Clickbank Gravity Score (Explained)

Clickbank is one of the best online affiliate marketplaces and it has been up and running for slightly over two decades.

Today, it’s packed with a ton of analytical data that can help marketers pick the best products to promote.

One of these is the Gravity Score they show under each offer.

But what does it exactly mean?

In this quick post, I’ll go over everything you need to know about Clickbank Gravity Score and why you should take it into consideration.

What is Gravity Score On Clickbank?

On Clickbank, the Gravity Score of a product is a measure of how popular and successful the product is – or the sales momentum as they say.

Basically, Higher score = more popular.

This score is unique to Clickbank and is given based on sales made by affiliates just like you.

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However, Gravity score does NOT mean the number of sales that were made.

Instead it shows the number of affiliates that have made at least one sale promoting the product.

And a higher gravity score does NOT mean the offer converts well.

Clickbank uses a proprietary algorithm that takes the sales of the past 12 weeks to calculate this.

In order to make sure you have an accurate and up-to-date score, the most recent sales carry relatively more weight towards the score.

For example, if specific products have consistently (and recently) been generating a high volume of sales, their gravity score will be a lot higher.

What is A Good Clickbank Gravity Measure?

A good Clickbank gravity measure can vary based on factors such as the level of competition a product has, the marketing strategies used and whether or not it is a niche product.

However, for the most part, a gravity score of around 50 – 200 is a good measure.

Let me break down some scores to give you a better idea:

20 – 100

If a product has a gravity score between 20-100, the product is likely to have been successful for some affiliates.

This score would mean that the product is moderately popular and one worth considering.

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Anything below this range is usually a brand new product that isn’t prompted by a lot of affiliates – or it something that doesn’t convert well.


If a product has a gravity score that exceeds 100, it has proven to be popular for many affiliate marketers.

While this product can be worth considering, it is equally important to focus on the fact that highly popular products and high levels of competition go hand in hand.

While a score above 100 can appear appealing at a glance, successfully promoting this product will be tough.

The Best Range

The product has a gravity score that is between 50-200.

As far as gravity scores go, this range is the best of both worlds.

Such products have consistently been popular and may even have lower levels of competition if they are likely to be a niche.

However those that are there is still still a possibility that competition will be tough at times.

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Clickbank Gravity Vs Popularity

While the popularity of a product can be assessed based on its clickbank gravity score in certain instances, there are situations where this can vary.

With products that target niche markets, products that are popular during specific times of the year (e.g Christmas, winter etc) or those that change based on trends, clickbank gravity would not necessarily be an accurate reflection of the product’s popularity.

That being said, the platform doesn’t really provide information as to how popularity is calculated; making gravity scores your best bet!

What Gravity Qualities Must Clickbank Products Have?

Try to pick a product with a gravity score that is above 15 (preferably above 20).

Once you’ve selected the product(s), continue to filter them based on those that have a commission rate of at least 50%, a commission rate of at least $25 and a low refund rate.

If the product you’re hoping to promote meets these factors, it’s highly likely that it will be marketed successfully

What Is The Highest Gravity Score On Clickbank?

The highest gravity score I have seen on clickbank is about 573.

But affiliates promoting products within the 50-150 range have consistently recorded the highest success rates.”

Bottom Line

Clickbank Gravity Score is a measure of how popular a product is.

While it is a great way to assess the success of a product in the market, you also need to consider factors such as refund rates, commission rates, average sale price and a lot of other stuff to further your understanding of a product’s success.

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