How To Post Babysitting Ad On Facebook (Guide)

In this day and age, the tools to advertise services are right at our fingertips. Social media can be one great tool to let the right people know of your services and land gigs quickly.

And maybe even build an entire career out of it.

If you provide babysitting services, you might have considered Facebook a good platform to advertise yourself – after all a lot of parents use it.

If so, you might have wondered how to post babysitting ads on Facebook and what to include or not include in them.


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This article will walk you through how to create a babysitting ad on Facebook, what to include in it, targeting demographics you must consider, and a ton of other stuff.

What You Need To Post A Babysitting Ad On Facebook

To get started, you must first make a Facebook page to advertise your services. For this, you MUST have a Facebook account.

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Simply, log into your Facebook account and create a page, and then make sure to fill out all the page details and add a few colorful and exciting posts to it.

You can use online designing tools like Canva for this.

You also need to make a Facebook ad account through which you’ll be advertising.

These are pretty much the prerequisites needed.

Next you need to create the ad. Let me briefly talk about what should be in your ad.

Creating The Babysitting Ad

This is the most important part. If the ad doesn’t convert, you won’t get any gigs and you’ll just keep burning money to run the ads.

You must be aware of what you are adding to your babysitting ads, and what the people who are looking for babysitters will expect as well.

You can create a poster, but video ads tend to convert a lot better in this space.

Make sure you include the following info in your video, and be clear about EXACTLY what you offer in terms of services:

A Catchy Headline

Your ads MUST have an interesting headline to draw people in, and to click or view it.

If the titles are bland and common, your advert will not stand out among so many other babysitting ads, and that is NOT what you want.

Make a title that is friendly, informal, and even funny so that people will feel interested and comfortable reaching out to you.

Great Video To Draw Attention

Your video background could be anything but if there are children or other designs that go with the theme, it’s much better.

This will also get across the message that you have a thorough understanding of your job, and really like taking care of children (which is what you’ll be doing after all!).

Speak in a very cheerful and friendly tone that anyone would love instantly. Always smile!

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A Short Bio About You

The prospective clients, as concerned parents, will DEFINITELY want to know about you and what you do.

They will be curious about your experience, your age, and if you are a full-time babysitter or if you’ve been doing this as a part-time gig.

So make sure to include a small section telling them about yourself.

What Services You Offer

Babysitting can be a broad term, and some parents might expect a whole variety of services from one person.

While there are babysitters who offer a LOT of services (and quite NUANCED ones as well), you should not feel the pressure to go above and beyond.

So simply state EXACTLY what your services entail, and you should be fine.

Your Qualifications And Certifications

If you have followed some course, or diploma in a similar field connected to your job, make sure to add them into your advertisement.

The anxious parents will want to know exactly how qualified you are, and how good of a job they can expect out of you.

So make sure you add your years of experience, and links to your Facebook page as well, so that they can hopefully see other reviews you have received as well!

Your Rate Per Hour

This is one of the most important facts to mention in your advertisement! Make sure the clients know how much you charge BEFORE they contact you, and settle on a job.

Make sure you are completely transparent from your side, and this will help you alot in minimizing any potential problems in the future.

Your Contact Details

Make SURE to add your contact details as well, so that clients know how to contact you if they see the need.

I hope you know that your adverts will be heading out into the world once you publish them.

So the advisable method is to use a separate number for this, and NOT share your personal number, (obviously).

And only share your first name and nothing else.

Your first name is the only name you WILL need to transact with new clients, so just use that and do not reveal your surname or other personal details.

Since these ads can be seen by anyone, it can become a threat to your safety as well.

Any Special Skills That You May Have

If you have skills like – cooking, poetry reading, playing musical instruments, sewing, or any other skill that kids might enjoy and could learn from, do mention it!

Parents love the idea of having a babysitter who can impart some new talents to their kids as well, which is a wonderful added bonus.

Plus, you can also charge them for these extra skills as well in the form of lessons one day!

Target Audience And Age Groups

Before you post the babysitting ad on Facebook, you need to know a bit about ad targeting.

It is essential to target your advertisements to the right audience, otherwise, you will NOT find people who are interested in your services.

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For services like babysitting, the main audience is mainly mothers, and their ages are around 25 to 34.

The audience is also made up of people who are either engaged, married or divorced, and they should not be single.

When you create your advertisements, target these particular groups.

There’s also a lot of other audience targeting options on Facebook, make sure to select them accordingly with parents in mind.

And most importantly, set the geo to only areas that you can actually serve. Don’t waste money by showing the ads to people in different towns and cities you can’t visit.

Final Words

I didn’t go into how to actually run the campaign because it’s better to WATCH it than reading it:

Always keep the target audience in mind and make sure your video ad comes out great.

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