Clickbank Not Accepting New Account (Tips To Get Approved)

ClickBank has long been the #1 digital marketplace connecting product creators with affiliate marketers.

Due to its popularity, there are thousands of sign ups everyday but most of these are made by bots, spammers or are duplicate accounts.

Clickbank was ok with this for years, but recently they started rejecting a lot of sign ups – even real people. There have been many complaints about this on forums.

In this post, I’ll explain why ClickBank not accepting new accounts and a few tricks to get your account approved in case it’s rejected.

Why Clickbank Is Not Accepting New Accounts

Like I said, there are a ton of sign ups every day and it’s flooding Clickbank with inactive accounts. Most of these sign ups have been from bots or spammers.

Plus, there have been issues with fraud and people using fake IDs to open accounts.

Country wise, there are particularly a lot of sign ups from India.

That’s why this issue happens a lot for indians.

To combat all this, Clickbank now has a much more thorough vetting process when reviewing sign-ups.

You might get a message like this when you try to sign up:

“Unfortunately, we cannot accept new sign-ups that do not meet the requirements of our fraud and risk standards”

However, most of clickbank’s vetting process is automated, so there are workarounds to not get flagged by the algo.

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How To Get Accepted On Clickbank

Here’s how to get clickbank to accept your account:

Email Clickbank

This is the first thing you should try. A lot of users have got their accounts approved this way.

But you can’t just email them a normal message, you need to send them a photo of your ID. Otherwise, they won’t reply back.

You can use your national ID or even the passport or driver’s licence.

You can email something like:

Hi there. I am from India, and I tried signing up for Clickbank but it didn’t let me sign up and gave me this error <paste error here>.

Can you please take a look at my account.

Here is my account email: <your email>

And here is my ID:


If they don’t reply back in 2 -3 business days, send them a follow up email.

This should work most of the time. Just remember to send them your country, email and photo ID in the first email.

Change IP and Clear Browser

Another thing that might be setting the triggers is your IP and web browser.

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Try to sign up for an account on your mobile phone, or at a friend’s or relative’s house.

If not, use your mobile hotspot and delete all your browser data and start fresh. If you can, just make a new user profile on your computer and use its browser with hotspot.


A RDP is basically a virtual machine that runs on the cloud. You are completely starting over fresh. There is no history that could trigger their spam filter.

Plus, you could get the machine location to somewhere in Europe or just any geo you wish.

You can get a RDP free from Google cloud.

Try Alternatives

If ClickBank doesn’t work out no matter what, you can try out other affiliate marketplaces.

Most of these have the same offers that’s on Clickbank.

Here are some of the ones I recommend:

  • Commission Junction
  • ShareASale
  • Rakuten Advertising
  • Impact
  • Amazon Associates

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