YouTube Video Processing Stuck At 99% Or 95% (Solved)

If you don’t have an unlimited and super fast internet connection, uploading videos to YouTube is a real pain. But what’s worse is this video getting stuck at 95% or 99% processing!

A lot of people face this annoying issue every month. But luckily, you can always fix this.

However, there is bad news. You need to reupload or convert your video most of the time.

In this post, I will show you 6 ways to fix Youtube video processing stuck at 99%. I’ll also give you a quick rundown of what could cause this error.

Why Is My Youtube Video Stuck At 99 Processing?

Youtube videos can get stuck at 99% processing for a couple of reasons, however I don’t know which one is causing the error for sure.

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These are the most common ones:

YouTube Server Issues

When you upload a video to YouTube, it is actually uploaded to the servers that host YouTube.

And sometimes these servers can get overwhelmed with heavy traffic, with lots of people viewing and uploading content. There are 2500 new videos uploaded every minute!

And they do server migrations from time to time as well.

If you upload the video when there’s a ton of traffic or during a migration, your video can get stuck at processing because the servers are running at full capacity.

Issues With The Video

The other reason is because your videos are not in the .MP4 format. There have been a lot of reports of alternative formats causing issues when processing.

The resolution, length and the file size of the video also has a huge impact on video processing times. The higher these are, the more time it takes to process.

Sometimes, your video might not be stuck at all and is just taking time because of this.

But if the video is corrupted or if it’s incompatible, it could get stuck at 99.

Browser Issues

The culprit behind your Youtube video being stuck at 95% or 99% in processing can also be your web browser. The browser’s cache and cookies may be damaged, or you may have an outdated version of the browser.

I don’t think this is true at all but since a lot of people say this is a cause, I wanted to just mention it.

Just A Bug

From what I have read, I think it’s some kind of bug on Youtube’s end.

I don’t think Youtube has plans of fixing it any time soon, because there have been complaints about this issue as far back as 9 years!

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How To Fix Youtube Video Stuck At 99 Processing?

When a video is “Processing”, it’s already on Youtube’s servers so fixing stuff on our devices will not do anything. Only video fixes will work.

And the good news is that you can straighten this out by trying some simple things, without having to be a computer geek.

Close The Tab And Give It Some Time

If Youtube servers are actually overloaded, or if your videos are huge – the best thing to do is give it some time and see if it resolves itself.

Give it about 2 -3 days and if it’s still stuck at 99%, try the rest of the fixes.

Re-Upload The Video

Deleting the video that is stuck in processing and uploading it again from the same or different device will resolve this problem 9/10 times.

Go to the stuck video and hit the three-dot icon, then hit “delete forever” to delete it.

Then upload the video again and watch it get uploaded and processed as it normally should!

Use Recommended Video Formats And Resolutions

There is a reason why YouTube has recommendations for users regarding the format, resolution, frame rate, aspect ratio, audio-visual duration, etc.

Using the recommended specs for your videos allows smooth uploading, processing, and playback. You can learn about this in detail here.

If your video content gets stuck in processing because their specs are not what is recommended by YouTube, you can easily convert them to have the recommended specs using one of the many video conversation software available today.

Compress Your Videos Before Uploading

The higher the resolutions and the lengths of the videos you create, the bigger their file sizes will be, the longer they will take to be uploaded and processed, and the more likely they can get stuck in processing.

So, try to reduce their file sizes by compressing them. There are numerous free compression tools out there – give one of them a try.

Edit Video Details In A Different Tab

Here’s a quick workaround that worked for a lot of people:

When the YouTube video gets stuck in the processing stage > open a new tab, and load the video edit page. And then edit all the details, like its title or the description, and click on next.

I don’t know why but this makes Youtube unpause processing.

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Fixing Browser Related Issues

You should also check if there’s nothing wrong with your browser.

First up, go ahead and clear your web browser’s cookies and cache. If the error was caused by stacked-up or damaged cache or cookies, clearing them might fix it.

If your web browser is outdated, try updating it to the latest version and see whether the problem goes away.

Also try switching to a different browser. There is a chance it could stop it from getting stuck.

If you have installed too many plugins and extensions on your browser, the browser’s performance can get affected. So, try disabling them too.

Contact YouTube Support

If you tried everything we covered so far, and none of them resolved the video processing error (very unlikely), you should contact the YouTube support team and explain your predicament.

They’ll take a look and tell you exactly why it gets stuck at 99% and what you should do.

Quick Recap

When a video uploaded to YouTube gets stuck at 0%, 95%, or 99% of processing, it can be due to YouTube server issues, video format and size issues, or browser issues.

The best way to fix this is to just give it some time and it will resolve on its own.

If you are in a hurry, you can try converting and compressing video to recommended format and size, deleting the stuck video and re-uploading it, or contacting YouTube support as a last resort.

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