How To Target Restaurant Owners On Facebook (A Marketer’s Guide)

Want to sell something to restaurant and cafe owners but have no idea how to target them?

Don’t worry, that’s where Facebook Ads come in.

Fortunately for us, targeting restaurant owners (or any kind of business owners) is not that complicated or hard with the help of Facebook Ads .

In this quick guide, I’ll show you how to target restaurant owners on Facebook ads including how to set up the detailed targeting options.

How To Target Restaurant Owners On Facebook

Here’s a quick overview of how to target restaurant owners with Facebook Ads:

LocationYour country (+ city if you don’t serve nationally) 
Age25 – 65
GenderAll genders
IndustryFood And Restaurant
Job TitlesOwner, Founder, CEO, Manager etc..
BehaviourFood And Restaurant Page Admins

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After you set up these targeting options, Facebook will show you the number of people that match these criteria.

It will also show the estimated daily reach and the potential number of leads.

Let’s get into each of these targeting options in more detail:


First up, set up the location. Make sure these are areas you can actually serve.

If you are like a SEO or other digital marketing agency looking for leads, you can set the whole country or countries as the target audience.

But if not, narrow down and set the cities you deliver in.

Age And Gender

Next, we have to set the age range. Before we do that, let’s take a look at what the stats have to say. Here’s a few I got from Zippia:

  • The average business owner is 40 years old.
  • 46% of all restaurant owners are over 40
  • 28% are between 30 – 40 years
  • 24% are between 20 – 30 years
  • Average retirement age is 65

If we take all this into account, the best age range is 20 – 65.

But it might not be a good idea to work with fresh youngsters with no experience. They tend to rush into decisions and don’t have any patience.

At least that’s how I feel.

So I would target the ages 25 – 65.

For genders, set it to target all genders because 54% of restaurant owners are men and the other 46% are women.

Industry And Work

This is where the real targeting begins.

You can find this and the rest of the things I am going to discuss next in the “Detailed Targeting” section.

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Industry and the work / job titles are super important when targeting restaurant owners with Facebook ads. Otherwise, you are targeting the wrong people.

First up, set the industry to (Demographics > Work > Industries) to Food And Restaurant.

This will make sure the ads will only target people working in this space.

Next, add job titles (Demographics > Work > Job Titles) like:

  • CEO
  • Founder
  • Founder / Manager
  • Owner
  • Owner / Managing Director
  • Co Owner

You got the idea right? Target titles that the average business owner would use.

Behaviour And Activities

Almost all restaurants and cafes will have a Facebook page and most of these will be managed by the restaurant owner – or at least some with authority.

Fortunately for us, Facebook allows us to target page admins. This can even be narrowed down to the type of page!

To do this, go to behaviours > digital activities > page admins.

And from here, select Food And Restaurant page admins.

Tips For Running Facebooks Ads Targeting Restaurant Owners

Here are some of my top tips on running these ads:

  1. Never Ever Boost posts. Always set detailed targeting or otherwise you are just wasting your ad spend.
  2. Always do AB tests. Spend like the first 10% of your budget trying out targeting combinations, and double down on what converts the best.
  3. Use social proof in your ad copy or video.
  4. Keep the ad copy direct and on point without fluff and get to the offer.
  5. Try to create urgency in your ads.
  6. Trying targeting higher level employees in the industry as well.

I also encourage you to try some of the other options in the Detailed Targeting tab.

Imagine yourself in a restaurant owner’s shoes and think like how they think. This will give you a ton of ideas on how to narrow down more.

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How Do I Market My Restaurant On Facebook?

The best way to market your restaurant on Facebook is to run Facebook Ads. But you can still gain a lot of awareness for free by posting constantly and using hashtags.

Just make sure to completely set up the page and ask customers to leave good reviews.

You can also partner with influencers and have them share your content!

What Should Restaurants Post On Facebook?

Restaurants can post exclusive offers and discounts, customer reviews, ask questions from customers etc.. The possibilities are endless.

Just take a look at some other popular restaurant pages to get inspiration!

You can also share your recipes and even mini videos of cooking the dish. People would love this type of content!

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