Youtube Shorts No Views (Reasons And Solutions)

Youtube shorts are a great tool to grab the attention of your target audience with intriguing content presented in a creative manner.

It can be a frustrating experience for Youtubers if their short videos don’t get views as expected.

If you are someone who’s struggling with this issue, this post will help you to learn the possible reasons why your shorts get no views and how to increase the views on your Youtube shorts and grow your audience.

Reasons Why Your Youtube Shorts Get No Views

There can be several reasons for your YouTube shorts not getting views, and it is important for you to know what they are so you can take the necessary steps to address them to improve the view count on your YouTube shorts.

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YouTube Short Is Not Properly Optimized

For a YouTube short to pop up in the results when people search for videos covering subject matter similar to your short, it needs to be optimized so that it gets rewarded by the youtube algo.

The short needs to have keywords used properly in both the title and the description, the #shorts tag must be in the title, and there have to be relevant tags in the video settings.

Not putting enough thought and effort to get all this right may be why your YouTube shorts are not getting views.

Not Hooking The Audience Fast Enough

A YouTube short has to be created in such a manner that it piques the audience’s curiosity, interest, or both within the first three seconds.

If your YouTube short fails to hook the viewer quickly like that, they might not engage well in the video and it affects the short’s retention rate and the algorithm limits its reach.

Less engaging videos = less people see them in their feeds.

Poor Video Quality

YouTube shorts that are shaky, poorly filmed, low in resolution, and grainy would not get many views either, as no one likes watching videos with poor quality.

No Catchy Title

One other reason for a YouTube short not to have viewed is that it does not have a title capable of intriguing the audience.

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Content Does Not Appeal To The Audience

Sometimes a YouTube short video’s content can be the culprit for lack of views.

The content has to have the ability to inspire, awe, educate, or amuse the audience. If your YouTube short’s content fails to do that, it would not get many views.

Not Publishing Frequently Enough

How many views your YouTube shorts get greatly depends on your subscribers and other regular visitors to your channel.

That kind of community generally prefers to have new content published on a regular basis.

So, not publishing YouTube shorts frequently enough could be something that is hindering the view counts.

Videos Being Too Long

Yes, a YouTube short can be too long. YouTube shorts are limited to a maximum duration of sixty seconds, but you must never make your YouTube shorts any longer than necessary.

Otherwise, you would inevitably create fluff to fill up the video, and people don’t like that kind of redundancy, and your shorts will end up not being viewed much.

It Takes Time

Sometimes it is just a matter of time before your YouTube short video takes views.

The YouTube algorithm analyzes how the users engage in a short, and uses the data to recommend that particular short to other users who might possibly be interested, and all this can take time.

So, it is a good idea to give it some time and see if the view count starts going up.

How To Improve The Views On YouTube Shorts

Now that you know why your YouTube shorts are not getting enough views, it is easy to fix those issues and get your shorts to reach your target audience better:

1 Optimize Your YouTube Shorts For Search

You need to do proper keyword research for each and every YouTube short you create. That is how you know what users type to find a video that covers the same subject matter as your short.

Once you have your keywords, include them in the title and the description of the video without making it look too spammy.

Make sure to include the tag #shorts in the title as well. You must also include other tags in the description to properly categorize your video. You can use a tag generator for this.

Do all this and your shorts will have a better chance of being picked up by the search algorithm.

2 Deliver A Hook At The Beginning Of Your YouTube Short

Create your YouTube shorts in such a way that the audience gets impressed and decides to stay on within the first three seconds of the video.

Give them the idea that something really interesting, incredible or hilarious is coming up, and deliver without disappointing them.

3 Create Catchy Titles

This is where creativity pays off. Try to make the title say something that piques curiosity, creates anticipation and suspense in the audience’s minds, or even something controversial so that it has a strong pull on your audience to watch the video and engage in it.

4 Create High-Quality Shorts With Engaging Content

It would help if you created awesome YouTube shorts.

The quality of the content is as important as, if not more, the video quality. Research what topics are more popular to decide on a niche. Then create content that is informative, entertaining, inspiring, or motivating.

You can also study and follow the current trends to create content that will be better received by the audience.

Try to deliver the content within the shortest duration possible without making the video longer than necessary.

5 Post Regularly And Frequently

You should create and publish your YouTube shorts frequently as well as regularly so that you will build a community of loyal viewers who eventually get used to your publishing pattern and stay tuned.

6 Promote Your YouTube Shorts On Social Media

Social media platforms are a great source to expose your YouTube shorts to a bigger audience.

Post links to your shorts in your social media profiles, take part in social media groups and forums in your niche and promote your shorts without spamming or violating community guidelines.

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7 Interact With Your Audience

You should maintain a good relationship with your audience if you want good views on your YouTube shorts.

Acknowledge and appreciate their comments on your shorts, and answer their questions to the best of your ability. Visit their channels and watch, comment, and react to their content too.

Quick Recap

YouTube shorts get no views when they are not properly keyword optimized for youtube searches or if the content is not engaging enough to grab the audience’s attention at the very beginning.

Low-quality videos and poorly thought-out titles will obviously lead to Youtube shorts with no views as well.

YouTube shorts views can be easily improved by optimizing them for the Youtube algorithm with keywords and tags, interacting with the audience properly, and even promoting them on social media (social signals help!)

But most importantly, you need to create high-quality content that captivates the audience from the beginning. And make sure to use catchy titles!

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