Youtube Resource Has Been Exhausted (Error Explained)

Have you ever encountered the error message “Resource has been exhausted (e.g. check quota)” while using YouTube?

This is a rather common error message that people get when they try to comment on a video.

Sometimes, people might get this when performing other actions on the platform.

Either way, in this article, I will help you understand what this error message means, and show you what you can do to fix it.

What Does “Resource Has Been Exhausted” Mean?

The “Resource has been exhausted” error message usually appears when you have exceeded the limit or quota set by YouTube on a particular action you can take on the platform.

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A common example can be encountering this error trying to reply to a YouTube video comment that has exceeded the 500 reply limit.

However, some discussions on Reddit forum hints of this error message popping up as a result of some sort of technical and/or censorship issue on YouTube’s end as well.

This can be especially true if you are trying to reply to a comment that hasn’t exceeded the limit.

How To Fix “Resource Has Been Exhausted” Error

Unfortunately, there are not many proven methods to fix this problem.

There are only a trick or two some users have tried and claim to have worked for them, which I will lay down for you to try yourself.

Note: This is not guaranteed to work.

Force Stop The YouTube App And Clear Cache

A solution that has been claimed to work by some users is to force stop the YouTube app and then clear its cache.

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This deletes all the Youtube data files that have been collected over the years on your device.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Go to your device’s settings and select “Apps & notifications.”
  • Find the YouTube app and select it.
  • Select “Force stop” to close the app.
  • Select “Storage & cache” and then “Clear cache.”

Wait It Out

Some users have found that once they get this error while interacting on YouTube, just waiting for an hour to a day and trying again works for them.

So, if you have encountered this error on YouTube, try waiting for a few hours.

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After that, try getting back to whatever it was you were doing and see if you can then do it without getting the resource exhausted error.

If you still get it, wait a couple of days and then try.

Do It On Desktop

Almost everyone encounters this issue on the Youtube mobile app. This means you won’t get it if you use the browser.

So, if this is something you just have to do, you can use a computer or the chrome app on your phone and sign in to your Youtube account.

However, this will not if it’s actually a limit thing.

Report the issue to YouTube

If none of the above solution doesn’t work, you can report the issue to YouTube directly.

The more reports they receive, the higher the priority they will put on fixing it.


The “Resource has been exhausted” error message on YouTube generally means that you have exceeded the YouTube’s quota on a certain action.

It is also possible that the error is the result of some technical or censorship issue.

If you encounter this error, try force stopping the app and clearing its cache or waiting for 1-24 hours and getting back to what you were doing when you got the error.

Also, report the issue to YouTube.

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