How To Download Boards From Pinterest (Quick Guide)

Pinterest boards are a handy way to save and share information with a common theme in the form of images and short videos.

There may have been times when you come across interesting boards on Pinterest and wanted to download all these images.

Now, it might not be a problem if the board contained only a manageable number of images, but what if there were loads?

I got good news! If you are looking for a way to work around this issue, this post will show you how to download boards from Pinterest.

Downloading Boards From Pinterest

There are two ways you can download boards from Pinterest. One is downloading them as a web page, and the other is using a third-party tool like a browser extension or some software.

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Let’s take a look at both:

Using Third-Party Tools to Download Boards

Using a third-party application, be it a browser extension or software for Windows or Mac, is maybe your best bet at downloading entire boards on Pinterest at the best quality.

Plus, they usually offer faster downloading and allow downloading pretty large boards.

Unfortunately, using a third-party tool is not an option again, if you are accessing Pinterest on a mobile device.

Third-Party Tools That Can Download Pinterest Boards

Here are a couple of third-party tools you can use to download boards from Pinterest.

Pros And Cons Of Using Third-Party Tools To Download Boards

Using third-party tools to download boards from Pinterest has its advantages as well as disadvantages.

You must understand what they are before attempting to download Pinterest boards using them.

Let’s talk about the advantages first. Allowing you to download entire boards is the main pro here.

These tools let you do it easily and quickly too. You can also access the download content even when you can not connect to the internet, and they can be your backup should anything happen to the original boards.

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The potential risk of malware is a big con of using third-party tools to download boards from Pinterest, as some of these tools could get infected with malware at any time.

If the owner doesn’t keep them updated, they can harm the programs and the files on your device and steal your details.

Another disadvantage is that some tools would only allow you to download images in only low resolutions.

Copyright infringement is another risk you take when you download Pinterest boards using these tools, as what you download is content created by others.

You will also be violating Pinterest’s terms of service and at risk of getting your account suspended or terminated when you download boards using third-party applications.

Downloading A Pinterest Board As A Web Page

This is probably the most convenient way. You can download a Pinterest board as a web page easily by following the steps below:

  • Using a computer, open the Pinterest board you wish to download.
  • Bring the mouse pointer to an empty area on the top of the page and right-click. If your computer runs on Mac, hold the ctrl key and do a single click.
  • Click Save As on the drop-down that opens.
  • On the dialogue box that opens, select “web page, complete (*.htm,*.html)” as the Save as type option.
  • Choose a location for the download, and click save.
  • Once the download is complete, the location you choose as the destination for the download will contain an HTML file that can be opened as a web page offline and a folder named Pinterest_Files.
  • Open the Pinterest_Files folder and bring your mouse pointer to an empty area and right-click, or hold the ctrl key and single-click.
  • Click on Sort by on the drop-down that opens and opt for File type.
  • All the files in the Pinterest_Files folder will now be arranged in a way that files of the same type are together.
  • Now you can easily see the jpeg image files and you can either move them to another folder or delete the files other than jpeg images.

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Quick Recap

Downloading boards allows you to access them offline and have them as backups.

So, how to download boards from Pinterest? You can either download a Pinterest board as a web page or use a third-party application designed to download Pinterest boards.

Using third-party tools will let you download super large boards easily, but they have disadvantages too, such as potential exposure to malware, some tools downloading images only in lower resolution.

Downloading boards could result in copyright infringement, and is a violation of Pinterest’s terms of service.

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