How To Find People On Pinterest (9+ Ways)

Pinterest, being a social media platform, is all about building communities of like-minded people online so that they can discover, save and share stuff they are interested in or passionate about.

So, it goes without saying that you need to find people who have similar interests, passions, and pursuits similar to yours and connect with them on Pinterest to make the best of this amazing platform.

In this post, I will show you different ways on how to find people on Pinterest – to build up your follower base or find a particular person.

Different Ways To Find People On Pinterest

There are a few approaches you can take to find people on Pinterest – the first 2 methods are the best to find a particular person while the rest are for random people in your niche.

1 Google Dorks And OSINT Methods

If you are looking for a particular person and want to know if they are on Pinterest, this is the most effective way.

To do this, you need to know their name or a part of it if it’s not a common name. Any username the person uses on social media or wherever will also be ok.

Google dorks are basically advanced search engine queries which filter out all the unwanted results and just show us the exact pages we want.

We are going to use two filters for this – site (site:), and exact keyword match (“ “) filters. Here are a few examples: “lito james” lito james “therock”

Just type these into Google and replace my name with the person you are looking for. If they are on Pinterest there’s a high chance you’ll find them.

You can even use other personal info like phone, address or their bio instead of just name or username.

2 The Pinterest Search Bar

You can use the search bar on top of every Pinterest page to find pins and boards and people. Here’s how you use the search bar to do a basic people search:

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  • Click on the search bar at the top of the Pinterest page.
  • Type in the full name (if you know) or a part of the name of the person you are looking for. A username handle they use on a different social account is also worth a try.
  • Afterward, just hit “Enter” to run the search.
  • Now, you need to select the people tab that’s right above the search results to filter results to only people.
  • Start going through the search results until you find the guy you are looking for.

3 Finding People On Pinterest Using Their Phone Numbers

You might be able to find a friend’s or colleague’s profile on Pinterest by using their phone number in your device’s contact list.

However, this only works if both you and your friend have allowed Pinterest access to your contact lists on your devices.

To give Pinterest access to your contacts, log in to your Pinterest profile, and go to Settings > Privacy and Data. Then just activate the slider in Store your contacts box to give Pinterest access to your contacts.

Then go to your device’s contact list and open their contact details page, and a link to their Pinterest profile will be there now. Again this is only if they had already given Pinterest access to their contact list.

4 Using Pinterest’s “People You May Know” Feature

This is another useful feature you can use to find people on Pinterest where Pinterest analyzes what you search and save and uses this info to suggest other users with similar interests.

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Here’s how you can use this:

  • Open up your Pinterest profile and go to your Following list to view the list of users you are currently following.
  • After that, keep scrolling down until you come to the “people you may know” section.
  • You’ll see a lot of people who are in the same niche as you with similar interests.
  • If you see an interesting profile pic or username, just click to view their pins and boards and follow them if you want.

5 Using Pinterest’s Guided Search

Pinterest’s guided search is an advanced feature that helps you to refine your search by suggesting relevant keywords or categories.

These are pretty much based on your search history and the popular keywords or categories related to your search query.

How does this help find people? Well if you are looking specifically for someone this is not going to help, but if you are looking for random people in your niche – this is awesome.

Here’s how to use the guided search to find people on Pinterest:

  • Go to the search bar and start typing in a random but common name Or a niche or keyword – and hit enter
  • Take a look at the suggested keywords or categories that appear under the search bar.
  • You can click on the relevant category to refine your search to people in this niche.
  • After that just browse through the search results.

6 Finding People On Pinterest Using Your Home Feed

If you are not looking for a particular person but trying to just find random folk to follow and be followed by, your Pinterest home feed is a good place to find people.

Go through your feed and whenever you see an interesting pin, visit the profile of the person who shared it and follow them.

7 Other Ways Of Finding People On Pinterest

There are a few other methods other than what we have discussed so far, namely looking for influencers, using hashtags, and finding related pins.

Looking For Influencers

Pinterest influencers with a huge no. of followers and are considered experts in their niches can be used to find people with interests similar to yours or content that interests you.

Finding influencers on Pinterest is easy. You can type something like “top Pinterest your_niche accounts” on Google and there should be blog posts covering accounts with a large following.

How To Find People On Pinterest

Or you can simply use the Pinterest search and type in a niche and go through people there and find an influencer.

After that, just open up their followers list to find a ton of people.

Using Hashtags To Find People On Pinterest

Hashtags basically categorize the content. You can use these to find people who have used these tags which means they have similar interests as you.

Just use the search bar and type in a #hashtag instead of a regular search.

Exploring Related Pins To Find People On Pinterest

Did you know that Pinterest uses your search history and the pins you save to suggest other pins? Well, guess what, the owners of these pins are 99% of the time in your niche.

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Search for a keyword and click on a pin that is relevant to the niche you are looking for. This will load up a bunch of related pins.

Bottom Line

You can use advanced search engine queries or the Pinterest search bar to search for people using their names, usernames, and phone numbers. You can try giving Pinterest access to contacts to see if they have Pinterest accounts.

Pinterest’s people you may know and guided search are also great features you can use to find random people in your niche.

Moreover, you can use hashtags, and the related pins feature, or look for influencers to find people on Pinterest as well.

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