Pressure Washing Facebook Ads (A Marketer’s Guide)

Pressure washing has a broad client base since the majority of people own at least one property, be it a home, patio, driveway, or commercial space, all of which require cleaning and maintenance.

Facebook Ads are a great and cheap way of reaching these people and getting quick leads and conversions.

But for it to work, your ad campaign needs to be set up correctly and it should be GOOD.

In this post, I’ll talk about the strategic side of running successful pressure washing Facebook ads. Plus, I’ll also give you a few other pressure washing advertising ideas.

How To Do Facebook Ads For Pressure Washing

To run a successful Facebook ad campaign for your pressure washing business, you need to pay attention to these 3 areas:

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Ad Copy

Your ad and its content is pretty much the most important part. It’s going to either make or break your campaign. It needs to be GOOD.

When writing this remember – your audience already knows what and why they need to pressure wash. You just have to convince them that you are the guy to call.

It is always advisable to do video ads to get more engagement as much research has proven that videos on Facebook ads have more organic reach than that of the images.

You can easily make great videos for pressure washing.

I mean who wouldn’t love watching a stained patio turning into a super clean one within 30 seconds.

This does not mean images won’t work with Facebook ads.

You can use before-and-after images to showcase the difference a professional pressure washing company can make.

Use of visual evidence is a powerful way of convincing someone and it can seal deals for sure.

And always use a catchy opening line to grab their attention fast, especially if you are making a video ad.

Ad Targeting

If you want your ad campaign to bring in good leads, you have to make sure the right people are seeing your ads.

This is where Facebook’s ad targeting features come in.

The ads need to be targeted at the audience who are most likely looking for what you provide. Do some research on your ideal audience.

For example, people like this would be interested a pressure washing service:

  • Homeowners
  • Commercial property owners
  • Real estate agents
  • Property managers
  • HOAs
  • Hotels and hospitality businesses

Based on these demographics you can arrive at certain assumptions on what other demographics you need to target. You also need to target their age.

For example you can target people above 35 years as it will take at least this many years to own any kind of a property in general.

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Also make sure to target people in your area where you can actually go and get the job done.

Don’t target people living 100 miles away! It’s a waste of your ad budget.

Ad Goals

The cheapest way to generate leads is to run message campaigns.

A message campaign allows you to engage in direct, one-on-one conversations with potential customers.

This can secure many deals while getting to know a way to keep in touch with anyone who reached you at least once even if they did not get any service from you.

Because, by encouraging users to send messages, you can capture potential leads and contact information. This opens up opportunities for further follow-ups and conversions.

And also with messaging, customers can ask questions or request quotes in real-time, leading to quicker responses and potential bookings.

Another proven approach is setting up traffic campaigns.

Your website is an excellent platform to showcase your pressure washing services, display before-and-after photos, show customer reviews and provide detailed information about your business.

Plus, you can capture leads through contact forms or quote requests!

A handy tip is to direct traffic to specific landing pages such as requesting a quote or booking a service, increasing the likelihood of conversions.

Even if users don’t convert immediately, the increased traffic can contribute to brand awareness and recognition as they get familiar with your company name, logos and service over time.

Do Facebook Ads Work For Pressure Washing Business?

Facebook ads DO WORK for a pressure washing business, just like any other type of local service business. Their amazing ad targeting features will allow you to narrow down and reach numerous potential customers effectively.

However, Facebook ads only target “potential” customers who may or may not need any pressure washing at the moment.

It’s not targeting anyone who is actively looking for pressure washing.

That’s why other paid ads like Google or Bing ads can provide a higher ROI. They can target people who want pressure washing done right now.

For example when someone searches for “pressure washing services near me” they are actively looking for your service.

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With Google Ads, you can bid for keywords like these and more on pressure washing.

Nevertheless, with attractive content and creative ad copy, Facebook Ads can drive brand awareness, generate leads, and result in conversions.

Other Pressure Washing Advertising Ideas

While Facebook Ads are effective, there are lots of other advertising channels you can capitalize on to promote your pressure washing business.

Here are a few ideas to help you get started:

Social Media Contests with Influencers Collaboration

Partner up with local social media influencers interested in property maintenance or home improvements and host some giveaway contests.

You can offer a free pressure washing service or a discount for the winners.

This can increase engagement and attract new followers.

Flyers And Other Printed Ads

Make some attractive posters like flyers and door hangers and distribute them in your neighborhood. Not only does this add visibility for your business, but also it makes your brand popular.

This may not bring results fast, but make your neighborhood remember who to dial when they need a pressure washing service.

Ultimately, marketing is all about leaving a trace of your brand everywhere you can reach.


SEO is probably one of the best ways to get a ton of super targeted customers to your website every month, without spending a dime on ad costs.

You can do it yourself for free or hire an agency which may cost around $300 – $500 a month.

Also ask satisfied customers to leave positive reviews on your GMB page. This can significantly affect your rankings and attract new customers.

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