Clickbank Dormant Account Charges (Explained)

Did you know that Clickbank deducts a fee from your affiliate earnings if you don’t make any sales in 90 days?

At least I didn’t know about it until I was debited.

And what’s worse is that these dormant charges increase with time!

In this post, I’ll explain what counts as a Clickbank dormant account and breakdown the fees for these dormant accounts.


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Is My Clickbank Account Dormant?

For an account to be considered as dormant by Clickbank, the account needs to HAVE a positive balance.

If you have $0 in your account, your account is NOT dormant and you don’t have to worry about these fees. And they will not charge your cards (if you’ve added them).

Same goes for when you start earning from an account that’s inactive for a long time.

Clickbank will not take any fees from the money you earn.

Dormant fees only apply if your clickbank account has money in it and if you haven’t made any sales for a few months.

Clickbank Dormant Account Charges

According to ClickBank’s policy, if your account becomes dormant, they’ll start charging you fees to “maintain” your account.

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Here’s their fee structure:

  • After 90 days of no earnings: $1 per pay period
  • After 180 days of no earnings: $5 per pay period
  • After 365 days of no earnings: $50 per pay period

A pay period is usually 2 weeks. This means they are going to charge you $1 every 2 weeks until 180 days, and then $5 every 2 weeks until a year.

If you don’t make any sales the entire year, they charge you $50 every pay period! Unbelievable.

IMO, this is theft.

There is more bad news. If you only made like 2 -3 sales, they won’t let you withdraw either!

Clickbank won’t payout until you have made 5 sales, and the payments for these should come from 5 different card numbers. And no, Paypal does not count.

How Can I Avoid Dormant Fees On Clickbank?

Here are a couple of workarounds to avoid these annoying charges:

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Make Some Sales

The easiest way to avoid Clickbank dormant account charges is to make a sale within 90 days. Let me give you some ideas:

Select a very cheap product and promote it.

You can ask or even pay one of your friends or family to buy it.

Or you can run some FB ads.

Lower Payout Threshold

If you don’t want to spend a single $, you can change the payout threshold of your Clickbank account to $10 and withdraw whatever amount you got there.

You might need to plan for this ahead.

However, keep in mind they charge a $2.5 withdrawal fee for all affiliates, and an extra £5 for UK affiliates who use checks.

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