How To Merge Boards On Pinterest (Easy Guide)

Merging boards can help you keep your ideas organized on Pinterest. It’s easy to do and only takes a few moments.

This article will guide you through the process of merging boards on Pinterest in 2023. The reason I have mentioned the year is that Pinterest often changes its user interface, and the steps involved in merging boards may change over time.

This is the latest guide on how to merge boards on Pinterest. I’ll also go through some of the reasons why you should merge boards and what exactly happens when you merge – including the cons.

What Is “Merging Boards” and Why Should You Do It?

Merge means combining two or more boards into one. Merging boards helps keep your content organized and helps you prevent duplicate pins from appearing on multiple boards.

It also makes it easier to find similar pins when you are searching through your content.

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When you merge a board into another board,

  • The board you merge will become a section of the other board.
  • The board you merge will no longer exist as a separate Pinterest board, and all of its pins will be moved to the other board.

⚠️ Important Note:

A Note About Pinterest SEO: Currently, Pinterest does not offer settings for adding descriptions to Pinterest board sections. This means you’ll lose your board description when you merge your board.

So, if your board has a decent amount of followers and impressions, I do not recommend merging two boards. Doing this could affect how your board is indexed in Pinterest’s search algorithm.

Nonetheless, I am not sure how much of an effect merging two boards will have on your Pinterest SEO. So, it’s best to proceed cautiously and ensure you are aware of the potential consequences.

What Will Happen When You Merge a Board?

According to Pinterest, there are a few things to remember before merging a board.

  • When you are merging two boards, the followers of the merged board will not move over to the new board.
  • If you are merging a secret board with a public board, the privacy settings of the public board will be applied to the new board.
  • If you need to undo a merge for whatever reason, you have to create a new board or section and move the Pins one by one.

So, as you see, merging two boards is disadvantageous if your merged board has a decent amount of followers and is performing well. (If you have a business account, you can check this on Pinterest Analytics.)

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The third point means you can not undo a merge. So, if you had followers and impressions before merging your board, you can probably say goodbye to them forever.

Still, convinced that merging is the best move? Then let’s move on to the next part.

How To Merge Boards On Pinterest

Step 1: Go to your profile and click Saved for the list of your Pinterest Boards.

How To Merge Boards On Pinterest

Step 2: Now click on the board you need to merge. This will take you to your board.

(This board will be the sub-section of the board you select on the next step.)

Step 3: Click on the three dots next to the board name and click merge from the drop-down list.

Pinterest Merge

Step 4: Now select the board you want to merge your current board with.

(The board you choose will be the parent board. The board you are currently in will be a section of the parent board.)

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Combine Boards

Step 5: Now click “Done,” and you are done! Simple as that.

Other Ways to Merge Boards

There are several other ways to merge boards. You can use the drag-and-drop method (where you drag the board you want to be merged over to the parent board) or even use the method written on the official Pinterest help page.

However, I think this method is the easiest since we can check the board and confirm that it is what we want to merge precisely.

Whichever method you use, make sure to do it carefully and accurately. After all, there’s no undoing a merged board!

So make sure you have the right boards and pins in place before taking the plunge. Good luck, and happy merging!

Final Words

When organizing your Pinterest profile, merging boards should be your last option because merging may impact the visibility of your pins.

If you notice pins that are inappropriate to your board or think that specific pins match another board of your profile, you can always move the pins to another board. This way, you can keep your boards organized and provide better visibility to the pins that are relevant to each board.

So take the time to rearrange your boards, and don’t go merging until you really have to!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Merge Pinterest Group Sections?

Yes. You can merge the sections of your group. However, you can only merge that section with another section of the same group.

Can You Merge 2 Pinterest Accounts?

No. Unfortunately, you cannot merge two separate Pinterest accounts. If you have more than one account, you can decide to keep both and switch between them. Or, pick one to keep and close or deactivate others.

How Many Pinterest Boards Is Too Many?

According to Pinterest, you can have only 2000 boards maximum, including secret boards and group boards you didn’t create. So, if you’ve hit the 2000 mark—you definitely need to start consolidating!

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