Best SEO Niches (For Local, E-commerce And Content Sites)

Making money online with SEO niche sites is on trend all across the world, especially since it is something ANYONE can do if they have a PC and a functioning internet connection.

While making money with SEO is possible, it is something pursued by so many rising entrepreneurs and business people across the world, and this leads to it being a SUPER competitive place to enter.

So if you have any interest in making money with SEO sites, you must pay attention to the niches that the internet really wants – which are also NOT niches that every SEO guy or online entrepreneur is running after.

So if you are thinking of making local lead gen sites, e-commerce sites or content sites, or a combination of these really, this article will show you the best SEO niches you can get into.


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What Makes A Good SEO Niche?

Before we get on with our list of best SEO niches, you need to understand what makes it a good niche so that you are not just taking our word for it.

Plus, you’ll be able to find new ones yourself!

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Local Niches

People often tend to look for services near them, so providing leads for local businesses will be pretty lucrative.

A good local business or lead gen SEO niche should be high-priced services – otherwise, you can’t sell leads or rent it for a decent amount.

Targeting cities with low to mid populations (at least around 70k) is a good idea as you’re bound to have a substantial audience who search for services.

And there will be very little competition since most local sites are not created with a lot of effort if the city isn’t very populated, and there will often be very bad sites, ones with weak content and backlink profiles.

Just make sure you check your main keywords and their variations for at least some search volume (I would go with at least 300 SV +) because that directly impacts your revenue.

Ecommerce Niches

For e-commerce sites, you should focus on fast-selling products or higher-priced products.

For this you must look at the current trends – may it be the weather, the season, the festivities around that time and holidays, or political movements, and make sure you sell something that people really really need.

And if it’s something they can’t literally live without, you know you hit the jackpot!

Make sure to check for weak sites ranking on #1 page with no blog pages or weak link backlink profiles and don’t go after difficult keywords. Check is a good search volume for the products as well.

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Content Sites (Affiliate & Ads)

Content sites created aiming for products with good commissions or just display ads are a good business model.

A good niche for these sites should be on the rise in Google Trends, have higher-priced products with good commissions, and should not have super competitive SERPs.

They should also have lots of low competitive informational keywords, and the niche should also be expandable and not too niched in. So avoid micro niches.

Best Local SEO Niches

Let’s look at our 5 best local SEO niches:

1) Towing

Breakdowns and accidents are almost inevitable these days with the very high traffic and the use of vehicles even for the smallest journey.

On the other side, you have people using their older vehicles, without opting to buy new ones simply due to economic factors.

Whatever the reason, what you must see are the opportunities for the towing industry (worth $7 billion industry globally). Creating lead gen websites for towing services is a perfect way of monetizing an essential and important niche.

Plus, this niche is kinda low competitive in some cities and ranking for it is easy.

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2) Tree Services

With sudden weather conditions that wreak havoc, and construction necessities that call for the removal and readjustment of massive trees – this particular service can be one that is most sought after.

This is especially true for areas with very heavy weather, significant constructions or states and cities that are hurricane prone.

3) Bail Bonds

Now this is NOT something that regularly crosses your mind, that is until someone you know or love is arrested and is in need of help.

A service like this can be the first thing people look for whenever they get the news that a friend needs help to get released.

Especially if you live in an area with high crime, or if your area outlines another area that is generally high in crime rates, starting bail bonds lead gen site will actually be a pretty lucrative idea.

Connecting bail bonds with SEO can actually help a lot of panic-stricken people, and given the position they are in, your prices can also soar.

4) Gutter Cleaning

Since cleaning jobs like these come with a certain risk, not everyone will try to DIY this. And this is where the need for gutter cleaners comes in.

Given the fact that a job of this nature can cost around $118 – $350, you can make a decent amount by renting it. Plus, the SERPs are pretty low-competitive from what I have seen.

5) Pest Control

Yet another job that requires special human capital, and the daring and BOLD kind at that.

With pests spreading diseases and causing all kinds of issues in apartment complexes and housing schemes, crowded areas will always have people crying out for the help of pest control.

And it will most probably be that way with the current changes in climate. And it’s not just in urban areas, but places like farms will definitely need the help of pest control.

So make use of this 26.2 billion dollars global market right now and watch the money roll in!

Best E-Com SEO Niches

6) Home Office Equipment

Given the fact that most houses have an office, or an area for such work, this equipment will be in super high demand.

The demand will also be for a VARIETY of equipment – based on the material, technology, and equipment made for people with various needs. These products are decently priced for sure as well.

Since there is a high demand, there will be room for variations and entrance into new product ventures as well.

7) Vegan Products

With veganism taking the world by storm, many people are adopting new eating habits and opting for different food options – which are NOT that common.

And if you manage to take hold of the niche these products have and create a website, you will have yourself a very lucrative enterprise.

And with the new products, dietary supplements and other vegan options that are coming out, you will find a good audience for these products.

8) Cooking Equipment

Cooking is a MUST and is sometimes a passion for many people. The search for good quality cookware is relentless and constant – and this means a site selling those will benefit IMMENSELY.

There is also the chance to introduce novel equipment that makes cooking easier and faster in the kitchen.

9) Pet Products

Pets require a WORLD of toys, clothing, and a lot of other stuff to stay happy and healthy.

And pet owners often scour the internet looking for new toys and other equipment for their pets – which provides a very good and popular niche for all e-commerce site creators.

10) Home Decor

Since DIY is promoted a lot on social media, and because it has become a very important hobby for some as well, home decor equipment and anything related can have a massive base of people.

The space also exists to expand to the newest and trending tools and equipment made to make home decor easier and more manageable – especially for people who are differently abled and require additional measures to properly decorate their houses.

Best Content Site SEO Niches

11) Parenting

Baby sites, especially for new mothers and fathers, with a special focus on child health and care is a great niche with good affiliate offers and ad epmvs.

New parents everywhere will be researching and looking into family-related matters A LOT, and this will make an interesting niche to focus on.

12) Boats

There is always a high demand for all things boats – from buying them, riding them, to maintenance and even SELLING. And the people in boats are usually very RICH.

If you are clever enough to focus on the multitude of topics and directions you can take with this, you are sure to find a lot of super-easy keywords.

13) Pets

Who doesn’t like pets? There will always be tons of people looking for pet care guides, pet health, types of breeds, and all the fun things they can do with them.

There will always be thousands of keywords, because pets, despite being the fun balls of energy they can be, can also raise A LOT of questions!. So websites can actually create endless content on them!

14) Gardening (Indoor And Outdoor)

With a very strong DIY culture passing through social media, gardening has taken a particularly strong following with more and more people searching about it every day.

Given the fact that entire books have been written on the many many techniques and methods of planting and gardening, you will find a ton of interesting content ideas.

15) Mental Health

Being a topic that still attracts a significant amount of readers, sites in this niche can make decent money, and it will be an important service to society at the same time.

There are thousands of keywords to go after and the affiliate commissions and ad epmvs are really good – because this is a YMYL niche.

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