How To See Hidden Pins On Pinterest (3 Methods)

Pinterest has the option to hide any pin from your home feed or profile to keep your content organized. Hiding a pin prevents it from showing up on the homepage and search results.

This option is useful when you want specific pins to remain hidden from you. However, if you ever need to access those pins again, you might need to follow extra steps to view the hidden pins.

This article will guide you through these steps to help you see your hidden pins on Pinterest.

However, I can not guarantee that you’ll get back the Pin you hid by following these steps. This guide is written based on our experience, not the official Pinterest documentation.

I Accidentally Hid Pin On Pinterest

It’s normal for a person to experiment with the settings on Pinterest. Believe me. I still experiment with my settings every day to get better results.

However, it’s quite possible that you accidentally hide a pin while experimenting with the settings on Pinterest. You can hide a pin by clicking the three dots in the bottom right corner of a pin that appears in the home feed.

The settings do not appear immediately, but when you hover over the Pin, you will find the settings along with other options, such as the Save Button and Share button.

Many Pinterest users obviously click this three dots button for a different purpose, but unfortunately, unknowingly hide the Pin. If you accidentally hide a pin on Pinterest, don’t worry! You can easily unhide it.

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How To See Hidden Pins On Pinterest

In our experience, there are three ways you can see hidden pins on Pinterest.

However, each method requires you to have a different level of understanding of the Pin and the Pinterest platform. Let’s take a look at each one:

1 Unhide the Pin Right Away

The fastest and easiest way to see hidden pins is to unhide the Pin right away.

Once you hide a pin, you will immediately see an option to unhide the Pin with the message “Got it! We won’t show you this Pin in the future. Undo,” as shown below.

How To See Hidden Pins On Pinterest

Just click the Undo link, and the Pin will be unhidden.

2 Search For The Pin In Your Options

If you have visited the Pin before hiding it, you are at an advantage because your history might have stored the link to that Pin.

To access it, click on the arrow in the upper right-hand corner of your account and click on “Tune Your Home Feed,” as shown below.

Search For The Pin In Your Options

You might need to have a Pinterest Business Account to get these options. Since I only have a Business account, I am not sure how to access the pin history with a standard account.

But you can easily convert a normal account to a business.

This page stores all of your browsing histories which includes the pins you have already visited. Just look for the Pin that you hid and click on it to see it.

Note: This way, you might not be able to unhide the Pin, but you will be able to access it.

3 Search For The Hidden Pin Using The Search Tool

You can also find the hidden Pin using the search tool on Pinterest. However, for this, you need to remember the title (at least a part of it) of the Pin you have hidden.

Although you hide specific pins from your home feed, Pinterest doesn’t remove the Pin from its database, and it still shows up in the search results.

So, if by any chance you remember the title of the Pin you hid, there is still a chance you can find the hidden Pin.

All you have to do is type in the title/a part of the title of the pin and press enter, and it will show you a list of all the relevant pins. If you are lucky, your hidden Pin will be among those listed.

📢 Quick Note:

Does Hide Pin Option Hide Pins From The Public?


Many Pinterest users misunderstand the hidden pin option to be private. It is not.

The hidden pins are only hidden from your home feed, and they still appear publicly on the board that they belong to.

In other words, the hide pin option doesn’t hide the pins you hide from the public. Although you won’t see the Pin in your home feed anymore, other Pinterest users can still find and view it in their home feeds.

Thus, if you want to keep your pins private, you should consider saving your Pin on a private board. And if the Pin is already saved on a public board, you might need to delete the Pin to hide it from the public.

Bottom Line

The “Hide Pin” option is a great way to avoid unnecessary or irrelevant pins from your home feed. However, you might mistakenly hide a pin that you want to save.

In such cases, the methods I have mentioned above will help you find the hidden Pin. I hope this article was helpful, and have a great day!

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