Facebook Professional Mode Not Showing? (Do This)

The Facebook professional mode allows you to change your regular Facebook account to one that actually resembles a page – and it unlocks a set of awesome tools.

This feature is SUPER useful for online content creators, freelancers and small business owners who are trying to expand their following and reach a larger audience.

Unless you are below 18 years old, almost every Facebook user gets the option of turning on the professional mode.

But what if you still CAN’T see the professional mode option on your account?

Don’t worry – it’s an easy fix.

In this article, I’ll talk about why this might be happening, and how to fix Facebook professional mode not showing, so you can hopefully turn on this cool feature.

How To Fix Facebook Professional Mode Not Showing

Here are 5 fixes that will make the Professional mode option appear on your settings.

I recommend sending the support team a message if none of these work because they’ll definitely fix it for you.

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#1 Update The Facebook App

If your Facebook app hasn’t been updated, you should do so IMMEDIATELY!

If your app isn’t updated, the new and ACTUALLY helpful features like the professional mode button, will NOT show up.

So if you are using your mobile device to log into Facebook, make SURE you visit the Play Store or App Store and update your app to the latest version.

Once updated, the professional mode should show up.

#2 Try Logging Into Facebook From A Different Device

Sometimes, the problem could be some kind of bug in the app. Or maybe the data or cache files are messing it up.

So what you can do is instead of using the app, try logging into the WEBSITE online.

Here, you will see the new features without having to update anything, and it is recommended that you try and use a different device like a laptop or a desktop computer.

Once you do that, try looking for the professional mode button – it SHOULD be there.

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If not, try logging in from a friend’s phone and see if it shows it.

#3 Unlock Your Facebook Profile

One move that a lot of people make is locking their Facebook profiles, because they want more PRIVACY. Locking your account is a double edged sword.

Because if you want to increase your reach, you MUST sacrifice your privacy to a certain limit.

So, if you have a locked profile, chances are that you will NOT be able to find the professional mode button.

For the professional mode to be activated, your details need to be out in the open.

So make sure you turn off the profile lock, refresh, and then check for the professional mode button. It should be there.

#4 Your Account Name Needs To Change

One other reason you can’t locate the button is probably because your Facebook account NAME has a different format compared to the usual first name + last name.

Earlier, Facebook used to check your details and your followers before approving your account for the professional mode.

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And who knows, they might be doing it now too.

If your Facebook account name does NOT follow that format, try changing it to one that does.

This should help you turn on the professional mode.

#5 Contact Facebook Support

If all of these options fail, you can try contacting Facebook support and get them to sort out the problem for you.

Sometimes, it could be a genuine issue from their end.

So simply head to the Facebook help center, where you will be able to contact them and get your issue sorted out. Tell them the issue and add a screenshot.

A lot of people were able to get Facebook professional mode not showing fixed this way within 1-2 days.

However, it could take some time to hear back from them,

But it is better than giving up on a possible and useful feature that allows you to expand your reach and social media presence on Facebook.

How To Turn On Professional Mode On Facebook

To turn on professional mode, you need to first go to your profile by clicking on the profile image.

When you are on your profile page, you will see three dots in the top right corner. Simply click those three dots and a menu will show up.

The professional mode feature is near the bottom of this menu. Click it and then enable it.

Turning it on will apply the professional mode to your Facebook account!


The professional mode is a super IMPORTANT feature for any Facebook user who is planning to build a following.

If this professional mode does not show up in your profile, you can try things like updating your app, logging in from other devices and using the web version or contacting Facebook support.

Also try changing your name format and unlock your Facebook profile if its locked.

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