Facebook Profile Is Blank? (Explained)

Facebook is one of THE best places to maintain your friendships and find new people.

You get the chance to update your friends about the newest changes in your life, and get to hear the updates from your friends as well.

But what if you decide to check up on a friend’s profile and suddenly see their profile is blank?

This can come as QUITE the shock, when see nothing in their profile. This can happen due to multiple reasons.

In this post, I’ll shed some light as to why someone’s Facebook profile is blank. I’ll also go over the things you can do about it and answer a couple of FAQs.

Why Someone’s Facebook Profile Is Blank

Here are some of the reasons why someone’s Facebook profile is blank:

#1 The User Blocked You

One main reason why you see a black profile is because they have blocked you.

When someone blocks you on Facebook, you will NOT be able to see their profile again.

It will appear as a blank page, with no profile picture or information about the person – which you CAN see in regular accounts.

Plus, you will not be able to search for that person either, and the search results will not show their account.

You can check this by clicking on any of the old messages you exchanged with them. If you end up seeing a blank profile when you head to their account, it means they have blocked you.

Also check if their account is visible using a fake account or without signing in.

If they are visible – they blocked you.

#2 The User Deactivated Their Account

Another reason for a blank Facebook profile could be that the user has deactivated their account.

When they deactivate their account, you will see their name (as Facebook user) in your old comments, and your old messages. BUT their profile will just be blank.

You might still be able to see them tagged on certain posts, but this is ONLY because they had been tagged before they deactivated their account.

#3 Facebook Suspended Their Account

It’s also possible that Facebook has suspended or deactivated their account.

This is not uncommon either – Facebook is notorious for suspending accounts for even small things like commenting offensive stuff. But they do give warnings though.

Nevertheless, if your friend has done anything to break Facebook’s TOS, they will ban him.

Facebook might do the same if there were a lot of suspicious activity like signs of a hacker taking over the account.

Whatever the reason, when you click on a suspended profile from a chat, you will see a blank profile.

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#4 The Profile Has Been Intentionally Left Blank

It’s possible that the person had removed all their data in their account, either for security reasons, or to simply start over.

Sometimes, people might just create blank profiles and leave the rest to be completed later.

Either way, you will ONLY see a blank profile until they decide to add something to it.

You can still message them, tag them, and interact with them – unlike when they have blocked you or deactivated their account. But their profile will still be blank.

#5 A Problem With The App Or Browser

Sometimes, the problem could be with your app or your browser. Bugs and glitches are super common on Facebook and all other platforms.

If your app has NOT been updated to the newest version, it might show profiles as blank.

And if your web browser is NOT loading properly, the same thing can happen.

Sometimes, certain browsers (especially on phones) might not be able to load or support Facebook which causes it to malfunction and show blank profiles to you.

#6 You Have Blocked Your Friend

This is highly unlikely, but not impossible.

Sometimes, in a hurry, you might press something and accidentally block a friend on Facebook.

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Or, you might block them intentionally, and then forget about it afterwards. Either way, if you’re looking into their profile later, you might only see a blank page.

What To Do If Facebook Profile Is Blank

Here are some of the things you can do if your friend has a blank profile:

1. Update Your App Or Browser

If you think the problem is with your phone application, you can simply update your app to the latest version.

If the blank profiles appear due to an error or a glitch, then the new update will hopefully solve it.

If it’s the web browser that is causing the problem, then updating it might help as well.

2. Clear App Cache

Bugs, glitches and malfunctions can also be solved by clearing your app cache too.

Go to Settings > Apps > Instagram and then tap on Storage which is under Usage. Tap on Clear Cache and then do Clear Data.

This will clear all the data and cache files.

3. Check Your Block List

Check your block list JUST to be sure that you have NOT blocked your friend accidentally.

If you have, then you can unblock them and send them a request along with an apology.

If you have blocked them intentionally, you can leave them on your list, but you will NOT be able to see any of their updates on Facebook, or their profile.

4. Contact Them Through A Different Platform

If you feel like you have been blocked by a friend, and you still want to reach out to them, or if they have deactivated / suspended their account and you need to contact them quickly, you can try reaching out from a different platform.

You can try emailing them or texting them, but this has to be done ONLY if you are completely sure that they DON’T mind hearing from you.

People block you because they don’t want to maintain contact, and if you are trying to repeatedly contact them, it can easily count as harassment.

5. Reinstall The App

You can also try reinstalling the app if the problem continues.

Reinstalling the app will make sure that all your existing data is removed, and the application is refreshed.

You can simply log in, but the saved data from your previous log-ins will NOT be there.

But you WILL be able to start with a clean copy, and hopefully this will solve the problem of getting blank profiles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Facebook Messenger Blank Profile Picture

This is because of a glitch in the messenger app.

The app might not show profile pics even though the user actually has one. Try visiting the user’s profile and see if everything is blank. If it is, it’s because of one of the things we mentioned.

Why Can’t I See Someone’s Facebook Profile Picture?

If you can see the rest of the things in their profile, it’s because they don’t have a profile picture. But like I said earlier, it could also be a bug or malfunction on the app.

Grey Profile Picture Meaning

A grey profile picture on Facebook means the user has not uploaded a profile pic yet. Some do this intentionally and others are just new and haven’t had the chance to upload one yet.

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