Unknown Caller On Messenger (Unlocking the Solution)

Facebook is an ideal way to interact and catch up with your friends, relatives, and loved ones who are not nearby. And when texting is just now enough, Messenger allows you to call your contacts and have a conversation.

Recently, a lot of people seem to be getting calls from an UNKNOWN CALLER on Messenger where it won’t show any details about the caller.

And what’s scarier is that it won’t leave any traces – no call logs or anything!

It’s really weird because Facebook tells you people on your friend list, and the ones you’ve shared a video call link with, are the only people who CAN contact you.

And this happens, you don’t know who to believe!

In this post, I’ll explain some possible reasons (just guesses really!) for what the unknown caller on messenger means and how to handle such a situation.

What Does An Unknown Caller On Facebook Messenger Mean?

Some might think their accounts are hacked, but I don’t think it could be that. Why? Because why would they want to ring to an account they already have access to?

But it could be hackers spying on you. Let’s go over this and a couple of more explanations of these unknown messenger calls.

It Could Be A Glitch In The App From A Previous Missed Call

It might be a glitch in the app because sometimes after you miss a call from someone in your friend list, the app can show the call as an unknown contact or ‘no ID’.

And it might really confuse you (and be a frightening experience at the same time). But it might mainly have to do with an issue in the app, and nothing more.

And given the number of updates we keep on getting from Messenger, it’s pretty normal in my opinion that things just don’t work the way they’re supposed to work sometimes!

It Could Be Some Fraudulent Activity

This is what we’re all scared of. So if you didn’t answer the call, good for you! Because sometimes when you DO answer these unknown calls, there’s just radio silence on the other end and no explanation as to what it is about.

And even if you keep talking you hear nothing on the other end.

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And the worst part is sometimes these calls don’t register on the call logs, and you have NO proof of showing anyone what has happened, and they happen early in the morning or past midnight.

Chances are that they are probably scammers, or it could be something mundane as a mistaken butt dial. But regardless, best not to answer any unknown calls on Messenger.

It Could Be Hackers Spying

On the worst side of things – it could be hackers spying on you. Maybe you didn’t know but a few years back (late 2020), there was a security vulnerability in the Facebook Messenger app that was the same as what’s happening now.

This vulnerability allowed attackers to call users, and then start listening AS SOON AS the phone started ringing! It was fixed soon after, and the attacker HAD to be a friend of yours for them to actually call you.

Even though the current possibility of something similar happening is very little, there is still a chance of some new vulnerability within the app that might be taken advantage of by hackers.

Final Thoughts

So when you see an unknown messenger call flashing on your screen – don’t answer it. But I suggest you do some digging.

Given the fact that the app can also malfunction on occasion, I guess there’s no reason to be really concerned – unless it is a regular occurrence and is becoming a nuisance, in which case you can try blocking them or disabling calls on the app.

But more often than not, it might just be something pretty benign.

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Frequently Asked Question

How To Call Someone Unknown On Messenger?

It all depends on their privacy settings, really. To call someone unknown on Messenger, you’ll have to make sure they are on your friend list first. If they’re not, you can try sending them a message request (if you’re not friends) and see if they accept.

You can do this by going to their profile and clicking on the send message button, but to do this they need to have public settings on their profile as well. Otherwise, you won’t be able to contact them at all.

Who Can Call Me On Messenger?

Your Facebook friends, the people you’ve created messenger connections with, and other people whose message requests you’ve approved, are the only people who can contact you on Messenger.

You can change these settings by going through the options in the app and changing your privacy settings as well.

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