8 Best WordPress Landing Page Plugins

Does creating a landing page require coding knowledge? No. Not at all. Most beginners think that creating a stunning landing page requires a lot of programming knowledge and experience. But that’s not even true for a second.

Earlier, to create beautiful landing pages, it was necessary to know how to code. And, at that time, we didn’t have sufficient resources to do it easily. But, now, creating stunning landing pages has become an easy task. We don’t need to know high-level technical skills to build landing pages.

What Are the WordPress Landing Page Plugins?

Landing page builder plugins help us create goal-oriented and high converting landing pages with powerful features. With the help of landing page builders, we can make any type of landing page with ease in a few minutes. You don’t need any training to use these types of plugins. One of the best features of landing page plugins is, you don’t require any coding knowledge.

Confused about Landing page builder software and WordPress Landing Page Plugins?


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Landing page builder software is a service that provides you with a platform to design and create your own landing pages. WordPress Landing Page Plugins, on the other hand, are plugins that allow you to create a landing page inside your WordPress site.

With the help of these plugins, you create stunning landing pages with advanced features like a countdown timer, progress bar, and many more. There are multiple Landing Page Builder Plugins, such as Elementor, Divi, Thrive Architect, and a lot more. We will discuss the mentioned page builders and more later in this article.

Thrive Architect WordPress Plugin

Thrive Architect WordPress Plugin

Thrive Architect is one of the popular plugins for landing page creation. The best feature about Thrive Architect is it offers plenty of customization options to make a stunning landing page. This landing page builder provides 250+ templates to easily create a landing page in a matter of minutes. This is one of the best things for new users who don’t want to create from scratch. Also, if you are a landing page expert, you can create a landing page from scratch and even use coding to customize it.

The Thrive Architect WordPress plugin offers many converting elements like CTA, Countdown time, Google Maps, Testimonials, and much more. You can customize them easily with a few clicks.

Key Features Of Thrive Architect

  • It features the drag and drop editor, making the design part easier.
  • You get more than 250 predesigned templates to create landing pages.
  • It comes with essential landing page elements that help you convert your visitors.
  • You easily integrate with 30+ email marketing and webinar tools.
  • You get the Split Testing feature to test your landing page.


  • You get predesigned stunning templates.
  • It features the drag and drop editor.
  • You get the A/B Testing feature to analyze your landing page.
  • It offers all the essential elements required to create a landing page.


  • It doesn’t come with in-build payment integration.
  • You will need to buy the whole Thrive Suite to access the plugin.


As mentioned above, Thrive Architect Page Builder comes with the Thrive Suite. You can get this plugin separately. Thrive Suite will cost you $228 annually. According to the company, the builder will cost you $19 monthly.

Check Thrive Architect


Elementor WordPress Landing Page Plugin

Elementor is one of the best page builder plugins for WordPress. Elementor lets you design beautiful landing pages with its easy to use features. To use Elementor, you should have a WordPress website. Otherwise, you can’t use it. Elementor has a lot of free 3rd party addons that provide free templates, icons, images, and many more. Again, Elementor is a freemium plugin. The best feature of Elementor is its intuitive drag and drop editor. You can quickly build any landing page with its easy-to-use builder.

Key Features Of Elementor:

  • It features a drag and drop editor to create beautiful pages.
  • You get 300+ designer-made templates.
  • It enables you to build landing pages for different screens, such as mobile, tablet, and PC.
  • It is the best and affordable page builder for new and advanced WordPress users.
  • You can build custom forms and popups for your landing pages.


  • This plugin is freely available for all users but with limited features.
  • Elementor offers a free library of templates.
  • It has an appealing and interactive interface.
  • You get extensive customization options.


  • It has many customization options, but the free plan has only a few.
  • You might face some glitches with the editor.


Elementor is a freemium plugin. The free plan comes with 30 basic widgets. The premium plan comes at $49/year with all advanced features and 300+ templates.

Check Elementor

Divi WordPress Plugin

Divi WordPress Plugin

Divi is one of the most popular and advanced theme builder plugins. It is a website builder and page builder plugin. Still, people use it to create landing pages, and it works best. Divi Builder comes with many customization options that might confuse beginners in the beginning. Besides, it has some exceptional features that aren’t present in other landing page plugins. Again, Divi supports a drag and drop editor to make the design part smoother.

Divi is owned by the popular WordPress theme company Elegant Themes. Divi has two different versions – a theme and a plugin. Besides, Divi offers premade website packs, including all essential pages such as homepage, product page, contact us page, and a few more. You can customize them according to your requirements.

Key Features Of Divi Plugin

  • It offers an A/B Testing feature to quickly test your landing and improve them.
  • Divi offers a lot of advanced features to create a beautiful landing page.
  • This landing page builder lets you make changes in real-time.
  • You can easily integrate these 20+ email marketing tools.
  • Divi offers multiple website design packs to choose from.


  • It has the A/B Testing feature.
  • Divi features a drag and drop editor to build landing pages.
  • You can design landing pages for different screens from a single dashboard.


  • Customization options might be tricky for beginners.
  • The interface is quite difficult to understand.


The Divi plugin comes with two different plans -Yearly and Lifetime. The yearly plan costs $67, including Divi, Extra, Bloom, and Monarch. It includes hundreds of premade website packs and more. The Lifetime plan costs $187, which offers Divi, Extra, Bloom and Monarch, and life updates.

Check Divi

Beaver Builder WordPress Plugin

Beaver Builder WordPress Plugin

Beaver Builder is another self-hosted WordPress plugin that helps you create easy landing pages. It features an intuitive interface but with advanced features. Beaver Builder is one of the best plugins in the WordPress landing page builder lists. It has all features that can help you make high-converting landing pages.

The best part is, Beaver Builder is SEO-friendly, responsive, and easy to use. It never hurts your website speed unless you optimize it properly. It features a drag and drop builder with a lot of customization features.

Key Features Of Beaver Builder

  • It comes with the drag and drop editor.
  • Beaver Builder features a beginner-friendly interface.
  • It works with any WordPress theme.
  • If you stop using this plugin, your content will be automatically moved to the WordPress editor.
  • It is one of the best options for beginners.


  • It is SEO-friendly.
  • You can easily integrate it with 20+ marketing tools.
  • It features a drag and drop editor.


  • It doesn’t support A/B Testing.
  • You would require to watch a few tutorials to use this builder.


Beaver Builder has three varied plans – Agency, Pro, and Standard. The Agency plan costs $399 yearly. The Pro and Standard plan comes at $199 and $99 yearly. All three plans provide different features. You can compare and select the best one for yourself.

Check Beaver Builder

Leadpages WordPress Plugin

Leadpages WordPress Plugin

Leadpages is an excellent WordPress drag and drop page builder plugin. It lets you create beautiful landing pages with its intuitive and interactive user interface. Leadpages is a perfect landing page builder for both beginners and advanced users. You can use it with or without a WordPress website and with a website without any issue. Besides, Leadpages offer predesigned landing page templates that eliminate the process of creating from scratch. All templates are well optimized for mobile, tablets, and PCs for varied devices.

LeadPages has a built-in SEO feature to optimize your landing page automatically for different search engines like Google, Bing, etc. The best part about Leadpages builder is, it doesn’t affect your landing page speed.

Key Features Of Leadpages WordPress Plugin

  • Leadpages WordPress plugin offers many predesigned templates to create landing pages.
  • Leadpages also offers some built-in SEO features to optimize your landing pages.
  • You can easily customize your landing pages for different devices.
  • Leadpages integrate with almost all popular third-party email marketing services.


  • It has an easy-to-use interface with a lot of advanced features.
  • Leadpage features the drag and drop editor.
  • You get many customized landing page templates.
  • It features built-in A/B Testing functionality.
  • You can create stunning pop-ups easily.


  • The pricing is very high for newbies.


Leadpages pricing starts from $35 per month and $25 per month if you go for an annual plan. It doesn’t come with a free version. However, you can opt for the 14-day free trial to test its features.

Check Leadpages WordPress Plugin

Instapage WordPress Plugin

Instapage WordPress Plugin

Instapage is known for its exceptional features and user-friendly interface. Instapage offers a SaaS tool as well as a WordPress plugin. Instapage’s WordPress plugin is freely available on WordPress. For instance, if you don’t have a WordPress website, you can still use it to build a landing page. Instapage lets you create stunning landing pages for mobile, tablets, and PCs for different devices. You can download the plugin from WordPress’s Plugins section.

Key Features Of Instapage:

  • It offers a flexible and user-friendly landing page editor, which is excellent for beginners.
  • Instapage provides more than 200 mobile-friendly templates to start with.
  • Instapage has a collection of over 5000+ web fonts to make your landing page attractive and engaging.
  • Instapages massive library of royalty-free images. You don’t need to pay royalty fees to them or any other websites.
  • You can create custom landing pages forms with its drag and drop editor as per your requirements.


  • It has an A/B Testing feature to test your landing page.
  • Instapage is a good option for newcomers.
  • Instapage features drag and drop functionality to make landing pages.


  • A/B Testing feature isn’t available for cheaper plans.
  • It doesn’t let you add and create custom popups to add on the landing page.


You can download the free version from WordPress’s Plugin section. Talking about the premium plans, Instapage comes with two varied paid premium plans – Core and Enterprise. The Core plan comes at $98 monthly. And, the Enterprise plan is quote based. You can contact Instapage’s sales support telling them your requirements.

Check Instapage

Unbounce WordPress Plugin

Unbounce WordPress Plugin

Unbounce WordPress plugin is one of the most recommended landing page plugins by marketers. It is best for newbies who are just starting out. It helps marketers build stunning landing pages with their easy-to-use and interactive interface. Unbounce features a drag and drop editor to make landing pages easily. You can create excellent landing pages and convert your visitors into customers.

With Unbounce’s advanced features, you can build landing pages, popups, sidebars, and much more in less time. It also provides the A/B Testing feature to analyze your landing page’s performance.

Unbounce also offers some premium features like Dynamic Keyword Insertion, which lets you place the SEO keywords of your landing page smartly.

Key Features Of Unbounce:

  • It features a drag and drop editor to make things simpler.
  • Unbounce provides over 125+ templates to start creating landing pages instantly.
  • It automatically protects your landing page from unauthorized users with an SSL certificate.
  • You can do a variety of things with Unbounce landing pages, such as sticky bars, popups, and more.
  • It lets you analyze your landing pages with the Split Testing feature.


  • It comes with a lot of advanced customization features.
  • Unbounce has a drag and drop editor to create landing pages.
  • It offers a Split Testing feature to evaluate your landing page’s performance.
  • All of the readymade templates are AMP ready.
  • Unbounce has a Dynamic Text Replacement feature to improve SEM campaigns results.


  • Not all plans offer all features.
  • There isn’t any automatic sync between your Google Ads account and landing pages.
  • It doesn’t offer heatmap technology to find the most clicked spots.


Unbounce comes with two different pricing plans – Accelerate and Scale. The Accelerated plan costs $200 per month billed monthly. On the other hand, the Scale plan costs $300 per month billed monthly. In the Accelerate plan, you can capture around 2000 conversions only. After that, you have to upgrade to the Scale plan. Whereas in the Scale plan, you can capture 3000 conversions only.

Check Unbounce


OptimizePress WordPress Landing Page Plugin

OptimizePress works perfectly with any WordPress theme without any loading issues and glitches. The best part of OptimizePress is, it helps you create stunning landing pages without affecting your website speed. It uses fewer resources, which helps your website load faster. Coming over to its other features, it offers more than 40 ready-made templates to create landing pages quickly.

Key Features Of OptimizePress

  • OptimizePress offers an easy-to-use editing dashboard to create landing pages.
  • It provides more than 40 landing page templates for different purposes.
  • OptimizePress is a great tool for both beginners and advanced users.
  • You can integrate it with different email marketing services and other tools.
  • It lets you connect Stripe to receive payments.


  • It comes at great pricing
  • This plugin works best with membership plugins.
  • You can integrate the Stripe payment gateway.


  • The user interface might be difficult to understand for new users.
  • They don’t offer a free trial.


The OptimizePress plugin comes at $97 per month for three sites. You can use it on three different sites at the same time. But, this plugin doesn’t offer a free trial. However, if you opt for the service and don’t like it, you can request the money back in under 30 days.

Check OptimizePress

Why Use WordPress Landing Page Plugins?

Create Stunning and Advanced Landing Pages

You can create stunning and advanced landing pages and choose what features to add and what not. These plugins enable you to make beautiful landing pages with zero distractions and achieve great results. To shift users’ attention to your product, you can remove the navigation menu, sidebars, footers. The best part, you can build landing pages without any technical knowledge.

Test Your Landing Pages

Testing and optimizing your landing page is one of the most important tasks. It helps us improve our landing pages for better conversion. And, landing pages plugins help us do that easily. Split Testing is one of the best ways to test what’s working and not. An online business needs to check its landing page conversion rates.

Most landing pages plugin come with A/B Testing features. This feature makes it easier to identify the issue with your landing pages. So, you can quickly make changes accordingly. Additionally, it doesn’t cost an extra penny to use the A/B Testing feature.

Hundreds Of Premade Attractive Templates

Landing page builder plugins offer a lot of readymade templates. You can customize those templates according to your design preferences. You don’t need to know the technical knowledge to play with those landing page templates. You can easily create a visually appealing, creative, and intriguing landing page to attract your target audience.

Comes With An Easy to Use Design

The main goal of a landing page builder plugin is to offer excellent and easy-to-use functionality to create appealing landing pages. Landing page builder software like Elementor, Instapage supports drag and drop functionality to design fantastic pages. You can create landing pages without any need for programming.

Most landing page software comes with a user-friendly interface and features. You can create landing pages without any need for programming. Besides, they offer premade templates, which again removes all the stress of designing.

Integration With Third Party Software

Achieving landing page goals requires using various 3rd party tools like SEO tools, lead generation form tools, email marketing tools, and more.

One of the primary benefits of WordPress landing page plugins is that they easily integrate with prominent 3rd party software. For instance, if you want to integrate email marketing tools like SendInBlue lead generation form with your landing pages, you can quickly do it in a few seconds.


Now, the question is – Which Is the Best WordPress Landing Page Plugin? Undoubtedly, all the plugins are the best and do their work properly. But each plugin includes some features that differentiate from each other.

If you are looking for one of the best and easy-to-use landing page plugins, then Elementor is the one for you. Elementor doesn’t only know its features; it is also famous for its easy-to-use dashboard.

But, if you want to go a bit advanced, you can look for Unbounce and Divi. Both plugins offer advanced features to make stunning landing pages. Divi is the most advanced and offers tons of customization options. Also, both plugins come at reasonable pricing.

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