YouTube Shorts Suddenly Stopped Getting Views? (Here’s Why)

If you’re a content creator on YouTube, you know YouTube shorts are the NEWEST trend on the social media platform.

Creating clips for YouTube shorts is a whole new process, with the time limits and other challenges that you need to meet to create something EXTRA exciting and eye-catching.

But what happens when you upload your shorts, and then realize that they have stopped getting views after a few hours?

It can be SUPER frustrating, yes. But don’t worry, I am here to help.

In this article, you will find out exactly why Youtube Shorts suddenly stopped getting views, or why you might be getting fewer views than usual, and what you can do to hopefully avoid it.

So if you’re a frustrated YouTuber who has just switched to shorts, or even if you’re just starting out, READ ON!

Why Did YouTube Shorts Suddenly Stop Getting Views?

If you’re worried that this is a problem with the platform or a defect in the app, you can rest easy.

YouTube shorts suddenly stop getting views is a NORMAL part of the platform and a part of the seeding process. It’s how Youtube is designed.

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Unlike regular YouTube videos, shorts are meant to be on the feed, which the audience will just swipe through.

Youtube is going to show your short to only a “seed” or small audience first. This audience may or MAY NOT be the audience that you are actually aiming for.

If the seed audience does not engage well with the video, Youtube will not push the video out to the rest of the platform and your views will suddenly stop.

So if the video isn’t something that is super exciting or trends consistently, the shorts will just stop receiving views entirely after a while.

Why YouTube Shorts Stopped Getting Views Than Usual

If what you meant by “Youtube shorts suddenly stopped getting views” is that your normal number of views suddenly dropped, there could be a few reasons behind it.

So of these are:

#1 Massive Competition

If there’s a massive competition within YouTube shorts for the particular topic you’re focusing on, your video might not get into the proper audience in time.

For example, if a new makeup palette came out and you’re among the thousands of beauty gurus trying out the exact same product in shorts, there’s going to be complications about whose videos end up reaching the target audience.

YouTube shorts are NOT like regular videos, so people don’t actively go searching for them, they just pop up on their FEED.

So make sure you do research to see what your competitors usually put out, and match their trends – and create something BETTER!

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#2 Not A Trending Topic

If your YouTube shorts are not based on a current trending topic, you will also find it hard to get views. This is because when people don’t engage with the content, Youtube decreases its reach.

People are always looking for the newest information on something that happened recently.

So make sure you keep up with the latest news in your particular field – may it be makeup, gaming, the sciences and whatnot.

And bring the latest and most interesting info through your shorts – especially the ones that are trending within the community right now.

A simple search on YouTube (especially your competitors) should be enough to tell you what’s hot these days.

#3 Length Of A Video

When settling on a length for the video, you must try your very best to make it fit the length of your competitors’ shorts.

Or else, YouTube will NOT push your videos.

This is a classic case of making yourself look similar but also different in certain ways – while you make your content as eye-catching as possible, you need to make sure that your video length fits your competitor’s shorts.

#4 Bad Titles

If your YouTube shorts don’t have catchy titles that match with what you’re ACTUALLY talking about, then you will have trouble getting views.

Your titles, while being related to your short, must also be able to stop the passive scroller and get them to watch it.

Once again, your competitors will be your best teachers in this.

You can always check out how they create titles, and how successful they are at inviting the viewer to wait and check out the short completely.

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So make sure the short you have made with so much energy and time, has a catchy title as well.

Here are some tips you can follow:

  • Keeping your titles short and sweet
  • Creating curiosity through the titles
  • Use keywords that will make your shorts trend
  • Use numbers (like the number of tips you’re giving, or the year some product came out)
  • Include emojis to add variation to the title

Also, optimize it for mobile because MOST people will be watching shorts on their phones!

#5 Users Are Not Engaged

It can be a tough job to get the views to your shorts, and an even harder job to maintain the views.

If users are NOT engaged with your shorts, the algorithm will think your content is trash and decrease its reach.

Your shorts should be able to make the viewer stop scrolling and watch it and keep their interest till the short video ends.

Apart from what is already mentioned in the article, you can also try out things like:

  • Using trending songs and music in your shorts
  • Make your videos in a loop that makes the beginning and end match seamlessly
  • Use your OWN confident ‘voice’ when you’re introducing, explaining and reviewing things – instead of copying your competitors’ opinions
  • Posting consistently so that your audience doesn’t forget about you

#6 Algorithm Changes

Another reason for your YouTube shorts suddenly stopped getting views is the YouTube algorithm.

There are updates quite regularly and it can affect the reach of your shorts.

Why Do My Youtube Shorts Stop Getting Views After 1000?

This usually happens when the algorithm has decided to stop showing your videos to an audience. This is a PRETTY common on YouTube, and can happen to your shorts after a while.

One other explanation could be the lack of new subscribers after watching your shorts. When that stops, your shorts will automatically fall out of the algorithm.

This can happen a lot once you have reached a certain number of views, like 1k.

Why Do Youtube Shorts Stop Getting Views After An Hour?

The reasons could ACTUALLY range from the YouTube algorithm not showing your videos to the correct audience, or your audience simply stopping engagement with your shorts after a while.

Either way, you can try reuploading your shorts on a proper schedule or making editorial changes to your shorts to make them more appealing and engaging to the crowd.

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