Can You Hide Notes On Instagram? (Solved)

Instagram and many other social media platforms are on a total CRUSADE to put out new and EXCITING options for users to express themselves better and better!

Ever had a thought that is too small for a story, and too light for an actual post?

Now there’s the option of adding ‘notes’ to your profile, and they will show up on top of ALL your followers’ chat lists.

But here’s the big question – what if you DON’T want someone to see what you’re posting on your note?

And what if you don’t want to be bothered by someone else’s notes?

We’ve all been on social media platforms for long enough to know VERY WELL that some people’s opinions are better left unseen or unheard, and sometimes we don’t want our stuff to be seen by particular people.

The good news is that you can hide notes on Instagram. Plus it’s super easy, and it won’t take long.

This article will show you how to hide notes on Instagram so that you can protect our own piece of mind WHILE being expressive.

How To Hide Notes On Instagram

If there are people whose notes you do NOT want to see, there are two ways to hide their notes.

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Method 01

Open up the app and quickly head to their Instagram profile.

Once you are there, you will see the ‘following’ button. The button actually extends to a drop-down menu once clicked, and on it, you will find the ‘mute’ option.

Clicking the mute option will take you to a separate menu with the options of muting ‘posts’, ‘stories’, and ‘notes’.

Simply slide the toggle button for notes (it will appear blue then) and you have successfully hidden their future notes from appearing on your chat.

Method 02

You can also mute them with a different method – after their notes have appeared on top of your chat list.

When this happens, you can go to the note they’ve posted, and long-press the note. Then you will get an option to mute their notes.

Once you do this you will NOT get any more notes from them. You have successfully hidden notes on Instagram!

How To Hide Notes From Someone On Instagram

Now what to do when you need to hide YOUR notes from someone else? Sometimes there are things we just want to express, that are NOT for everyone’s eyes.

Instagram knows this very well and has kindly offered us the option of selecting our audience EVERY time when we post.

Instagram has this cool feature of creating a separate audience of ‘close friends’ and this applies to stories as well.

The ‘close friends’ list will be the place where Instagram has allowed all the pals and followers you trust and want to share sensitive info to gather together.

And every time you think of posting a note on Instagram, it allows you to pick your audience!

You have two options here – either you can share with your followers who follow you back, or, you can share with your close friend list.

Simply add the people you want to share the note (and stories, because there are no separate ‘close friends’ lists for the two) to the list and share away!

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Bottom Line

Posting a note on Instagram is real simple stuff, and hiding your notes from someone else, or hiding someone else’s notes from your chat list is super easy as well.

You can go to someone’s account, or long-press their note and hide their notes from your account.

If you want to hide your notes from appearing in their accounts, simply change the audience that your notes are displayed to – which Instragam lets you choose when you’re typing the note itself! Easy stuff.

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Unmute Notes On Instagram (iPhone)

If you have muted a friend of yours by mistake, or if you want to unmute someone’s notes after some time, all you have to do is simply retrace your steps.

Open the app on your iPhone and click the search button and type in their username. Once you see their profile, click on it.

Afterwards, click on the ‘following’ button on the top part of the page and it’ll open a drop-down menu where you will see the option ‘mute’ which will open another menu which contains the option ‘notes’.

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The toggle button next to it will be blue, and what you need to do is swipe it back (it will then become gray). And you have successfully unmuted this follower’s notes.

How To Unmute Notes On Instagram (Android)

The process to unmute Instagram notes on Android is similar to the iPhone method.

You can do it by heading to the user’s account and unmuting their notes using the ‘following’ button which will lead you to the drop-down menu mentioned above.

Simply click on the blue toggle button next to ‘notes’ and you should be fine.

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