Facebook Ads Only Desktop Targeting (How-To)

Wondering if it still makes sense to target Facebook ads only to desktop users?

Yes! Desktop users still represent some amount of Facebook’s total audience.

Plus, they are more inclined to take actions like clicking links or making purchases!

In this post, I’ll go over how to set it up step by step and explain some of the benefits of targeting only desktop users.

How To Show Facebook Ads Only On Desktop?

Setting up Facebook ads only desktop targeting is pretty easy. Here’s how:

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01 First Step

First up, go ahead and login to your Facebook Ad Manager dashboard.

You should see your existing campaigns here. You can either edit one of these or create an entirely new campaign from scratch.

Once inside the campaign, use the left menu and scroll down to Ad Set > Placements.

The placements will be set as “Automatic” by default.

To be able to edit placements, we have to select “Manual placements“.

02 Second Step

After you select manual placements, a load of options will show up right under it. From here, click on the “Devices” dropdown menu and untick Mobile.

That’s it, you are now targeting only desktop users.

You’ll also see the other ad platforms Instagram, Audience Network and Messenger will be grayed out along with a lot of ad placement positions.

You can only show the ads to desktop users on:

  • News Feed
  • Marketplace
  • In Stream Videos

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I recommend just using news feed ads. Select the subcategory as news feed too and remove the right column. Normal news feed ads have the highest conversion rates.

Why Show Ads Only On Desktop?

Here are a few good reasons to run Facebook ad campaigns that only show ads on desktop devices rather than both desktop and mobile:

Higher Click-Through And Conversion Rates

Research shows that users have higher CTR and conversion rates when engaging with ads on desktop compared to mobile.

Most people (including me) prefer to make purchases on a computer because of the larger screen. You see a lot of more details and you can fill up forms faster.

TBH, I have never purchased anything using a phone.

Mobile ads are good for brand awareness and targeting the mid funnel stage.

Saves Money

Creating desktop only Facebook ad sets can also prevent wasted ad spend targeting mobile users who may be unlikely to actually convert or take your desired action.

If you are promoting products, offers, downloads or other goals not well-suited for tiny mobile screens, avoiding ineffective mobile bids.

This targeting saves money. Plus, more dollars will go to desktop ads.

Users Spend More Time

The last thing to consider is that Facebook users tend to spend a lot more time when they are on desktop compared to quick mobile sessions.

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More time exposed = more opportunities to notice, interact with and act upon your ads.

How Many Monthly Facebook Desktop Users?

According to a study by BusiessofApps, 17.3% of the users use both desktop computers and phones to browse Facebook, while only 1.7% use desktop only.

If we do some calculations, that’s 3.03 billion monthly users x 19% which is 572 million.

So, there are 572 million monthly desktop users!

Are Facebook Ads Better On Mobile Or Desktop?

It depends on your ad goals. If it’s to get more leads via messenger or build your brand awareness – mobile ads are a lot better.

But for conversions and click throughs, desktop ads are better (for now).

Bottom Line

To show Facebook ads only desktop, head over to Ad Set > Placements and enable manual placements. After that, unselect mobile from the “Devices” option.

Keep in mind that you should NOT set desktop users from the Detailed targeting options.

After you run the desktop-only ad set, be sure to regularly check in on the campaign analytics to see how it stacks up to normal campaigns.

If the desktop ad set is underperforming, try playing with the ad copy and creative.

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