Mailchimp This Page Appears To Be Missing Error (Explained)

Do you keep seeing the error message like this upon clicking a link on your Mailchimp email campaign that was working perfectly fine a couple of days ago?

“That’s odd, this page appears to be missing”

Welcome to the club! Many other Mailchimp users have experienced this issue too.

Turns out this is mostly an issue on Mailchimp’s end and you’ll have to contact them to fix it.


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In this post, I will lay down the possible causes of this problem along with a few solutions.

Why Do I Get “This Page Appears To Be Missing” Error

There’s a few possibilities why you might encounter this issue. Let’s look into what they are.

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Non Existing Page

It’s also possible that the link in question leads to a page that has been deleted or inaccessible.

Or you might have misspelled the URL.

An Issue On Mailchimp’s End

Sometimes you can get this page seems to be missing error due to some technical problem on Mailchimp’s end.

Errors on SAAS tools are pretty common.

If the page it leads to exists and is accessible, and the URL in the link is not wrong, the problem has to be something to do with Mailchimp itself.

Code Issues

By missing, if you mean there is actually no content on the page you created – there are a couple reasons.

If the content was copied and pasted from a source like Microsoft Word or a website, the underlying code may be stopping your content from being displayed.

Sometimes switching templates in the campaign builder can cause some content not to be transferred from the original template to the new one.

Mailchimp normally transfers content automatically when you change templates, but if the two templates are too different from each other, some content might not get transferred.

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A drop in your internet connection or a browser timeout can interfere with the autosave feature of Mailchimp, resulting in some content not being saved.

Having multiple browser tabs open can contribute to this problem too.

How To Fix Mailchimp “This Page Appears To Missing Error”

Here are a few things that will help you fix this:

Double Check The Link

Verify that the linked page exists.

Make sure that the page your Mailchimp link can’t open has not been deleted or down due to some technical problem.

Also double check the URL and see if anything is wrong.

Contact Mailchimp Support

I am pretty sure the other things didn’t work. You need to contact the Mailchimp support team and let them know of the situation.

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They will look into the matter and come up with a solution.

At least they did for all the users on their subreddit.

Fix Missing Content

If your content isn’t showing, you can do this:

1. Clean Up Your Content

First you can check if there’s underlying code that prevents the contact from being displayed, if you copied it from a source containing HTML or other code.

Click the area where the content is supposed to be in the campaign builder, and click the <> icon on the toolbar to view the source code.

If you can see your content in the source, a part of the code is preventing it from being visible.

You can remove the problematic bit of coding with the help of the information here.

2. Recover Your Content

In case your content didn’t get transferred from the old template to the new one as you switched templates, follow the steps below to recover it.

  • Click a text block on the campaign builder to edit it.
  • In the edit pane, click the Recovered Content button.
  • Click the left and right arrows to view the recovered content.
  • When you find the content you need, click the Use This button.

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