Why Am I Getting Spanish Ads On YouTube?

We all know how ridiculously disruptive ads can be on social media – especially YouTube when you’re watching something so very interesting, you are super invested in it, and out pops this ad that goes on for what seems like an eternity!

Now imagine that ad is in a completely different language.

Unfortunately this is something that happens on YouTube. Viewers suddenly start getting Spanish ads out of the blue even when they’re nowhere near a locale that speaks the language!

So what exactly is one to do when this happens? This post will show you how to stop Spanish ads on YouTube.


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Plus, I’ll give you a quick rundown of the reasons why you started getting Spanish ads on YouTube in the first place.

Reasons Why You’re Getting Spanish Ads

Here are the 5 main reasons why your get spanish ads on Youtube:

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You Live In A Multi-Language Country

If there are a lot of Spanish speakers in your country, there’s a good chance you’ll see Spanish ads on Youtube.

For example, the US is the fourth largest spanish speaking country.

If you are from the US, you definitely see Spanish ads. It’s the same for Argentina and Mexico.

Advertiser Did Not Select A Language

When setting up a youtube ads campaign, there’s an option to target only certain languages or ALL languages.

If the advertiser hasn’t set the language to Spanish, non Spanish speaking people like you and I will also see ads if we search the target keywords.

Some advertisers (especially beginners) forget or don’t set languages and just target everyone.

You’ve Watched Spanish Content On YouTube

One of the things that ANY social media platform would do is to pay very close attention to how you engage with it in order to customize your experience so you keep coming back.

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And one thing they look for is the content you interact with, and the genres they belong to.

So if you engage with Spanish content there’s a high chance that you’ll be getting Spanish-related content and even Spanish ads.

For example, maybe you have started taking Spanish and want to learn the language so you clicked on a couple of Spanish learning videos.

That triggers the youtube algorithm.

You’re Using A VPN

A lot of us use VPNs for various reasons while surfing the web.

The thing is we use VPN addresses from multiple regions and countries, and this can totally affect our online experience, especially on social media platforms like YouTube.

If you have selected (or if the VPN app has selected by default) a Spanish-speaking region as your VPN host, you will most definitely get Spanish-related content and ads while using YouTube.

What’s more, your entire trending page will be dedicated to the top content of that country.

Youtube also tracks IP addresses, and if a person before you with the same IP engaged with Spanish content, then it could also be a reason. (most VPNs use shared IP addresses)

It’s the same if you are using other IP changing stuff like RDPs. If the server location is Spain or any other country that speaks Spanish, you’ll see Spanish ads.

Your Language Settings Have Been Changed

If your language settings have switched from English to Spanish, your content will also be in Spanish.

Your ads (mostly the sidebar ones on the web version) will also be in their Spanish version.

However, this won’t really affect your skippable ads, so if they are in Spanish as well, it might be due to any of the former reasons.

How To Stop Getting Spanish Ads on Youtube

Change Your Language Settings And Ad Preferences

One thing you can start with, if you want to stop getting Spanish ads is changing your language settings and ad preferences.

You can do this by clicking on the three dots next to an ad on YouTube, and heading to My Ad Center (you can use the browser as well).

Once you’re there you can select which topics and genres you are interested in for your ads, select the “stop ad personalization completely”.

If you do this, YouTube will no longer focus on your content interactions to recommend ads to you – you will still get ads but will not be related to your activity any more.

Change Your VPN Or Server To A Country That Speaks English

If you are using a VPN or RDP – head over to the management dashboard, and see if the country it has selected by default is a Spanish-speaking country.

If this is the case, you can switch to a country that speaks English like the UK.

This should signal to YouTube that you are now in an English-speaking locale and therefore change and streamline your YouTube content accordingly.

Clear Your Cache

You can also clean up your cache, so everything that YouTube has saved about your interactions while you are using the app will be removed. You can head over to your phone’s (Android) settings and click on Apps.

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Once you’re there, look for the YouTube app and click it. There at the bottom, you will find the clear cache option.

If it’s on a browser, you can open Chrome and click on the three dots on the right-hand side.

Once there, you will find the option ‘More Tools’. Click on it and then click the ‘clear browsing data’ option.

Choose a time range or select ‘all time’ and check the ‘cache images and files’ box. Click delete and you should be fine. Make sure not to login to the same account afterwards.

Bottom Line

Getting YouTube ads in Spanish all of a sudden can be annoying, but there’s a logical reason most of the time.

From VPNs to language settings and ad preferences, there are things you can look into using your app on your phone, or the web browser on your desktop.

Either way, the issue can be resolved in the end, and you will no longer get Spanish ads on YouTube.

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