Facebook Ads For Cryptocurrency (Ultimate Guide)

Facebook is only allowing educational-based ads for cryptocurrency. However, we can use that method to promote our product.

I would honestly suggest that if you really want to advertise crypto trading and Bitcoin, try to explore other social media platforms such as Reddit or Twitter.

It’s a bit tricky to publish an ad on Facebook if you want to publish an ad based on crypto trading because Facebook’s algorithm automatically takes down your posts and bans your page or account.

I will go through every step on how to publish an ad on Facebook.

If you are an individual or a small company, you can try the methods below. However, if you are a big company, you can check the last portion of this article.

Are There Restrictions on Promoting Cryptocurrency on Facebook?

Yes, to some extent. You can promote Cryptocurrency on Facebook.

Facebook is a place where you can literally advertise ANYTHING as long as you don’t get caught by systems put in place by the platform to take down crypto content.

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here is the policy details;

Facebook Ads For Cryptocurrency

You must NOT have any crypto trading in your advertisements and you need to use educational language without mentioning Cryptocurrency exchanges or trading.

But don’t worry, you’ll be able to get new customers from all over the world if you tweak your ads .

How to Publish an Ad on Facebook for Cryptocurrency?

#1 Create Ads Manager And Page

Before we can start, you need to create a Facebook page first. You can add some teasing posts etc.. and make it look nice.

But don’t mention anything about Cryptocurrency Mining or Trading. You can use something like linktree on your bio and put the Cryptocurrency website URL there.

For the cover photo, it should be ok to put the url inside the image.

After you created the page, head to the ads manager on Facebook.

You should be able to see an option to create a new ad account. Do that and afterwards, add your credit / debit card to it.

Here’s a good video on setting up the ad account and payment details.

#2 The Ad

When it comes to writing your Cryptocurrency ad, keep it short and get to the point.

For example, if you are looking for new customers, something like “Unlock the future of finance at our webinar: Expert insights on what lies ahead in cryptocurrency!” would work.

But at the same time, keep in mind that words like ‘ICOs’, ‘Bitcoin Exchanging ‘, ‘Cryptocurrency Wallets’, ‘Coins’, ‘Binary options’, and other risky crypto words will immediately cause your ads to be disapproved and your page might be taken down.

So make sure you use words like ‘Webinar’, ‘Events’ or ‘News related’ in your ads so that they won’t be detected by the platform’s ad monitoring system.

For example, when looking for clients, something like “Future of Finance Webinar: Expert insights on what lies ahead.” should be good.

Also, make sure you use images that do not have any graphic buying or selling, which can also be a reason your ads can get taken down.

You can create awesome ad designs and images on free graphic design tools like Canva, do NOT go for expensive software.

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#3 Ad Targeting

You can target specific audiences when you run it and not just boost the post. This is something I recommend doing.

Make sure you have a proper understanding of what your needs are – new customers and broad reach, new collaborations, or both. And set your audiences (ages, gender and their interests) with that in mind.

You can also select specific countries in this process, and certain countries (US, UK) will cost a bit more than the others.

You can find this info on the ads manager, and make sure you have proper knowledge about this before setting your audience.

#4 Conversion Metrics

When it comes to conversion metrics for the ad, you need to select the ‘Engagement’ option.

Since we can’t link a site without getting banned, this is the best option. You want the people who see your Cryptocurrency Facebook ad and engage with it.

This will be extremely helpful if you have ads that look for customers to collaborate with on Facebook, who can then easily contact you via Messenger, Instagram, or even WhatsApp.

If you’re looking for new customers, you can reply back to them with your page details.

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#5 Budget

The amount of money you decide to spend on the ad campaign depends on how big of an exposure you want with your ads.

If you are targeting a smaller and specific group in cheaper countries, you will be able to handle it with a smaller budget.

But you have a wider area and your audience includes more expensive countries to post ads in, like the US, and UK, you will have to have a larger budget in place.

You can start off with something like $10 per day with your campaign, and amp it up to even $50 when you start getting new customers.

But only do so if you see successful results from your ad campaign in the first place.

How Do I Advertise Cryptocurrency Trading?

If you are a big trading company, you can bypass all these restrictions by obtaining written permission from your federal government authority.

Once you have this permission, you will be able to submit it to Facebook for ads.

You will have to get licenses or registrations from the below authorities based on your country. Check the full list of countries and authorities.

Final Thoughts

I’m only going to cover the theory and what to look out for in this post, as creating a step-by-step guide would be a waste of time.

The interface and options of the ad manager change very quickly, and after a few months, it would become outdated.

However, there are thousands of step by step videos on how to exactly run the ad on Youtube. It should be easy to follow one along.

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