How to create a landing page

Are you figuring out how to create high-converting landing pages? But don’t know how to? No need to worry. We have got you covered. 

We always get this question while starting a new brand ‘How to Build Your Brand’s Online Presence?’ And, one of the most common answers we get is, Build a Stunning Website. A website is a great way to boost your online presence and generate more revenue at the same time. But when it comes to generating more leads, landing pages play a considerable role. 

Marketers use landing pages to capture more leads from their prospective customers. It helps them grow their business. We all know what a landing page is and how it works. The whole problem comes in the process of creating a landing page. 

People usually get confused about how to create a landing page from scratch. It means from writing the landing page copy to designing it. There are a lot of guides to help you with this, but none of them offer a step-by-step view on this. To help you in this, we will be showing you how to create a landing page from scratch. 

In addition, we will be using the Leadpages throughout the complete guide to creating a landing page. So, continue reading till the end and check out how to create high-converting landing pages to generate more leads. 

What Are Landing Pages Good For?

A landing page is a static web page marketers use to redirect their PPC or social ads visitors to convert them into customers. It includes many visual and text content to engage users and transform them into paying customers or subscribers. 

Creating a landing page could have several goals, such as capturing visitors’ data, selling a product, growing your email list, and many more. Landing pages are the perfect tool to get more leads and conversions. As a result, your business will generate more revenue and grow faster. 

What Is the Anatomy Of A Perfect Landing Page?

Before heading towards, it is essential to know the anatomy or the structure of a successful landing page. A landing page includes various elements, and each component plays a huge role. 

There are seven core elements of a perfect landing page. Yet, you can add more elements as per your requirements and test them to check which one works best for you. Here are the seven core elements of a successful landing page. 

Main Headline: One of the first elements of a landing is a short and crisp headline. Your landing page should include a headline giving a clear idea of your product in fewer words. 

Unique Selling Proposition: You have created a particular product or service because it is unique and can solve users’ problems. And, this is your USP. Your landing page should include your unique selling proposition. Otherwise, your product or service won’t sell. 

Hero Image: A landing page always includes a hero image, which is the primary image of a landing page. Hero image will help you engage your visitors for a long time and decrease the bounce rate. 

Benefits and Features: Benefits are one of the most critical elements of a landing page. Don’t forget to mention your product or service benefits and features. 

Social Proofs: Our audience trusts us because we already have shown some social proof to them. Your prospects also want some social proof to start trusting your brand. To build trust, you can include client reviews and companies logos you have worked with on your landing page. 

Lead Generation Form: The main part is to collect users’ information with their consent. A successful landing page always includes a lead capture form asking users for valuable information. To increase conversion, always try to eliminate unnecessary fields from your lead generation form. 
CTA, i.e., Call to Action: Call To Action helps you convert your visitors into customers. Your CTA button text should be compelling and attractive to attract users to click on it. Show their benefits by clicking on the button. That’s how you can convert them into buyers.

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