better understanding.

Higher Education 2.6%
Real Estate 2.9%
Health 2.9%
Home Improvement 3.3%
Legal 3.3%
Business Services 3.5%
Business Consulting 5.0%
Tavel 5.0%
Credit & Lending 5.6%
Vocational Studies & Job Training 6.1%

The difference of average conversion rate that you can observe. It is due to organizational behavior and environmental demand. After seeing the above table you’d be able to analyze your performance.

Why should we settle for an average landing page conversion rate when we can attain the best results? There is no such thing as best and we always have room for improvement.

Now we’ll see what measures can be taken in order to get from average to exceptional results. Take inspiration from those performing well in the market and compete.

Improve Landing Page Conversion Rate

The appropriate way to find out how to improve landing page conversion rate is by analyzing those who are among the top 10%. The goal here is to gather the common behaviors among them and their strategies.

Improve Landing Page Conversion Rate

We have listed down some pointers for you to follow to help achieve your milestones.

  1. Draw Attention
  2. Reduce Risk Factor
  3. Clearly Convey the Value
  4. Involve Fear of Missing Out
  5. Reduce Any Delays

Draw Attention

The very first thing to focus on while designing your landing page is to draw the user’s attention. Don’t let them get distracted and make sure their attention is drawn towards the core of your page. While optimizing your landing page keep things simple.

However, as soon as a visitor comes on your landing page their attention should be on point that you want them to notice. Implementing this is very simple. You just need to know two things.

  1. What do you want users to do?
  2. What users want to do after visiting your page?

This would make it easy for you to prioritize how to use CTA (Call To Action) buttons.

Reduce Risk Factor

It is a rule of thumb that people tend to think of something as appropriate when everyone else is doing it. The reason behind this is that people generally prefer sure outcomes. Instead of taking risks for something that can be valuable.

This could be very helpful in increasing conversion rates. If you assure your visitors that it would be of great benefit and many others have benefitted from it. This could be done by

  1. Reviews
  2. Testimonials
  3. Ratings & FAQs

Clearly Convey the Value

No doubt that writing the best copy is valuable for conversion but keep in mind that CTA doesn’t overshadow the benefits. You must clearly convey the benefits of CTA. If your visitors don’t find any value to them on your landing page. Then it would cost you a conversion.

  1. Clearly highlight the benefits
  2. Don’t be too pushy

Involve Fear of Missing Out

Give a limited-time offer on your lead magnet (benefit against CTA). This would give them a FOMO (fear of missing out) and no one wants that feeling. This would give them a push to avail the offer immediately.

Landing Page Conversion Rate calculate

Make sure that what you are offering is in demand and gives value to your visitors. Whenever there is a deadline it triggers the person to hurry in taking action.

  1. Use Keywords like (limited time offer, hurry, instant and now).
  2. Display the timer for the deadline.

Reduce Any Delays

Don’t use any tactic that would delay the process of visitors taking action. This is usually because of long forms that users have to fill when they click on CTA. It is observed that when you decrease the form fields it positively impacts on conversions.

How to Calculate And Increase Your Landing Page

According to a study the landing page conversion rate is increased by half when form has fewer fields. Implementing this would make them feel that they don’t have to give much to receive benefits.

This also makes it easy for visitors to know what’s expected from them. It is like removing the barrier between you and your potential customers/buyers. Some pointers to keep in mind:

  1. Keep it short and simple
  2. Make it visually appealing

B2B Landing Page Conversion Rates

By analyzing the data from various companies. The average B2B (Business-To-Business) landing page conversion rate is estimated to be around 13.28%. Just like any other landing page conversion rate you can optimize to improve performance.

There are certain things that can have adverse effects on B2B landing page conversion rates. We simply need to fix some issues from the landing page. Following things can be considered:

  1. Make a catchy headline
  2. Decrease loading time
  3. Less is more (in terms of content)
  4. Prominent CTA

Make a catchy headline

Make sure that your headline grabs the attention of the users and highlights your marketing agenda. It should be intriguing and not boring or generic. It must reflect what the content is about and what you are offering.

  1. The headline should be specifying a message
  2. Just long enough to convey your message
  3. Gather attention of the visitors

Decrease loading time

If your B2B landing page is taking longer than three seconds, then 40% of users would leave. In a fast-paced world no one has the time to wait for a page to load. It has a physiological effect on buyers and they are not likely to visit again.

B2B landing page conversion rates could result in huge monetary losses. Imagine a website earning $10,000 per day then a delay in load of 1 sec would bring it down to $6,000.

Follow some basic guidelines to avoid losing a conversion:

  1. Test the loading speed of your landing page from different servers
  2. Avoid using any unnecessary images and text.

Less is more (in terms of content)

Your content length should justify your goal within 5-10 seconds of reading. It would become easy for the visitor to understand your perspective. Having too many lengthy paragraphs would only confuse the reader.

Think from visitors’ point of view and follow some of the point mentioned below:

  1. Highlight important aspects of your product or service
  2. Make use of Bold & Italic
  3. Prefer using bullets and quotes

Prominent CTA

Around 45% of the landing pages contain more than one offers and Call to Action buttons. This would only distract them instead of giving you a conversion.

It is a proven statistic that pages that have multiple lead magnets have much lover conversions. Compared to those offering a single offer. Note a few tactics that can be of great help for increasing conversion:

  1. Easy, prominent, and convincing Call to Action.
  2. Use contrasting colors for CTA.

Landing Page Conversion Rate Calculator

Calculating landing page conversion rate is very easy. You can do it yourself as it requires only two metrics. “How many people visited your landing page?” and “How many conversions did you get?”.

If you are not good at calculating, then don’t worry we have some tools that you can use to save the hassle.

WebFx Conversion Rate Calculator

It provides very easy and quick calculations. All you need is to enter your number of conversions and number of visits and click on solve.

B2B Landing Page Conversion Rates

TheOnlineAdvertisingGuide Conversion Rate Calculator

You just have to enter your conversions and clicks in the columns of the top row. It would automatically generate the stats (showing conversion rate) in the second row.

TheOnlineAdvertisingGuide Conversion Rate Calculator

MarketingForSuccess Marketing Conversion Calculator

Just like any other conversion rate calculator. You have to enter your visitors and conversions and click on “ Click to Calculate ”. It’s as easy as that.

MarketingForSuccess Marketing Conversion Calculator

Webinar Landing Page Conversion Rate

In terms of conversion rate for webinar landing page best conversion rate is estimated around 19%. According to the study 51% users who come across webinar landing pages go for a sign-up. And 36% of them actually attend it.

These stats won’t be the same or realistic for everyone as it depends on the interest of your target market as well. Some quick fixes for webinar landing page conversion are similar to any other.

Check out some easy and quick fixes for optimizing webinar landing page:

  1. Use statistics to show value.
  2. Promote the bio of the host and the panelists.
  3. Use social proof to endorse credibility.
  4. Explicitly mention the benefits for registrants.


The end goal for CTA’s may vary. But conversion rate is important to know if you are spending on the right marketing strategy. We must ensure that every penny spent brings you a conversion.

At the end it’s all about continual effort for improvement. This can be done by a lot of experimenting. If you are competing in a more mature domain for conversions, then testing is the key.

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