Local Rate Limited Pinterest (Explained & Solved)

Pinterest is an awesome social media platform to get more visitors to your website. But if you are trying to build out your account too fast or use bots, you’ll probably run into the Pinterest Local Rates Limited block.

This block or error is super annoying and won’t let you do anything on your account. So you should definitely try to avoid triggering it.

In this post, I’ll explain what the Local Rates Limited Pinterest error is, what it does, and how it gets triggered. I’ll also talk about how to avoid it and what you can do in case you already got blocked.

Pinterest Local Rate Limited – What Does It Mean?

“Local Rate Limited” is a relatively common error message on Pinterest that means you exceeded the allowed limit of a certain action you can perform on Pinterest or a feature you can use.


For example, commenting on hundreds of pins, or maybe following a lot of users.

The platform’s algorithms have flagged it as potential spam and put a temporary block on you.

If you are using bots to automate stuff, you could easily get hit with this error if you don’t properly set up time intervals.

Once you get local rate limited, you cannot do anything on your Pinterest account for a while.

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Reasons For Local Rate Limited Pinterest Error Message

Below are some specific reasons why you might face this problem on Pinterest.

  • Posting a lot of comments in a too-short time.
  • Following a lot of users in a too-short time
  • Saving too many pins from the same website.
  • Saving pins with similar content consecutively.
  • Login in and out of your account many times in a short time.

How Long Does “Local Rates Limited” Block Last?

Once you get your local rates limit on Pinterest, it usually goes away within fifteen minutes to an hour, and twenty-four hours at maximum.

If your local rates limit is not lifted within twenty-four hours, you can contact the Pinterest support team.

How To Prevent Pinterest Local Rates Limited Block

Now that you know what triggers your local rates to be limited, it is easy to figure out how to prevent it from happening in the future.

How To Fix Local Rates Limited Pinterest Error

You generally need to watch what you are doing on Pinterest and how fast you are doing it.

1 Saving Pins

Be careful not to save a lot of pins fast. Pace yourself and go easy.

Avoid saving multiple pins from the same website consecutively and pinning similar content consecutively, keep the sources and content of your pins varied.

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2 Commenting

Comment on other users’ pins sensibly. Post constructive comments on pins that interest you, and take your time posting those comments.

The purpose of commenting is to get things clarified, learn, make suggestions, and express appreciation and not to get followers.

You get quality followers as a result of commenting sensibly, but you must not go on posting comments fast just to have more followers.

3 Following

You should also watch how fast you follow other users on Pinterest too, do not follow people for the heck of it.

Always choose quality over numbers, follow only users with content relevant to you, and do not follow a lot of them too fast.

4 Other Measures

It is best to use one safe device to log in to your account and keep yourself logged in instead of logging in and out of your Pinterest account repeatedly over a short period.

In general, just have diversity among your activities on Pinterest. Do not perform similar actions in a row.

For example, once you save a pin from a website, you can go on and comment on someone else’s pin that interests you rather than saving another pin right after.

How To Fix Local Rates Limited Pinterest Error

Unfortunately, If you have got the “local rates limited” block already, there is nothing you can do but wait for it to be removed.

Local rate limits on Pinterest are usually removed within fifteen minutes to an hour. So, all you have to do is wait for a while and try again.

Sometimes it can take more than an hour for the block to be removed. If the block is not removed even after twenty-four hours, contact the Pinterest support team like I said.

Bottom Line

When you get the “local rates limited” error message on Pinterest and are unable to do anything on the platform. Pinterest’s spam filters have identified your action as spam and put a temporary block on you.

You can avoid the inconvenience by keeping your activity varied and paced. If you have already gotten it, just wait it out, it will be removed within less than an hour.

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