Clickbank Account Disabled? (Here’s Why)

One of the worst things that can happen to an affiliate marketer is getting their Clickbank account disabled.

I have been there, and I know how it feels.

But luckily there are a few things you could do to get your account reinstated back – if you haven’t broken their TOS.

In this post, I’ll give you a quick rundown of the reasons that can get your Clickbank account disabled and what you should do if this happens.

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Why Is My Clickbank Account Disabled

Here’s why Clickbank disabled your account:

Policy Violations

One of the main reasons why clickbank would disable your account is due to violating ClickBank’s terms of service, content guidelines, or other policies.

This includes the way you promote their products too.

For example, messing with trademarks, copyright infringements or engaging in other blackhat tactics will cause suspension.

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They’ll also take action if you’re reported a number of times too, like for spamming or phishing attempts.

High Refund Rates

Getting a ton of refunds and chargebacks on the products you’re promoting can quickly become an issue.

If they are deemed beyond acceptable, ClickBank might disable your account.


Also remember, Clickbank is not supported in all countries. If you are from a country that is banned from using Clickbank, your account will get disabled.

There are also countries in their blacklist which they won’t allow new sign ups from.

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What To Do If Clickbank Account Disabled?

First up, you need to re read their TOS and see if you actually broke any of the policies. If you have, there is 0 chance of reinstating the account.

If you didn’t, send them an email to [email protected], explaining the situation.

Also make sure to attach an ID photo on the email, otherwise they won’t respond.

Most of the time they won’t reinstate the account, and IMHO it could be a good thing. You are a lot better off joining a similar network like Digistore24 instead.

If you NEED a Clickbank account no matter what, you can create a new one.

Use a VPN or RDP (with a dedicated IP – very important) and sign up. I’d recommend selecting a European country.

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Can I Have 2 Clickbank Accounts?

No, you can’t have 2 separate Clickbank accounts. If you made a duplicate account recently, it could also be a reason for them disabling your account.

Instead, you can create a Clickbank Master account which can have multiple accounts but uses the same credentials.

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