Facebook Ads For Junk Removal Businesses (Strategic Guide)

Junk removal is a business with a good potential for success, as it provides a solution for an ever-present problem in any industrial or residential establishment – waste.

Like any other business, a junk removal service needs a good marketing strategy in order to build up a good customer base and thrive.

Advertising on Facebook is an efficient way of reaching potential customers for a relatively low cost, but your ad campaign has to be set up properly for it to generate the leads and conversions.

In this post, I’ll talk about the strategic side of setting up Facebook ads for junk removal.

I’ll not show you the practical steps of running the campaign because there are thousands of videos on it, plus the Ad manager user interface changes all the time.

How To Run Facebook Ads For Junk Removal

To run a successful Facebook ad campaign for your junk removal business, you need to focus your attention on these 3 areas:

  • Ad copy or the creative
  • The people you are going target
  • Ad objectives

Let me go over these in detail:

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Ad Copy

The content of your ad is the biggest aspect of your ad campaign. If you get this wrong, no one is going to buy from you.

So, you need to pay careful attention when writing the ad.

First up, keep in mind that you ONLY need to convince your target audience to choose your service over others.

Anybody who has got junk collected is already looking for a way to get rid of it, so don’t bother trying to tell them that they need to get rid of their junk.

Setup your ad copy in a way that highlights what benefits you offer them that your competitors don’t instead, like lower rates, quick response time, environmentally friendly service, more flexible operating hours etc…

Basically be better than your competitors. Make saying YES a no brainer.

Next is adding visuals that are eye-catching in your ads. You can split test both images and videos as visuals and see what performs best.

But videos are likely to get you more engagement, as research has shown.

If you do decide to create video ads for your campaign, make sure to use catchy opening lines to get your audience hooked.

Make sure to include a clear call-to-action in your ad too. Your ad should tell your audience specifically what action to take, be it a request for an estimate or booking your service online.

Target Audience

In order for your Facebook ads for junk removal to generate good leads and conversions, you need to make sure that the ads are shown to the right kind of people.

This is where Facebook’s ad targeting features come handy.

The “right kind of people” in your case are those who are likely looking to get junk material removed from their premises.

Do a thorough research to determine whom to target with your Facebook ads.

Some of the kind of people to target for a junk removal business in general can be:

  • Home owners
  • Hotels and restaurants
  • Property managers
  • Factories
  • Those who engage in home organization, decluttering, renovation etc.

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Make sure to target people like this within the area covered by your junk hauling service.

Don’t waste your ad budget on cites you can’t service. Set up your cities in geographical locations.

Consider the age of your targeting audience too. Think about how old a person has to be in general to be a property manager, factory owner etc…

Ad Goals

The final step is setting up Ad objectives. This might not be as important as the other two but it can help with reducing your cost per customer.

Here are some that can be effective for a junk removal business:


Most people recommend setting up an instant form as the objective, I and too recommend it.

The CPL (cost per lead) is a lot cheaper and will get you more leads. Plus, you won’t need to deal with the rather “techy” Facebook pixel.

This will also gather a lot of data you can use for retargeting later on.

However the leads might be low quality, because it’s so easy to complete.

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Generating traffic to your junk hauling service website is also a good objective.

It’s more expensive than direct leads from Facebook, but if your site is well set up with client reviews, contact info and a nice lead form, you should start getting calls and leads soon!

Plus, you get control over everything and the leads are high quality.

But your site needs to be optimized for conversions.

Quick Recap

If you own a junk removal business, advertising on Facebook can be a great way to promote it.

When setting up a Facebook ad campaign for your junk hauling business, put a lot of thought into how you create the ad copy and target your audience.

The ad copy must highlight why your audience should choose your service over that of your competitors clearly, and have eye-catching ads and a clear call-to-action.

And target people within the area covered by your service who are likely to have junk collecting in their premises, such as factories and hotels etc…

Generating leads and website traffic should be the primary goals for your ad campaign!

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