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Trust, But Verify: Taxation and Reputation

Every year, tax preparers put their reputations on the line as they fill out the claims of millions of taxpayers. And as our blog team reports, sometimes unhappy customers try to get even.

Attention Tax Professionals! Don't Let Bad Reviews Hurt Your Business

Tax preparation professionals face unique online challenges during the busy tax season. We examine how review management can help tax professionals stand out from the competition.

Life in the Fast Lane: Online Privacy, Net Neutrality, and Small Businesses

The stage is set for another battle over net neutrality, and as our blog team explains, small businesses have the most to lose.

Massive Peak Team Member Meets the Press

A talented team member was recently recognized alongside industry leaders.

Reputation Management for Professionals: An Infographic

100% of professionals can benefit from online reputation management.

Risky Business: Meetup Goes Beyond the Bottom Line

Our blog team examines Meetup's recent and controversial move into political activism; a venture seemingly wrought with risk not only for the networking site's reputation, but also it's very survival.

Success Coaching: Lead a Winning Team

You've got all the players, now make a winning team.

Spring Training and Brand Development: Putting the Best Team on the Field

As Major League Baseball gears up for a new season, we're reminded of what it takes to build effective teams.

This Saint Patrick's Day, Bring Some Fortune to Your Online Brand: An Infographic

This Saint Patrick's Day, spread some good fortune on your online brand. We illustrate several easy methods for bringing your brand the Luck O' the Irish.

Call Me a Cab: Uber's Lesson in Leadership

When Uber CEO Travis Kalanick lost his temper with a driver, he gave his company a black eye, as our blog team explains.