How Many Youtube Shorts Should I Post A Day?

YouTube Shorts have exploded in popularity these couple of years and they are a big opportunity to grow your audience and get more eyes on your content.

But with the rapid rise of Shorts comes an important question – just how many youtube shorts should I post a day?

Most people recommend posting around 1 – 3 shorts a day for the best results.

And I agree with that too.

In this post, I’ll go over how many youtube shorts you should post a day, and how much is too much. I’ll also talk a bit about what happens if you post too much.

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How Many Youtube Shorts Should You Upload A Day?

Youtube has no limit on how many Shorts you can upload a day. But that doesn’t mean you should upload shorts like crazy.

Generally speaking, try to upload around 1 – 3 shorts a day. That works for most people.

Also your subscribers will only get 3 notifications from a channel in 24 hours. If you post more than 3, they won’t know you published and you lose valuable views that help with the algo.

But the number of shorts for the best results depends on your niche and audience.

Also, don’t bulk publish the Shorts.

Try to divide them into like one in the morning, one at evening and the other at night. You should be able to find the perfect time by experimenting a bit.

How Much Is Too Much?

Uploading more than 5 Shorts a day is kind of on the extreme side of things.

I am sure there are YouTube creators who publish more than that, but you run the risk of Youtube seeing you as spamming and shadow banning your content.

Apart from that, you won’t be able to keep up with the quality.

Flooding your channel with a flurry of low-quality shorts could actually backfire.

If your channel gets flooded with mediocre shorts that have poor retention or engagement, the algorithm will stop promoting your videos. Your videos will suddenly stop getting views.

Things To Consider Before Deciding Your Frequency

Before you decide how many youtube shorts should I post a day, I highly recommend taking these into consideration:

#1 Focus On Quality Over Quantity

It can be tempting to crank out as many shorts as possible to maximize views. However, quality should be your top priority!

I can’t stress this enough.

Well-produced shorts that provide real value WILL ALWAYS outperform hastily thrown together content. The algorithm loves shorts that people engage with.

So don’t plan on making a ton of videos if you can’t maintain the quality.

Also pay close attention to retention rates.

If you see high drop-off rates, that likely means your shorts aren’t good enough and the algorithm might stop promoting them.

Tip: Make sure your shorts are focused on one clear message or piece of information. Don’t overload them with too much. It’s much better to make multiple shorts on sub-topics of a broader theme.

#2 Know Your Niche And Target Audience

The types of shorts you produce and how often you should post them will also depend on your niche and target demographic.

For example, audiences in the beauty or fashion space may consume a lot of shorts. These are mostly young adults and kids who are eager to see daily outfit ideas, makeup tutorials, and product reviews.

So, beauty vloggers may find success posting more shorts per day.

On the other hand, channels in less trendy niches like home improvement or gardening may perform well with like maybe 1 short every 2 days.

The audience here are adults, they are not here for constant entertainment and they won’t be on Youtube for a long time.

So really research your niche and viewer demographics.

Also, take a look at the posting frequency your competitors use as well, and what the audience asks for in comments.

#3 Start Small And Gradually Ramp Up

If you are just getting into YouTube Shorts, it’s smart to start slowly.

Try posting 1-2 high-quality shorts per day within your niche, and see how the Youtube algorithm responds.

If your Shorts are doing great after a couple of weeks – increase the amount of videos.

Still, I won’t recommend uploading more than 5 videos a day.

Plus, trying to produce shorts in high volumes right away can quickly lead to burnout. It’s much better to ramp up slowly over time and delegate.

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How Many Youtube Shorts Should I Post A Week?

1 – 3 shorts a day is good, so that would give around 7 – 21 shorts a week. Any amount within this is fine. I would say aim for 14 shorts.

Should I Be Posting Youtube Shorts Everyday?

You don’t need to post everyday and it will not cause any negative effect to your channel. But if you post everyday, you get more views + more likes and subscribers.

How Many Shorts Can I Upload On Youtube?

You can upload 15 Shorts at a time. There is no limit to how many you can upload in a day. But like I said, if you post too much, the algo might think you are spamming.

Bottom Line

Try to post at least 1 Short a day. You can post 2 – 3 videos if you can keep up.

But do not post more than 4 – 5 videos a day.

If you flood your channel with mediocre shorts that have poor engagement, the algorithm may categorize you as spam and stop recommending your videos.

It’s designed to reward videos that keep viewers watching.

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