How To Resubscribe To MailChimp (Quick Guide)

If you are a Mailchimp user, you know without a doubt what an excellent email marketing platform it is.

But what if a subscriber in your Mailchimp campaign unsubscribes themselves, or you accidentally unsubscribe someone?

Can you resubscribe them back? Well, if it happens accidentally – you can add them back!

In this post, I will show you how to resubscribe to the Mailchimp email marketing list, should something like that happen.

Can You Resubscribe Someone Who Unsubscribed?

What if someone who had earlier subscribed to your MailChimp email list unsubscribes themselves because they are no longer interested in your content?

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A subscriber has the right to unsubscribe anytime they wish. You can not forcefully resubscribe them back.

MailChimp will not allow you to add them back, because that’s spamming. It’s unethical and illegal in some countries.

In this instance, you can send them an email with the link to the MailChimp-hosted sign-up form to your campaign email list if they wish to re-subscribe.

It will be totally up to them whether to resubscribe or not.

But what if they unsubscribed by accident? Sending the same sign-up form is still the only option.

How To Resend Confirmation Email

Let’s assume one of your MailChimp contacts has accidentally unsubscribed and they have double opt-in.

You’d have to resend a confirmation email through their user profile – but remember, you need their permission to do so.

Here’s how you send the confirmation email:

  1. Login to your MailChimp account.
  2. Go to Audience and click on All Contacts.
  3. Now, If you have more than one audience, use the drop-down menu to select the one with the contact you want to re-subscribe.
  4. Find the contact and open up their profile.
  5. Afterward, click the Actions drop-down menu.
  6. And finally, click on Resend the confirmation from this list.

How To Resubscribe Someone You Accidentally Unsubscribed

If you unsubscribe any of your subscribers on MailChimp yourself, accidentally or for whatever reason, you can resubscribe them without a problem.

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Here’s how to resubscribe to MailChimp:

  • Login to your MailChimp account.
  • Click Audience.
  • Then click All Contacts.
  • If you have more than one group of subscribers, click on the Current audience drop-down and choose the one containing your unsubscribed contact.
  • Click the Actions drop-down menu, then select Resubscribe.
  • A pop-up asking “Are you sure” appears. Click Confirm.

There you go! You have now resubscribed them to your MailChimp campaign.

Quick Recap

If you use MailChimp for email marketing campaigns, you might have instances where some of your subscribers unsubscribe from your lists or you unsubscribe some people in the lists accidentally.

When someone unsubscribes from your list themselves, they have to subscribe again through the sign-up form themselves. You can resend a confirmation email through their user profiles.

If you unsubscribe a contact on your list yourself, you can easily resubscribe them.

Frequently Asked Questions

MailChimp Can’t Resubscribe?

MailChimp can’t resubscribe because your contact has unsubscribed from your list. MailChimp will not allow you to add them again as a measure against spam.

Can Archive Contacts Resubscribe In MailChimp?

Yes, you can resubscribe archived contacts in MailChimp to your mailing list, as long as the contact didn’t unsubscribe themselves before you archived them.

Can Deleted Contacts Resubscribe MailChimp?

No, Mailchimp won’t allow you to resubscribe permanently deleted contacts. Thus, you have to add them back and send them an email asking to resubscribe to the list.

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