Facebook Link Clicks Vs Landing Page Views Vs Conversion: Let’s break it down!

Figuring out what to choose between Facebook Link Clicks vs Landing Page Views vs Conversion? It might be quite tricky for you to decide if you are new at launching Facebook Ads campaigns. We are here to help you clarify the confusion between these three key metrics.

We’ll guide you on which one to opt for while launching your Facebook Ad campaign. Before that you must know the clear difference between Facebook Link Clicks vs Landing Page Views vs Conversion.

It’s vital to know how each one of these metrics work and can be beneficial for you. This would not only save your time and money but also help optimize the traffic of your website.

Our goal for this article would be to educate our readers about following concepts:

  • Difference between link clicks, landing page views and conversion
  • When to choose each one of them and why
  • Most preferable for you depending upon the goal of your campaign

Facebook Landing Page Views Vs Link Clicks

Link Click allows you to keep track of how many people clicked on the link placed in your Facebook ad. However, it doesn’t help you analyze whether they stick around for your page to load or not.

On the other hand, landing page views let you know how many people waited for your landing page to load. So, it is considered a superior matric to analyze your web traffic from Facebook Ad campaigns.

Facebook Landing Page Views Vs Link Clicks

In simple words landing page view confirms that a user stuck around for your site to load after clicking on your Ad link. While link clicks only determine that the user has clicked on the link you placed in your Facebook Ad.

Now the question arises that why clicking the link wouldn’t result in landing page view? Well, there could be one of many reasons for that:


Person accidently clicked on your Facebook Ad and then closed before the page was loaded.

  1. When page loading speed is slow. Specifically, on mobile devices when your landing page speed is more than 3 seconds. Almost half of users would press the back button before the page is loaded.
  2. Clicks leading to other destinations. Sometimes it’s also counted as a click when a user likes the ad/page, comments, or visits your Facebook page. It means the actual page views would be low while link clicks are higher.
  3. If the same person clicks on your URL in the Ad more than once. It would be considered as a link click but not a landing page view every time.

When to Use Each One and Why

It is quite evident by now that Facebook landing page views is a superior metric for optimizing your traffic. This can be used for generating page views or in other words directing traffic to your website.

The reason being that it ensures that a user stuck around while your landing page was loading. So, it would be counted as a page view and might lead to a conversion.

In case of link click it can only be used for brand awareness as it increases the visibility of your website/brand. It hasn’t been found to be much useful and should preferably be used for testing purposes.

Landing Page Views Vs Conversions

Many of you might get Landing Page Views confused with Conversions. To be fair it’s not the same at all. It’s a misconception among people that just getting a page view is a conversion. However, it totally depends on your goal for the Ad campaign.

In Conversion optimization metric of Facebook your Ad is targeted only to those people who are much likely to buy your product. It is very helpful for eCommerce business as Facebook algorithm does all the heavy lifting.

Landing Page Views Vs Conversions

It tries to make sure that the person who clicks on the link placed in your Ad is there to buy your product/service. When you choose Landing page views as your optimization for Ad.

Facebook will find those users to show Ad who would just visit your website & doesn’t necessarily buy anything. But when you choose Conversions then your Ad would be targeted to those users who would be looking to buy such a product.

When Should We Choose Conversions Matric & Why?

Based on proven results by testing and experiences following conclusions have been made regarding why to use Conversions.

  • Much cheaper compared to other options
  • Increased conversion rate
  • Higher ROI

As we are now aware that the best option is to go for Conversions. It is best suited for you especially when you are promoting your eCommerce business. It can be of great help when you are selling your product but can be quite helpful in some other scenarios as well.

How to create custom Facebook Ads reports with Landing Page Views

The easiest way to check the performance of your campaigns is directly with the Facebook Ads Manager. You’ll be able to analyze the behavior of the users that visited your website.

It is the tool from which reports are created on Facebook. It allows you to filter by dates or goals, among other things. You can measure the performance of each set of ads and even each individual ad.

Steps for Creating Custom Facebook Ads Report

Follow the steps below to know the exact process for creating a custom Facebook Ads report.

  1. Go to the “Facebook Business Manager” and navigate to your “Facebook Ads Manager” account.
  2. Now click on the “Columns” dropdown menu and choose “Performance”.
Copy of Facebook Link Clicks Vs Landing Page Views Vs Conversion
  1. On the right side just after “Columns” you’ll have “Breakdown”, click on it and select the “Placement & Device” option.
Copy of Facebook Link Clicks Vs Landing Page Views Vs Conversion
  1. After that, return to the “Columns” drop down list and select “Customize Columns”.
  2. Now you will see a new window for “Customize Columns”. Here you have to enter “Landing Page Views” in the search tab. Then check the metrics you want to see from unique, cost, total, and unique cost. Now click on the “Apply” button on the right bottom of your screen.
Copy of Facebook Link Clicks Vs Landing Page Views Vs Conversion
  1. You can repeat the previous step and include “Outbound Clicks” and “Link Clicks” as well. On the right-hand side, you’ll see the list of selected columns from which you can delete or move.
  2. In the final step you have to again go to the “Columns” menu and click on save option next to “Custom”. You can also do it by clicking on the “Set as Default” option. Now your custom Facebook Ads report is created.
Copy of Facebook Link Clicks Vs Landing Page Views Vs Conversion

Once you have completed the process. You will be able to see a detailed custom report of Landing page views, Outbound Clicks and Link Clicks. Along with all the Ads placements and the devices people used when encountered with your Ad.

Tools to optimize your Facebook Ad analytics

Besides everything you can make use of some very useful tools to further optimize your Facebook Ads. We’ve gathered a list of the best tools that can be of great help are mentioned below:

GTmetrix For Testing the Speed of Website

As we know that the speed of your website matters a lot after a user clicks on a link placed in your Facebook Ad. If your website takes longer than three seconds to load, then you might lose a conversion. So, GTmetrix is the solution to this problem.

Copy of Facebook Link Clicks Vs Landing Page Views Vs Conversion

It helps you optimize the speed of your website by identifying issues that can be resolved to enhance its speed. It can be used for free.

Facebook Pixel Helper

It is a chrome extension which allows you to check if your setup of Facebook Pixel is done correctly or not. It will display every event with details such as success, errors and warnings. In simple words it works as a troubleshooting tool to see if your pixel is working properly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the difference between link clicks and landing page views?

A link click is counted whenever a user clicks on the link placed in your Ad. It does not consider if the user waited for your destination URL to load. However, landing page view is considered if and only if the user waited long enough for your destination URL to load. After clicking the link in your Ad.

What do link clicks mean on Facebook ads?

It refers to the clicking of any link within the Ad whether it leads you to any destination. Even if this destination is on or off Facebook. It would be specified by the one launching the Ad campaign.

What is the difference between link clicks and unique link clicks?

Link clicks are the total number of times someone has clicked on your link. It considers even if the same person clicks a link more than once. While unique link clicks are only considered once by each person or visitor.

Cost per landing page view Facebook

On average the cost of landing page views is between $0.50 to $3. So, you can multiply the average by the number of landing page views you need to find the estimated budget.

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