GetResponse Review: The Best All-in-One Marketing Platform

If you want to reach your audience more personally, you need to take advantage of email marketing. Email marketing is one of the leading ways to connect to your audience. It is also effective as it provides one of the highest returns on investment(ROI).

GetResponse, an email marketing solution, lets you use email marketing to the fullest. It offers an easy interface, the ability to manage subscribers, an email broadcast feature, and much more! You can also take advantage of automation features as well.

There are plenty of email marketing platforms in the market. But why GetResponse? Is it better for you?

In our GetResponse review, we will closely look at GetResponse. So, let’s get started.

GetResponse Review: What is GetResponse?

GetResponse is an email marketing solution aimed at small businesses and content creators. So, if you are a blogger, writer, or course creator, you can take advantage of GetResponse. It is also ideal for other professionals, including authors, musicians, coaches, and podcasters. The platform is easy to use. GetResponse also offers automation for more complex tasks.

What is GetResponse

At the time of writing, GetResponse has helped more than 100,000+ creators to reach their 250+ million fans.

GetResponse Review

With GetResponse, you can not only grow your audience but foster it for long-lasting connections.

It is also easy to get started with GetResponse as they offer free migration services for paid plans only. If you are skeptical about what GetResponse has to offer, you can also take advantage of their free plan or their 14-day trial, where you can explore more about its features, including sequences and automation. The free plan is limited and offers few features compared to full-fledged access in the 14-day trial.

Why do you need an email service provider?

The email service provider plays a crucial role in your campaign success. Without a proper email provider, it doesn’t matter what tool or program you use; you won’t be able to utilize it to its full potential. Let’s explain this below.

If you are new to email marketing, you may feel overwhelmed. In simple words, email marketing is an online method to send emails to a pre-defined group of people using email. These people are subscribed to your service, and you use emails to either market your product or send a piece of vital information to them.

But, you may think, then why not use GMAIL? Well, technically, you can, but it doesn’t offer the key features and tools for you to connect with hundreds of subscribers or do mass email. Also, if you use a personal Gmail account to connect with your audience, most emails might get marked as spam by the service provider.

Generally, a business has to handle thousands of subscribers. You will surely grow your subscriber’s list with time, and it becomes very hard to manage your subscribers. An email marketing tool such as GetResponse enables you to manage your subscribers.

As for email service providers also need to comply with different compliance to ensure user’s privacy. For instance, in the USA, they have CAN-SPAM regulation that protects user’s privacy. For Europe, they have the GDPR, which stands for General Data Protection Regulation.

This is where GetResponse comes in. It gives you access to the tools to manage your email marketing and makes sure that it meets the compliance required by the email service provider to ensure the proper delivery of messages and protect users’ interests while doing so.

How to utilize GetResponse to your advantage?

GetResponse lets you do a lot of things! To better understand what you can do with GetResponse, let’s go through its advantages below:

Email list growth

The most obvious thing you can do with GetResponse is gathering more subscribers and grow your email list. You can do it by creating a form or a landing page. You need to integrate the forms into your existing pages or blog posts to get the best result.

GetResponse helps you in the process of integrating the forms into your site. All you need to do is use the code provided by GetResponse and then embed it to your site. The code needs to be included within the form. Also, you can configure the code to act as a button or a simple link.

Content upgrade delivery

The content upgrade is an excellent strategy to engage your audience and, in return, grow your email list. So, what do you do in the content upgrades? You basically offer your subscribers more content and ask them to opt-in to your email address. You can use multiple strategies to offer a content upgrade, including offering your readers a free ebook, templates for doing something, or a piece of vital information that can help them in their daily or professional lives.

Blog posts promotion

You can use GetResponse to promote your blog posts. Writing blog posts is just one part of the job. You also need to market your blog posts to reach potential readers and attract new readers along the way.

You can use GetResponse to broadcast your new blog post. However, do not overdo it. Try to keep it to 2-3 broadcasts per week, and you will do well!

Landing pages hosting

With GetResponse, you get access to a good collection of landing page templates. These templates generally follow a style, and your choice depends on your requirements! Once chosen, edit the landing page and then publish it on your site.

Publishing the landing page is also easy. You can use their WordPress plugin to publish the landing page using the WordPress content management system.

Basic email marketing

You can always utilize GetResponse to set up an email sequence. By doing so, you can create an email marketing campaign to help grow your service or product adoption. You can also edit a link to subscribe the reader to the subscriber’s list automatically.

Selling services and products.

GetResponse is very proficient when it comes to selling your product or services. You can easily sell different types of products including book, webinar, or a course. The dashboard provides a way to keep track of your sales. Moreover, you can also configure your site to accept payment via Stripe or Paypal. Targeting specific subscribers through automation makes it easy to sell your services or products.

Email autoresponders

Autoresponders are at the core of email marketing. With GetResponse, you can also utilize GetResponse to set up autoresponders — a series of emails that take care of basic messages or replies. For instance, you can enable autoresponders to set a series of emails introducing your services and then guiding them through the product. You can also try to soft-sell your other products, such as an eBook or a course.

Getting Started with GetResponse

GetResponse offers a free plan. That means before you can go buy one of their plans, you can try out their free plan, which gives you access to store or manage up to 500 subscribers, access to create unlimited forms and landing pages. Apart from that, you can send email broadcasts to your subscribers and use the free plan to sell digital subscriptions and products. Lastly, you also get access to email support, which you might not expect from a free plan.

GetResponse Pricing Free

But, why am I telling you this?

This is because you can give GetResponse a try before you commit.

If you are moving from another tool, then the free plan might not work for you as it doesn’t offer free migration. However, you can go ahead and migrate the list yourself.

GetResponse Onboarding

Once you start your free access, you need to provide some information about your needs. For example, they will ask you if you are moving from another tool or not. Once done, you now have to select the number of subscribers.

Next, it will ask you if you have a website or not?.

Lastly, it will ask you for your email address and password (that you can set).

Psst. Don’t forget to verify your email.

GetResponse Review mail verification

Overall, the onboarding process is excellent!

For a better conversion rate and improved onboarding experience, GetResponse encourages you to complete the ‘Take the Tour’ option.

GetResponse Review take a tour

They have an excellent onboarding process, and you are guided on every step even when you are trying an email marketing software for the first time or

You are now free to explore what GetResponse has to offer.

GetResponse Features

Under the hood, GetResponse packs a lot of features. Let’s go through them one by one.

Landing Pages

With GetResponse, you can create landing pages. To get started, you can choose from the available landing pages. Also, the templates are entirely customizable, and you do not need to write a single line of code. Yes, you can edit the landing page with the help of the editor. Also, the landing pages templates are fully responsive and render perfectly on different devices.

GetResponse Review landing page templates

Changing images on the landing page is also easy, thanks to the GIFs and free stock photos, which gives you access to 1000+ images.

You can use landing pages to do different things, including:

  • Creating a lead magnet
  • Coming Soon page
  • Profile landing page
  • Course sign up page
GetResponse landing page editor

The landing pages can also be easily connected with analytics as well. You can also get other quick metrics that let you understand how your landing pages perform, including subscriber counts and conversion rates.

Email sign up forms

It is vital to provide a seamless signup process to your audience. That’s why GetResponse offers an easy way to create forms. You get to choose different types of signup forms that cater to different needs for creators. For example, you can create a popup form to entice your readers to provide the information.

GetResponse email forms

With GetResponse, there is no limitation on how many signup forms you can create. Also, the designs are completely customizable and responsive. If you want to capture more data, you can always take advantage of the custom fields, collecting custom data for your project.

GetResponse email editor

The forms also offer excellent delivery. You get automatic delivery once the form is filled. You can also create a trigger for double opting when someone tries to freebie file.

Lastly, the forms are GDPR compliant, which makes them ideal when it comes to capturing data. You can also integrate a checkbox for the user’s consent. If you do not want consent, you can also redirect the user to another page for GDPR consent. If you have a custom privacy policy, then you can also link it to the form.

Email marketing

Email marketing requires proper planning and execution. GetResponse lets you manage and run your email marketing by letting you connect with your audience. You can use the tool to write exciting yet simple emails to engage your audience.

With the email designer, you can create good-looking emails. Moreover, email templates also let you create emails. These templates are entirely customizable and you can change them based on your requirement. To ensure that you can type directly into the template, inline styling options are provided. These options let you organize seamlessly and add videos, images, and buttons with ease.

You are also free to send email broadcasts and automated emails. For automatic emails, you only need to set the path that subscribers can take in the funnel. Once done, you need to write the content. The automation will then take over and send out emails based on the subscriber’s journey.

You also get to organize your subscribers with the help of tags. You do not have to create multiple subscribers lists. You can have one subscribers list and then add tags to distinguish them. Once done, you can use those tags when sending emails or adding the data into automated queries.

Email Designer

GetResponse comes with its own email designer. The email designer lets you create beautiful emails. Moreover, using the email designer is easy, and you do not have to spend a lot of time creating a good email. This way, you can save time and spend more time writing the content for your email.

GetResponse email marketing designer

Some of the key Email designer features include:

  • Easy to use
  • Add graphics, images, and video easily
  • Offers clean formatting
  • Easily change alignment, color, font, and other important metrics
  • You also get access to instant images from your library or Unsplash
  • Add buttons with clickable CTAs
  • Edit code if you need to
  • Responsive email templates

The email designer also lets you create email templates directly from the editor. This means that you do not have to write any code to develop impressive templates that you can utilize later. Also, there are no limitations on templates, and you can create as many as you need to.


To get the most out of GetResponse, you need to use Automation! GetResponse automation support is excellent. You get access to an easy-to-use automation tool.

The automation tool is completely visual. This means that you do not need to write any complex code to do automation. You can take the grunt work out of your email marketing and let bots do the job by using automation. You, on the other hand, can utilize the time to improve your business. Moreover, you can get started with available automation templates to give you a good start.

GetResponse automation templates

To get started, you need to create automated funnels. You can create and customize the subscriber’s path in the funnel, which depends entirely on the consumer’s behavior/action. You can also set automation to send the right content to the correct target audience. You set the rules up ahead, and then the automation takes care from there. To set up the rules, you can use action or condition to define the path. You can also set up events based on different parameters or activities, such as when consumers buy a product.

GetResponse automation

You can also use automation for customer journey segmentation. Just like the email designer, the automation editor also lets you do seamless content editing.

In short, you get the following features with GetResponse automation:

  • Simple automation rules
  • Integrate different platforms and services
  • Supports RSS feeds
  • Create a customized customer journey
  • Segment your audience


GetResponse also comes with a commerce tool that allows creators to sell their products and services. This is a different approach to eCommerce sites that require a good amount of work and planning to get started.

GetResponse ecommerce

All you need to do is follow three steps to get started with your Commerce venture using GetResponse. These include:

  • Set the pricing method for your product and its price.
  • Get your product page ready by customizing it.
  • Send your buyers their purchase and in return, get your payment.

GetResponse eCommerce is ideal for digitally selling subscriptions and products, such as eBooks, presets, paid newsletters, music, coaching, and more! You can also set up a recurring solution.

Some of the other notable features include:

  • Ability to set your custom product URL
  • Embed “Buy Now” button
  • Use segments and tags to organize your audience
  • Learn about your sales from the dashboard
  • Integrated payments with low fees

If you have a physical product, then you should try to find a different solution.

Learn more about this feature.


GetResponse pricing is one of the best pricing models out there. As it is a dedicated email marketing program, the pricing is well poised and aimed at small businesses or individuals trying to sell their new product or service. Let’s discuss the three plans that it has to offer.

GetResponse pricing plans


The free plan is the best way to get started with GetResponse. It offers up to 500 subscribers that you can manage without the need to pay anything. Apart from that, you also get the option to add unlimited forms and landing pages. The free plan is best suited for anyone who is getting started with email marketing and does not want to invest in any email marketing solution just yet. So basically, you can sell subscriptions and digital products using the free plan.

With the free plan, you also get the option to send email broadcasts. Moreover, you also get access to email support.

In short, you get the following with the free plan:

  • Email support
  • Unlimited traffic
  • Send email broadcast
  • Unlimited forms and landing pages
  • Up to 500 subscribers
  • List growth reporting
  • Run a paid newsletter
  • Customizable domain

The free plan does offer you access to GetResponse, but it is limited. For instance, you do not get access to any automation features, nor do you get access to reporting features. For these, we have their paid plans: Creator and Creator Pro.


Basic starts at $15 per month for up to 1000 subscribers($12.30 per month if paid yearly). Here, you get everything from the Free plan, but you have many more features. Here, you get additional access to following things:

  • Email marketing
  • Website builder
  • Autoresponders
  • Signup forms
  • Landing pages
  • 1 sales funnel

With automated sequences and funnels, you can set up autoresponders that improve your email marketing approach.

In terms of email support, you get access to priority support.


Plus is their best plan at offering. It starts at $49 per month, and you can add up to 1000 subscribers($40.18 per month if paid yearly). You get everything from the Basic including access to email support and automated sequences and funnels.

The four key features that you get with the Plus version include:

  • Everything in BASIC
  • Marketing automation
  • Contact scoring and tagging
  • List segmentation
  • 3 additional team members
  • Webinars
  • Unlimited sales funnels


It starts at $99 per month, and you can add up to 1000 subscribers($18.18 per month if paid yearly). You get everything from the Plus including Web push notifications, Unlimited automations and Ecommerce features that we discussed.

The four key features that you get with the Professional version include:

  • Everything in PLUS and more:
  • Web push notifications
  • Unlimited automations
  • Ecommerce features
  • 5 additional team members
  • Paid webinars

Custom pricing

They are providing custom-made solutions for large clients. This plan includes SMS marketing, Transactional emails, Account migration support, Up to 500 team members and Single sign-on (SSO).

Does GetResponse pricing make it worth it?

That depends. The pricing seems just right for entrepreneurs or first-time owners who want to get started with email marketing. However, the pricing can become a lot more if you add more subscribers to your package. For example, if you have 2500 subscribers then the pricing for the Basic shoots up to $25 per month and $59 per month for the Plus.

In short, it is relatively nicely priced. However, if you have more than 10,000 subscribers, then GetResponse might not be for you as it becomes too pricey for the features it has to offer. That’s where GetResponse alternatives come in. We discuss the GetResponse alternative below.

GetResponse Pros and Cons

GetResponse does have its pros and cons. Let’s list them below.


  • It is easy to use with a great user interface.
  • The tag-based subscriber’s system simplifies the subscriber’s list. You can easily tag new subscribers rather than create a list every time.
  • GetResponse offers WordPress integration and also access to the WordPress plugin.
  • You can use autoresponders to create a personalized customer journey.
  • You can also use tags to create dynamic emails for your consumers.
  • It supports autoresending.
  • Offers good support via email and live chat
  • Good integration options
  • Great visual automation builder


  • Pricing is not ideal for a higher subscribers count
  • Lacks autoresponders test emails
  • Limited A/B testing
  • Template customization is limited

GetResponse Alternatives

There are plenty of GetResponse alternatives out there. Some of the notable GetResponse alternatives include:

  • MailChimp
  • ActiveCampaign
  • Drip
  • HubSpot
  • SendinBlue

GetResponse Support

GetResponse offers support via live chat and email. Each plan has a different support system. For example, if you are using their free plan, then you will get standard email support. For paid plans, you get better support in the form of priority support. Apart from that, you also get to join their amazing community.

You can also check out their documentation when starting, as most of your doubts will be covered there. If you need better guidance and tutorial, you can also check out their Creator University, which gives you access to in-depth GetResponse courses.

GetResponse Integrations

GetResponse lets you connect with popular platforms and services. For example, you can connect with platforms such as Shopify, Teachable, and Squarespace. These integrations are categorized so that you find them easy to work with. This means you can get integrations for different categories, including:

  • eCommerce
  • Webinar services
  • Lead Capture
  • Workflows
  • Email verification
  • Website platforms
  • Facebook Ads

And so on! Check out all of them!

GetResponse expands integrations via Zapier as well. Zapier is an automation platform where you can integrate platforms that are not officially listed. For instance, you can add a Paypal customer to your GetResponse and add a tag to it!

Still not able to find the service or platform support when it comes to GetResponse integration? Then, you can take a look at the API Docs that let you do custom integration.

GetResponse Conclusion

GetResponse is an excellent email marketing solution. It lets you manage your subscribers cleverly with the help of tags. Also, you get the option to create landing pages and forms to increase your subscriber’s count. On top of that, you do not have to write a single line of code to create amazingly looking email designs for your readers. To facilitate that, it offers email templates.

When it comes to sending emails, you get the choice of broadcasts based on tags. Moreover, you can also create sequences where you send emails in a particular order. The snippets also make it easy for you to create reusable blocks of content.

However, the real power comes with the visual automation feature offered by GetResponse. You can visually create powerful automation with the help of rules. Moreover, you can also integrate different services and platforms to make the most out of the automation process. Lastly, you can also use their eCommerce feature to sell products and services digitally!

With all these features, GetResponse is a great place to start your email marketing campaign. The pricing, on the other hand, is justified for subscribers up to 10,000. If you have more than 10K subscribers, then it is good to check out other alternatives as GetResponse becomes extremely expensive to maintain.

In short, we recommend GetResponse for new business owners or content creators who want to grow their business with a simplified approach.

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