Clickbank Hoplink Not Working (Explained)

Hoplinks are unique URLs that Clickbank generates to track sales and commissions for every one of their affiliates.

Sometimes these hoplinks stop working all of a sudden for some people.

In most cases, this is due to Clickbank suspending your account.

In this post, I’ll give you a quick rundown of some of the common reasons why your Clickbank hoplinks are not working, and what you should do.

Why Your Clickbank Hoplink Is Not Working

Here are several reasons why you would run into problems with Clickbank hoplinks:

Disabled Account

One of the biggest reasons behind why Clickbank hoplink not working is a suspended or disabled account.

If you have somehow violated ClickBank affiliate policies and guidelines or they think your account is suspicious, they will ban you.

This will obviously cause the hoplink to not work.

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So, check your email or try logging in to clickbank to see if your account was disabled.

If you plan on making a new account, it is a good idea to reread their terms and make sure you don’t break them again.

Temporary Glitches

Sometimes, the problem lies at the Clickbank’s end. It can be a glitch on Clickbank website or a server issue that can cause the hoplink not to function properly.

If you have ruled out any fault from your end, or from where you have placed the hoplink, there is probably some such issue with Clickbank or their server, and your best bet will be to contact Clickbank support.

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You might have to wait for a while until the issue is resolved.

You Made Any Error

Sometimes It could be due to incorrect generation and usage of the hoplink on your end.

You must follow the guidelines provided by Clickbank here to ensure that the hoplink is created and used properly.

Also, whenever you need to put your hoplink somewhere, double-check that you have copied the hoplink correctly without missing any characters.

Make sure to test your hoplink, as recommended by ClickBank, to ensure it is set-up right. You can easily learn how to test a hoplink here.

Testing a hoplink like that can help to identify any issues with it and troubleshoot accordingly.

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