Restricted Monetization Facebook (How Long It Lasts & Solution)

If you are a content creator on Facebook, or if you run a small business (or a large one) and have a proper following of around 10k, your account will be up for monetization – which means you’ll be making money with the content you post.

And under the right conditions, this can be lucrative to the point where you can make an entire career out of this process.

But there are certain barriers put in place for people who misuse or take advantage of other people’s content, and Facebook calls this restricted monetization.

Restricted Monetization Facebook

This happens when you use content that is not yours or content that does not agree with the standards and guidelines of Facebook in your content, and Facebook blocks your content from being monetized.


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This can last for a while, and can adversely affect your income since it effectively stops you from making ANY money off of your content for a particular period.

And if you are someone who is stuck in this situation, you might be wondering how long restricted monetization last on Facebook, and if there are ways to remove the restriction.

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This article will discuss all of that and more, especially how to AVOID getting your content restricted AGAIN on Facebook.

How Long Does Restricted Monetization Last On Facebook?

According to Facebook, account restrictions happen in steps –

  • Your first strike will just be a warning, and anything from 2 to 6 strikes will leave you with certain restrictions on features.
  • Anything above 7 strikes will leave you with content-creating restrictions from 1 to 30 days!

Which is a lot if you are a content creator, and the loss will be significant.

You will be left without the ability to post whatever you want since there are tons of restrictions in place. Your ability to monetize whatever little content you post will be gone forever.

And this barrier will stay in place until Facebook takes it upon itself to check into the matter, or till you make a move and take one of the following paths mentioned below.

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How To Remove Restricted Monetization On Facebook

There are 3 ways that I know of to remove restricted monetization. These are:

Make An Appeal

If your page has been placed under restricted monetization, you can go ahead and make an appeal to Facebook, and ask them to reconsider the move and remove the restriction.

For this,

  • You will need to first go to Monetisation Manager, and click Go to placement, Go to Ad Space or Go to bundle from the top notifications.
  • There you will find the option to Appeal, or Appeal again (if you’re a repeat offender, that is) and add your appeal information.
  • Then, click submit.

This would usually take around 5 business days, but given the traffic coming at Facebook globally, it can definitely take LONGER.

This process is actually ideal if you have gone against community guidelines, and not used someone else’s work without their permission.

Upload Proper Content Till They’re Satisfied

So the scenario is your page got placed under monetisation restriction because your content went against the policies and guidelines of Facebook.

Since you can still post stuff, you can start posting content that completely agrees with their guidelines, with your own music, artwork and designs.

Keep posting such content and immediately remove whatever content Facebook does not agree with.

It is difficult to argue with the platform, and since you are on their turf it is best to comply and make content that agrees with their views and policies.

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Reach Out To The Original Creator Of That Piece Of Content

This can be done if somebody has reported your content, claiming that you have used their content in yours and passed it off as your original work.

If you have actually done this, you can reach out to the person or team in question and make a deal with them, either by paying them or negotiating a different deal so that you are given permission to use their content on your page.

This way the person can remove the report, and your restrictions will be removed afterwards.

This is the only way to handle this type of issue, you simply cannot appeal cases of this nature.

How To Avoid Getting Restricted Again

ALWAYS stick to the community guidelines, and keep your content in line with the newest additions to it as well. And make sure your overall page agrees with these policies as well.

Facebook is a platform where a lot of creators make a massive amount of content, and it is up to the creators to make sure that the content that is created is suitable, and ORIGINAL, so that no one’s efforts are unfairly used by someone else.

If your work has been mistakenly labeled as pirated or plagiarized, you can always appeal.

But if you have indeed made a bad move and used someone else’s work, the road will be much more complicated as I said earlier.

So best to stick to your own content, and keep in mind what Facebook expects of you.

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6 thoughts on “Restricted Monetization Facebook (How Long It Lasts & Solution)”

  1. I have Restriction For Monetisation since last 6-12 months i wanna bring my page again please help me i will follow the rules and regulations after this exception last time i got no issues green mark this time restricted monetisation help me to back my old page

    • Reach out to Facebook’s support team once more, explaining your situation and the efforts you’ve made to comply with their policies. Include any relevant details or evidence that might support your case.

  2. Hi, i have used som soundtrack and do lipsync to them, for make a point on the theme i creating. The Good thing, i did not make Money out of it.

    I creat my things as well, when im talking. And that is where i make Money.

    Now i have lost my ads.

    But i have agreed that Facebook can deleted them ore mute them. Soo thats is okey. I have not done this for that long time.

    Soo i Wonder, is that a change or how long will it take to get it bak? Its my first one this one

    I can post, its only that i not making Money.

    I see some Creators making reels with music, so i did the same. Soo its more were did i a mistake as well

    • I recommend reviewing Facebook’s guidelines on music usage and copyright to avoid similar issues in the future. Additionally, you can reach out to Facebook’s support or ad monetization team for more specific information regarding your situation.


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