Clickbank Nickname Not Working (Solved)

If you are having trouble with your ClickBank nickname not working, there can be several factors at play. How you solve the problem depends on those factors.

But the good news is that the solutions are mostly very easy to follow.

In this quick post, I’ll walk you through the 4 main causes of a nickname not working and show you what to do to fix it.

#1 Technical Issue

Most of the time, it could be a temporary glitch or technical issue on Clickbank’s servers, and nothing to do with your account.


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So, it’s best to give it some time – maybe a couple of days and see if it’s working again.

In the meantime you can check out clickbank forums and subreddits. If other people say their nicknames won’t work, it’s very likely to be a technical issue.

This exact thing happened back in 2010, and a lot of users talked about it in forums. Turns out it was a technical issue on their end.

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#2 You Typed It Wrong

Another obvious but frequent occurrence that can give you trouble with your Clickbank nickname not working is making typing errors while entering it on the user interface.

Clickbank nicknames are unique and case sensitive.

So double check and make sure you type it correctly with the right capitalization and see if it gets accepted then.

#3 It Needs Time

It’s also possible that not enough time has elapsed since you created your account.

You can’t create a hoplink and get right into your affiliate marketing campaign immediately after creating a Clickbank account.

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It takes a while, a couple of hours usually, before you can use your nickname.

So, just leave it for a while and get back to it later to see whether you can use your nickname as you should then, but you need to contact Clickbank’s support team if your nickname is not usable even after a day it was set up.

#4 Nickname Already Taken

With a tremendous number of users, there is a probability of another user having already taken the nickname that you have chosen for yourself.

So, Clickbank will ask you to pick another, obviously.

All you have to do in this scenario is to come up with a different nickname.

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