Sendinblue Emails Going To Spam? (Solved)

Modern email marketing campaigns are often run on dedicated platforms with really cool tools that help a lot, like advanced analytics. If you are in email marketing, the Sendinblue marketing automation platform must have been heaven for you for many reasons.

But what if your emails still end up in SPAM folders even with a robust tool?

Sendinblue users have often encountered this problem, and there are things you can do to try to fix this issue.

In this post, I’ll shed some light on some of the reasons why your emails sent from Sendinblue end up in the spam folder, along with what you can do to AVOID it.

Why Your Sendinblue Emails End Up In Spam

These are the 4 main reason why your Sendinblue emails are going to spam:

Sendinblue Has Poor Deliverability Rates

One of the main reasons for your emails sent from Sendinblue ending up in spam folders is the poor deliverability rates of the platform.

According to research done fairly recently, 21.83% of all the emails sent through the platform end up in the SPAM folder!

And every good marketer knows these emails can bring in a lot of business, and they’re just lying in spam folders waiting to get deleted at a later date.

So there’s a deliverability issue within the platform itself.

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You’re Using Spam Words In Your Emails

This is something you will have to constantly look out for. Email spam checkers will look out for certain phrases, words and sentences that most spammers tend to use.

If you use them in your emails mistakenly, your emails will end up in the spam folder instantly.

Some examples of these are:

  • Insurance
  • Billion
  • No age restrictions
  • Earn extra cash
  • Earn per week
  • Extra income

The list goes on. You can find more of these on Hubspot.

You can also use services like folderly to check your emails and see if they count as spam.

If they do, you need to replace these words or phrases with better ones and you should be fine.

You’re Using Blacklisted IPs

Sendinblue is a platform that gives you SHARED IP addresses, which means – very simply – you are using an IP that is probably used by OTHER people on the same platform.

This means, your IP reputation is the SAME as their own.

And if by any chance your shared IP has been used by spammers, hackers and scammers, your IP might get blacklisted.

This means your emails will instantly head to the junk folder.

Poor Domain Reputation

Another common reason why emails end up in spam is because the domain you are using to send mails has a bad reputation.

This is mainly caused by people marking the emails you sent them as spam.

Anything above a 0.4% spam rate is super high and will most likely ruin deliverability.

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It can also be triggered if you suddenly start sending a huge amount of emails – because only spammers do that. Same goes for big changes in email volume.

How To Stop Sendinblue Emails Going To Spam

Now that you are aware of some the causes, let’s take a look at how you can improve your spam and deliverability rate:

Use A Dedicated IP Address

This is an important step to take if you are a serious email marketer.

Using a dedicated IP address means you and ONLY you can determine its reputation. No one else will be using it and its reputation will depend on how your emails perform.

But if you are using a dedicated IP, you will have to follow proper email etiquette and your IP address won’t be considered SPAM.

Good email etiquette simply means using the proper tone, using clear and respectful language and having an acceptable email structure which MOST professional emails do.

You can take a better look at email etiquette and good practices here.

Warming Up Your Domain

Using your dedicated IP in Sendinblue will help, but so will PROPERLY warming up your domain!

Warming up your domain should be done by sending emails to a set of people (a small group of people you probably know) who will most definitely open your emails.

This will list your domain as a regular one and NOT as a spam one.

Do NOT make multiple addresses and send like 100 emails on the very first day!

Avoid Using Spam Language And Structures

Using proper language can take your emails to the inbox and NOT the spam folder.

Avoid using words in your emails which are commonly used by spammers.

Also, do NOT overpromise in your emails. Spammers have this habit of having very clickbait titles to get people to open their emails, and if you start doing the same, your emails will quickly get a spammer reputation which will definitely affect your other emails as well.

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You do not want your contacts listing your email address as spam.

So do not use clickbait titles, and only promise what you can offer when it comes to your promotions and discounts.

Also, make sure that you do not send MULTIPLE copies of your emails from Sendinblue.

Some email providers have the habit of sending the same email multiple times if it has not been opened, and guess who else does this? SPAMMERS.

So if you get into this habit, your IP address will quickly be blacklisted.

Bottom Line

If you find your Sendinblue emails are ending up in spam folders, make sure you FIRST check the reputation of your IP address and SECONDLY, the type of language and etiquette you’re following when you’re writing emails.

Get a dedicated IP address in the Sendinblue platform, and warm it up nicely before using it.

And always check your emails for spam words or phrases before sending, use proper email etiquette and your deliverability rates will increase a lot.

Why Sendinblue Sent But Not Delivered?

This is often an issue with the email address you are trying to send the test email to. To verify this, try sending another email to a different address of the same domain. If this is the case, you’ll have to contact your email provider.

In the meantime, double check on an email tester for spam related issues.

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