Facebook Ads For Jewelry Brands (The Ultimate Guide)

Wondering if Facebook ads are a good option for your jewelry business?

Yes it is! Facebook ads are great for petty much any business and will get you sales.

In this post, I’ll cover everything you need to know about the strategic side of running Facebook ads for jewelry brands.

Brand Positioning

The very first step is to clearly define what you sell and who you sell to. This impacts everything from your ad copy, creatives to targeting.

Are you selling affordable everyday pieces? Or luxury and fine Jewelry?

I can think of three categories:

  • Fashion jewelry or gifts under $100 for casual everyday wear
  • The mid-tier ($100-$1000) for special events like weddings, birthdays and anniversaries.
  • Premium ($1000 up to $10K+) for the wealthy and luxury buyers.

Decide which category you are going to target before creating the ad.

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#1 Target Jewelry Audience On Facebook

This will literally make or break your campaign. You need to put a lot of thought into this.

Age And Gender

The majority of jewelry shoppers are female, so set the gender to female.

Women between 25 and 44 years old usually have more purchasing power and really like buying jewelry, either for themselves or as gifts.

The 18 – 25 range is also good, but most don’t have a lot of money to spend on jewelry.

You can come up with these by looking back at your brand positioning.

18 – 34 are probably into stylish and trendy fashion jewelry and most people in the 35-44 would prefer high-end fine jewelry.

Interests And Behaviors

This is the most important part of your ad setup.

If you don’t narrow down the audience, you’d just be wasting your budget with low sales.

For interests, you can set things like jewelry, diamonds, gemstones, fine jewelry, jewelry design / making etc..

For behavior, things like this should be ok –

  • View jewelry brand pages and content
  • Search for jewelry-related terms on Facebook
  • Attend events related to fashion, accessories, weddings
  • Add jewelry items to cart or wishlist

These are just some right off my head, but if you know your target audience, coming up with these is really easy.

A great way to get to know more about your customers is to check out posts and comments on places like Youtube, Amazon and discussion forums like Reddit.

So check jewelry groups and videos and see what they are talking about.

This will give you some good ideas for interest and behavior targeting.

Ad Placements And Goals

For ad placements, I would select “manual” and set them only to news feed ads and maybe stories on both Facebook and Instagram.

Ad goals, you can go with conversions and engagement (more on this later).

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#2 Ad Copy And Creatives

Now that you have an idea on how to set up targeting, let’s move on to the actual ad.

Research Competitors

Rather than reinventing the wheel, learn what’s working for other jewelry brands.

Some of the major competitors to check out are Pandora, Swarovski, Blue Nile, Mejuri, Aurate plus rising brands in your exact niche.

Look at their ad copy – what emotions, identities and values do they tap into?

And what creatives are they using and which performs the best? Do they do unboxing videos or maybe try -ons? What kind of images are they using?

Take a good look at everything!

Ad Copy And Messaging

After checking out the competitors, you should now have a good idea of what to use.

When writing the copy, I recommend leading with emotion.

You’ll never engage people by talking about product features. Like literally no one cares about the precise width of a handcrafted bangle or carat size of a diamond.

You must use emotional messaging that connects with people’s identity, values, and aspirations.

And remember, you have microseconds to capture attention. So write attention-grabbing headlines that immediately interest them.

And make sure your messaging aligns with your brand image we talked about earlier.

For example, using fun language for luxury pieces can harm credibility and reduce conversions. Fine jewelry requires a more refined and elegant tone compared to everyday fashion jewelry.

Finally we have the CTR button. Use a button that says exactly what you want them to do.

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Creating Ad Creatives

Almost 90% of your ad content is visuals, so your creative needs to be really good.

You can use images, but since video converts better, I recommend using videos.

For example, opening a new jewelry box or trying them on will ALWAYS engage buyers. You can also do videos or even images of models wearing the jewelry.

Seeing jewelry being worn gives an idea of the size, styling, and visual context that is missing from product-only images.

If you plan on doing image ads, showcasing clean isolated shots of your best-selling items that focus purely on exquisite design details, would be a good idea.

However, avoid distracting backgrounds on these.

#3 Optimizing Your Facebook Campaign Setup

With the countless options available on Facebook ads, it’s easy to overcomplicate stuff. So try to keep your campaign setup simple.

Here’s how I suggest setting up the campaigns:

Campaign 1: Cold Audience

This campaign should focus purely on new customer acquisition

You can set it up with broad interest targeting, lookalike or conversion focused cold audiences we talked about earlier.

Create a single ad set, and this should have the most of your ad budget. At least 60%.

The main goal here is scaling, not diving into detailed micro-segmentation.

Campaign 2: Retargeting

The retargeting campaign should target people who visited or engaged with your brand. A “warm” audience like this is more likely to purchase.

You can run just a single ad set here with broad targeting.

Campaign 3: Testing

This provides a “safe space” to experiment with new creative concepts, ad copy language and audience targeting without interfering with the main cold ad.

Optimizing Your Website

Even after clicking on an ad, customers still need convincing.

So your website needs to be optimized for conversions.

For example, one of the biggest reasons for abandoned carts is the product page not answering all questions customers have.

So try to address every possible question in your product descriptions

Also include plenty of photos, videos on product pages. Something like a 360-degree spin that highlights the quality and workmanship would also be great.

Launching New Collections

Launching fresh jewelry collections can also increase sales and shares, but it only works if you’re giving people what they actually want.

So stop guessing what designs people “should” like and go for a more data-driven approach.

Use your website and Pixel analytics and check your current best-sellers and pay attention to how people are browsing.

Then double down on winners and expand into different styles.

Also look at search terms with low/no matching results yet and make products fulfilling that demand.

If shoppers keep asking about certain gemstones, metals or ring sizes – try to release them.

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