Facebook Ads Manager Not Loading (Solved)

If you’re a small business owner or run a page on Facebook, you know the importance of the Facebook Ads Manager.

This single-handedly helps you handle all your ads and it does a pretty decent job too – managing all the finances and launching ad campaigns easily and conveniently.

And you CAN imagine what happens if something this important suddenly STOPS loading!

If your Facebook Ads Manager is not loading, don’t worry – it’s almost always temporary and easy to get working again.

In this post, I’ll go over what could cause this and what YOU should do.

Why Is Facebook Ads Manager Not Loading?

Here are a few potential reasons why your Ad account won’t load –

Internet Issues

This one is obvious – your ads manager will NOT load if your internet connection keeps dropping or is super slow.

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The Facebook Ads Manager usually uses a LOT of resources and the more it uses these resources, the SLOWER it can get – especially if it’s working under slow internet speeds!

As a result, Ads Manager will not load.

Browser Issues

Sometimes the browser you are using to log into Facebook will need an update.

Or its cache and its temporary files could get corrupted.

Facebook constantly updates the platform with new and improved facilities, and these things WILL need a browser that is UPDATED.

If you’re using an out-dated browser, it will NOT work properly, or might not even load at all.

Browser Extensions

Ads can be a bit disruptive at times (ironically) and we OFTEN use ad blockers to keep away unwanted adverts from disrupting our online experience.

But sometimes, these ad blockers can also cause problems with sites like the ad manager.

Also, third-party integrations that are ACTUALLY used to help with the browsing experience can end up creating issues in your browser too.

So make sure that your ad blocker, extensions and other plugins are all turned OFF when working with this site.

Account Permissions

If you’re given access to the Ads Manager by an ad account admin (this can happen if you’re part of an advertising crew), they will be in charge of what kind of access you are allowed to.

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And if for some reason they remove your access, this would mean that you CANNOT get into the ads manager and it will not load for you.

You might ALSO get a message to your email informing you of the changes in access.

Account Suspended

Facebook Ads Manager won’t load if your account is suspended.

If you are a REPEAT offender with your ads on Facebook, and you HAVE been warned about the nature of your ad content, your ad account can get suspended.

In this case, your ad account will be banned and you will lose access to it completely until the ban is lifted.

You can read the advertising restrictions here.

Unpaid Ads Bills

If you have unpaid bills remaining for your ad campaigns, you will lose your ads manager services until you pay them and settle the bills completely.

So go and check your emails, because usually you will be notified about bills that you have not paid until the services are cut off.

Server Issues

This is pretty rare but sometimes, Facebook servers might go down due to bugs in their updates.

While this does NOT happen very often, you will find that the sites will not load at all until the issue is fixed – which can usually take less than an hour.

What To Do If Facebook Ads Manager Is Not Loading

Now that you are aware of the causes, here’s what you should do:

Start With The Basics

First up, make sure that you have a stable internet connection. Check your wifi for any tell-tale signs or try to access a different website.

If that’s all fine, do each of these and check it it loading:

  • Do a refresh
  • Close the tab and open Ads Manager in a new tab
  • Close browser and open it again
  • Clear your browser cache

And make sure your browser is in its LATEST version as well – and if it’s not – update it.

Keeping your browser updated helps it to keep up with all the new technical demands every site has – including Facebook Ads Manager.

If all that didn’t do anything – restart your device, and reconnect to the internet.

You can also turn off your wifi connection and turn it back on too.

Restarting your device will force it to begin ALL operations all over again, and hopefully this will help with setting up a stable internet connection as well.

Checking The Account

If nothing in the Basics section worked, it’s probably not a temporary issue (unless something is wrong on Meta’s end).

Always check all the emails from Facebook and make sure you read the guidelines again.

If you don’t follow the guidelines, or have made a mistake, you will be receiving emails about it.

So make sure you pay attention to all the notifications about your ads account so that you DON’T get any surprises.

If you think your account admin has mistakenly removed access for you, you can always contact them and ask them to review permissions so that you can get into the Ads Manager.

However, if the decision has been made consciously, then you might not get permission again.

And if you’re in charge of making bill payments, make sure that all bills are paid on time.

It’s common to have overdue bill payments, and you WILL get a LOT of notifications before any permanent cut-off of service.

Other Solutions

You can try using a different browser if you feel like you’re getting a LOT of problems from the same browser all the time.

Try a different (and updated) browser like Firefox, and see if that helps with loading the Facebook Ads Manager site.

If it works without a problem, the issue has been your browser all along!

Contact Facebook

You can also try contacting Facebook if you feel like you have tried EVERYTHING on your end.

It might take a while for you to get your problem sorted out, but it is the only remaining option for this issue.

But they will fix it 100% guaranteed. They only make money if you spend on ads!

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