Facebook Scrolling And Jumping Problems [Solutions]

Facebook is a super important part of our lives. We use it to keep in touch with friends and relatives, share interesting and entertaining stuff, or promote our products or services.

And when something goes wrong with Facebook, we are going to go nuts.

One of these annoying problems are scrolling and jumping problems.

Like when you scroll down the feed or page and it automatically jumps back to the top of the page or doesn’t load the information on par with your scrolling.


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In this post, I’ll go over why these scrolling problems happen and what you can do to fix them.

Facebook Scrolling Problems On Personal Computers

First off, let’s look at some of the scrolling and jumping problems you could encounter while accessing Facebook on a desktop computer.

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Problem: Facebook Page Refreshing While Scrolling Down

The scrolling problem you are likely to experience while scrolling down Facebook on a desktop computer is that the page automatically refreshes and jumps back to the top.

The reason behind this annoying occurrence can be an issue with your browser or a bug on Facebook itself, even though this has not been definitively proven.

Solutions: How To Fix This Issue

There are a few things you can try to fix this Facebook scrolling problem even though there is no one solution that works in every situation.

Wait For The Page To Load Fully Before Scrolling

You might be able to avoid the Facebook page jumping back to the top at an inconvenient moment if you are patient enough.

Wait for the page to load all its elements before attempting to scroll down.

Trying to scroll down before the page is fully loaded will be interpreted as a command to refresh.

Change Your Web Browser

Another thing you can do to try and fix this Facebook scrolling issue is to change the web browser you use to access Facebook on your desktop.

This solution will work if the cause of the scrolling problem was your current browser.

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Disable Smooth Scrolling

If you use either Chrome or Edge browsers to visit Facebook, disabling their smooth scrolling feature might help to prevent Facebook from jumping to the top as you scroll down.

Here’s how you disable the smooth scrolling function:

  1. Open Chrome or Edge your computer.
  2. Type either chrome://flags/ or edge://flags/ into the address bar depending on which browser you use and hit enter.
  3. Scroll down to Smooth Scrolling.
  4. Set Smooth Scrolling to Disabled.
  5. Restart your browser.

Adjust The Zoom Settings Of Your Browser

Lowering or increasing the zoom level of your browser (mostly lowering), has proven to fix Facebook Jumping back to the top while the user is scrolling on some occasions

However no one knows exactly why tho.

Facebook Scrolling Problems On Mobile Devices

Issues with scrolling down Facebook pages using mobile devices are different from those experienced on personal computers.

Problem: Facebook Scrolling Lag

The Facebook scrolling and jumping problems on mobile phones is that the elements like text, images, and videos will not load in synchrony with your scrolling.

This Facebook scrolling lag on Mobile devices can have a few causes:

Slow Internet Connection Or Data Savers

If your internet connection is not fast enough it can cause Facebook not to load its features fast enough as you scroll down using your mobile device.

You can test your connection speed using a free online tool like Speedtest.net.

This could also happen if you have switched on the Facebook data saver.

Issues With The Facebook App

Most of the time, a bug in the Facebook app itself can be the reason for the scrolling lag. You can expect future updates on the app to fix it.

Or it could be that the Facebook app has not been updated.

In some instances, when a lot of users log in to Facebook at once, it can cause the server to become slow and it can result in scrolling lag.

Insufficient Device Storage

If your mobile device doesn’t have enough storage capacity, it can cause Facebook scroll lag too, as there will be not enough space to store the Facebook app cache.

Solutions: How To Fix Facebook Scroll Lag

There are several things you can try to fix Facebook scroll lag on a mobile device, depending on the likely reason behind the lag.

Disable The Data Saver On Facebook App

One drawback of the data saver that comes with the Facebook mobile app is that it can cause scroll lag. Turn it off and see if it solves the issue.

Also turn off video autoplay. It’s a demanding feature that can cause scroll lag, especially if your phone is not a fast enough processor or enough RAM, or has a slow connection speed.

So, turning this feature off can fix the scroll lag.

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Restart Your Device

Restarting your device will close any apps running in the background and help clear the temporary files on the device.

This might fix the scroll lag if it is caused by processor or RAM insufficiency, slow connection speed, or lack of device storage.

Enable the Background Refresh Feature Of the Facebook App

Enabling the background refresh option of the Facebook app on your device makes it possible for the app to pre-load content, so it doesn’t have to load content as you scroll down, so there will be no lag.

Clear Facebook App Cache

Every app creates cache files on your device to make it load faster.

But the accumulation of cache over a long period can slow the device and cause the Facebook scroll lag issue.

If you use an Android device to access Facebook, try clearing the Facebook cache from your device and see if it fixes the scroll lag.

Update Facebook App

Updating the Facebook app on your device is another thing to try in fixing the scroll lag. If the scrolling problem is caused by a bug in the app, the updates might come with a fix.

Stop Using the Beta Version Of The App

If you experience the Facebook scroll lag issue while enrolled in a beta program, getting back to using a regular, stable version of the Facebook app might fix the problem, as it could be the bugs and errors in the beta version which were causing the problem.

Install And Use Facebook Light (For Android)

If you use an Android device and the scroll lag is due to poor processor speed, insufficient RAM, or even poor connection speed, switching to Facebook Light could help, as it is less demanding in all those aspects.

Free Up Device Storage

Freeing up your phone storage can fix the scroll lag too, by providing space for the app’s cache needed for it to function properly.

You can try stuff like uninstalling unwanted apps, deleting large media files or uploading them into the cloud, and expanding storage with a memory card.

Use Facebook Website

If all these fixes fail – use the browser.

Using the Facebook website instead of the app will not only provide you with a temporary solution to the scroll lag, but also help determine if the problem occurred on the app’s end, and allows you to use Facebook with all updated features.

Quick Recap

Facebook scrolling and jumping problems are super annoying. Your Facebook page may refresh automatically while you scroll down using a PC, or a lag when loading content while scrolling down on a mobile app.

I showed you some fixes for the issues in both scenarios, but it ultimately depends on the cause of the problem.

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