Why Am I Following Random Accounts on Facebook? (Explained)

Do you find your Facebook account is following random accounts, people or pages without your consent?

You are not alone. There have been many reports of this issue.

You might be confused why it is happening, and wondering how you can put a stop to that.

If you think Facebook did it on their own, they did NOT. It’s probably something you did.

Anyways the good news is that you can stop it.

In this post, I will lay down the possible reasons why this would happen, and what you can do to stop it from happening again.

Why Is Your Facebook Account Following Random People?

There could be a few reasons why you are following random accounts on Facebook without you consciously deciding to do so.

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Here are some of the main reasons:

Linking Accounts

If you have linked your Facebook account to other platforms or services, it’s possible that those unintended follows are a result of that integration.

This is often the #1 reason behind following random accounts.

For example, if you link your Goodreads account with your FB account, it may automatically follow people on Facebook on your behalf.

If you ever signed up for stuff like free likes or followers using your account, they will most definitely follow / friend other profiles.

That’s how they give free likes and follows – using the accounts of the stupid people that sign up for it.

Compromised Access

If someone has gained access to your Facebook account, they can follow any profile or page from your account too.

There are a few ways people can gain access to your Facebook account.

If you have signed in to your Facebook account on multiple devices and one or more of those devices are used by many people, any of those people can manipulate your account if you forget to sign off.

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Hackers can use malware, phishing links and thousands of other ways to gain access to your account as well.

Spam Accounts

Some of the Facebook accounts that you find yourself following unintentionally could be spam accounts.

Spammers use various bots and other tricks to get users to follow them on social media.

Even though I can’t tell you this with certainty, users have been talking on online forums about some spam pages on Facebook using auto-follow tools that make users follow them upon commenting on those pages.

How To Fix Your Facebook Profile Following Random People

To stop your Facebook profile from following random accounts in the future, you can take the following actions:

Disconnect ALL Linked Accounts

If your Facebook account is linked to other platforms or services, consider disconnecting everyone one of them unless they are .

Also check your privacy and security settings and make sure there are no automatic follow settings enabled.

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Report Spam Accounts

If you see any suspicious or spam accounts among those you have unintentionally followed, unfollow them and report them to Facebook.

This helps Facebook identify and take action against spammers.

Secure Your Facebook Account

You need to ensure that your Facebook account is as protected as it can be from parties with malicious intent.

Follow the tips listed below to ensure the security of your account:

  • Turn the two factor authentication on.
  • Do not sign into your Facebook account using public wifi networks.
  • Use good anti virus software and firewalls to protect your device and accounts against unauthorized access.
  • Do not use cracked software.

Also review the activity log and login log to check for activity you don’t recognise.

If you see any, you are hacked!

Contact Facebook Support

If none of these actions works in fixing the issue, contact Facebook support and let them know about your predicament in detail.

They might be able to provide you with a solution.

Quick Recap

If you find that you have been following random accounts on Facebook without meaning to, it can be due to linking your Facebook account, spammers playing tricks on you, or other malevolent parties stealing access to your account.

To fix the problem, remove all other linked platforms from your Facebook account, reporting the spammers to Facebook, reviewing and optimizing security settings of your account, and following the general rules of cyber security on your devices.

Contact Facebook support if everything else fails.

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