Mailchimp Campaign Stuck On Sending (Solved)

Running a Mailchimp campaign is super easy and straightforward, but sometimes things don’t go as planned.

One problem a lot of people seem to face is their campaign getting stuck on the “Sending” stage. If this is happening to you – don’t panic.

A stuck campaign doesn’t necessarily mean deliverability issues down the line.

Sometimes Mailchimp’s servers may just be backed up, or there could be a simple explanation.

That said, do not create and send a new campaign again, because you will end up sending the same campaign twice.

In this post, I’ll walk you through the reasons behind why your Mailchimp campaign stuck on sending, and show you a number of ways to fix it.

What To Do If Mailchimp Campaign Stuck On Sending

Your Mailhimp campaign might show as “Sending” for a number of reasons. Let’s go over the main ones along with their solutions:

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First Steps

Before you try the other steps, do the basics first like:

  • Double check your internet connection
  • Refresh the page
  • Restart the Mailchimp tab
  • Log out and then log back in

Also check your Mailchimp account for any error notifications.

Mailchimp is good about alerting you to issues with a yellow warning triangle. So, click into the campaign details and look for clues.

Automated Campaigns

Are you running Automated Campaigns? If you are, it’s completely normal for it to show as Sending because these are continuous.

Automated Campaigns will stay marked as Sending until it’s either paused or archived.

Server Issues

Server delays or issues will be the reason why it’s stuck on Sending 9/10 times.

Mailchimp relies on a global network of servers to process and send out the campaigns. Server capacity and technical hiccups can sometimes delay sending.

Mailchimp’s servers handle the behind-the-scenes work of validating recipient email addresses, applying unsubscribe filters, handling ISP feedback loops, and dispatching your emails.

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If any of the servers involved get overloaded or have technical difficulties, it creates a bottleneck.

Your campaign gets stuck in a sending queue waiting for Mailchimp’s servers to catch up. It could be one localized server or a wider systemic issue across the network.

Problems like unexpected traffic spikes, software updates, intermittent outages, and general capacity limits can all play a role.

If this is the case, the only thing you can do is wait.

But don’t worry, it never takes more than 12 – 24 hours. Now what you shouldn’t do is start a new campaign because both will get sent.

Contact Support

If none of these work, you may need to contact Mailchimp support. If you are using the API, none of these would work and you’ll have to reach out to them.

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Mailchimp support can dig into the specifics and troubleshoot technical problems.

Why Mailchimp No Send Button?

There is no Mailchimp Send button because you haven’t configured the “Send Time” for your campaign. Mailchimp won’t show the send button until you set that option.

This is in place to prevent campaigns being accidentally sent before they are ready.

Fixing this is easy. Go back to the page which had the Send Time options and choose “Send Now”. This will make the send button clickable again.

Can I Stop A Mailchimp Campaign?

Yes, you can stop some Mailchimp campaigns while it’s still “Sending” if you have over 10,000 recipients. The ones you can cancel are Regular and Plain-Text Campaigns. You can’t stop other Campaigns.

Bottom Line

The most common reason why your Mailchimp campaign is stuck on sending is due to server delays. There is either high traffic or tech issues.

So, don’t abandon it too quickly – a bit of patience and persistence often does the trick. Follow these solutions and you should be able to get your email in front of subscribers again.

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