YouTube Deletes Comments (Here’s Why)

The comment section in YouTube can be one of THE MOST important parts of the platform.

The comment section is where viewers can express their opinion, exchange ideas with other viewers and sometimes the creators of the video as well.

But what happens when your comments are no longer welcome on YouTube?

There have been countless times when YouTube seems to delete the comments you leave, and if you are currently facing this problem, you have come to the right place.

Why YouTube Deletes Comments?

This post will explain WHY YouTube deletes your comments, and what you can possibly do about it and how to avoid it in the future.

#1 Your Comments Have Been Considered As Spam

There’s a possibility that your comments have been considered as spam by YouTube’s algorithm.

If you have used things like external links in your comments, YouTube will automatically consider your comment to be spam.

Read more about if you can post links in youtube comments here.

Sometimes, if you have entered the same comment on multiple videos, which is something spammers do A LOT, then your comment might get removed as well.

So how do I not get mistaken for a spammer?

Avoid adding links to external sites to your comments, and try not to repeat your comments under different videos.

#2 Your Comments Are Currently Being Reviewed

Sometimes, certain YouTubers have turned on the option for reviewing their comments before they get displayed on the comment sections.

If that is the case, then your comment will NOT appear in the comment section right away.

So it’s not that Youtube deletes comments, but it’s under review.

YouTubers can moderate comments like this by reviewing all comments, or ones with specific words in them.

So if your comment hasn’t appeared in the comment section yet, it is either because it has been removed by the YouTuber, or because it is currently under review.

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#3 Your Comments Have Been Considered As Offensive

One main reason behind your comment getting removed could be the ‘offensive’ nature of what you have said.

If your comments have targeted a specific discriminated community, or a specific person or group of people who are vulnerable to violence, your comment might be considered offensive and promptly removed by the platform.

But for this to happen, users need to report your comments.

If you have trouble figuring out what exactly YouTube considers to be offensive, you can head to this link and look into the YouTube Hate Speech & Harassment Policy.

Sometimes even if your comments don’t fall under these, with enough user reports, Youtube deletes comments still.

There you can check if what you have commented falls under, or is similar to the examples mentioned.

In that case, you can avoid further issues by avoiding offensive messages in your comments.

#4 You Have Used Swear Words In Your Comments

Swear words are used frequently in the day-to-day conversation, and the YouTube comment section is no stranger to such language either.

Sometimes, to express emotions, certain viewers might use explicit language in the comments.

If you have used swear words either to express appreciation or disappointment, there’s a high chance that your comments will be removed by YouTube.

This might be a bit annoying to you, especially if you did not mean any harm by what you have commented, but the system in place to check for such comments can’t necessarily identify things like sarcasm and irony!

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So just to be safe, don’t use swear words in your comments at all.

#5 New Youtube Algorithm Tweak

Sometimes, the YouTube algorithm can affect the comment displaying process as well.

Your comments might keep getting deleted, EVEN when they do NOT fall under any of the categories above.

So this is a problem with the platform, and has nothing to do with you.

If that’s the case, you can simply reach out to the support site on YouTube, and clarify your issue there. To do this, you can simply follow the rules on this page.

You could also wait for newer updates, especially if you suspect the problem is with the YouTube app on your phone.

Eitherway, contacting the YouTube support teams should help you out.

Why Youtube Comments Deleted After 18 Seconds?

The only reason why YouTube deleted your comment after 18 seconds is because your comment triggered the spam / Moderator Ai of Youtube and it automatically deleted your comment.

It’s NOT because of anything else. Your comment was treated as spam.

You either have been commenting too much, or the comment had links.

How To Tell If Your Youtube Comment Was Deleted?

To check if Youtube deleted your comment, you need to log out of your Youtube account and then visit the video you commented and look for your comment.

If you can’t find it, Youtube probably deleted the comment.

If you are logged in, your comment will still be shown to you (at least for some time). But in reality, no one else is seeing it.

Can You Find Deleted Youtube Comments?

Most of the time, you will NOT be able to find deleted Youtube comments. However, you might be able to find them on comment finders like Hadsy if the comment was there for a long time.

If you are lucky enough, maybe crawled and saved a copy of the page, and you can see the comments there.

Bottom Line

Overall, if you keep finding your comments getting deleted on YouTube, the main reason is because your comments have PROBLEMATIC content.

They have swear words, they’re seen as offensive, or they have been treated as spam by the platform. With proper attention to what you type, you can avoid getting your comments deleted.

However, if your comments are being reviewed, or if there’s a faulty algorithm at play, there’s unfortunately not much you can do about it.

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  1. Who decides if the content is PROBLEMATIC?

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    Why are comments deleted that DO NOT include any of the reasons listed?

    P.S. You won’t answer this. Guaranteed.

  2. YouTube is now removing most comments. I don’t think we will be allowed to post any comments in a few years time. In the future, all comments will be generated by YouTube AI itself.

  3. Great job, YouTube. You compromised a wonderful platform for your AI overlords. In just a few short years most of Youtube’s staff will be replaced by AI anyway. Congratulations in aiding in the downfall of humanity, when it’s all over just remember the role you played. We won’t forget how great of a platform you once were, now it’s become the beaten husk of a corpse.


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