Why Landing Page Videos Are Essential For Your Website [With 10 Examples]

Nowadays, people prefer consuming video content to reading because it is the easiest way to learn or gather information about anything in less time.

Digital media platforms are also testing video content on their platforms, and some have successfully introduced and got impressive results. One of the primary benefits of videos is, it helps in engaging your visitors on your application or website for a long span. And, that’s what we all wish to do.

Do Videos Work on Landing Pages? No doubt, this is the most frequently asked and confusing question. And, we have the answer for you. The answer is quite simple, Yes. According to the landing page statics, video on a landing page can increase the conversion rate by 86%. Yes, you heard it right.

When it comes to landing page videos, we are always ready with many questions in our minds. What Are the Types Of Landing Page Videos? What are the Benefits Of Using Videos on the Landing Page? How to Create them? And a lot more.

Relax, and read till the end to discover more about landing page videos in detail. In this article, we will be talking about landing page videos. We will be introducing you to the types of landing page videos and how to create them? We have more in store for you. This is interesting. Right?

Continue reading ahead and explore everything about landing page videos in one blog.

What Are Landing Page Videos?

Let’s break down this term into two parts – Landing Page and Videos.

A landing page is a static web page we use to land our PPC or paid visitors. It gives a detailed overview of the product or service, including its features, benefits, pricing, etc to visitors. The primary objective of a landing page is to convince users to buy a particular product or submit their information for further process. The main function of this is to help businesses and companies in the lead generation process.

On the other hand, a video combines moving visuals with a pleasing sound or voice-over.

In simpler terms, a landing page video means a landing page with a video explaining the product or service to help users make a positive decision. In other words, presenting your product in the text format as well as video.

Benefits of Using Video Landing Pages

Here are the benefits of adding videos to the landing page.

Helps to Understand Product Better: Videos are the best example to communicate anything easily to anyone. We use videos anywhere to explain or learn something in our daily life. In terms of business, videos are the best way to present your product in detail. It lets users check your product specifications without reading a long-boring text copy.

Showcase Products From Multiple Dimensions: Whenever we plan to buy a physical product, we always look at the product images and videos. Video assures us about how the product looks and works. It is the perfect method to display your product from different angles. It will help you clear customers’ doubts from their minds, and they will be able to make decisions faster.

Generate More Leads: According to a report by WyzOwl, 84% of video marketers have stated that videos have assisted them in generating more leads. You can also use videos on your product or landing page to increase leads.

Get More Sales: Who doesn’t like the word Sales? Video can help you get more sales, and you can observe a significant increase in your business revenue. These aren’t just myths; these are real facts. According to WyzOwl, 78% of marketers have experienced a growth in sales after using video to describe their products.

Reduce Customer Calls: A business attends hundreds and thousands of customer calls regarding product inquiries. Attending each call could be a hectic task unless you have a dedicated team for that. As per a report by WyzOwl, 43% of marketers have said that the number of calls has reduced after adding a video to the product or landing page.

We have looked at the benefits of adding videos to the landing page. Let’s now look at its types in the next section.

Types of Video Landing Pages

There are four types of video landing pages you will find on the internet. Find the detailed explanation of each type below.

Hero Landing Page

Landing Page Videos

On the hero landing page, video is the main focus over everything. You will usually find a video on the top and center of the landing page. In this page type, we replace the hero image with a video, which is now known as a hero video. Hero landing pages are the best for promotional and explainer videos.

For example, you are planning to enroll in a course, after clicking on the given link, it redirects you to a new page where you see a video explaining the course or how to enroll. This page type is identified as a hero landing page.

Besides that, it is the most common and popular landing page on the internet.

Supporting Landing Page Video

Landing Page Videos

In this page type, the video featured on the landing page supports other elements. In simpler words, video is not the main concern here. You will find the video in the lower body or after half of the page. In most cases, the video will be related to client reviews or testimonials.

For instance, you visited a landing page and saw the customer review videos in the end. You can understand that page as a supporting landing page video.

Background Landing Page Video

Landing Page Videos

This landing page type is the opposite of the hero landing page type. On this landing page, you will see an animated video running in the background.

Marketers use this page type to grab visitors’ attention. Another reason is to shift users’ focus to a particular element like text, button with the help of a background video. This is another most common landing page type.

Popup Or Lightbox Landing Page Video

Landing Page Videos

When you visit a landing page, you will see a video popup explaining a product or service. It is a great video to add multiple videos to a landing page without affecting the layout. This is the best video type for explainer and demo videos. Here visitors get the control to play, pause, and dismiss the video from the page.

These are the types of video landing pages. Head over to the next section to learn more about the types of videos.

What Are the Different Types Of Videos?

Here are the types of videos you can add to your landing page.

Testimonial Videos: Understanding testimonial videos are pretty simple. In this type of video, you will have a person giving a review or saying good things about a product or service. You can also add testimonial videos to your landing page to build trust with your customers. It is a powerful way to build credibility and convince your visitors to opt for your services.

Demo Videos: We all have seen demo videos multiple times on Youtube, Vimeo, etc. Demo video lets users understand what the product does and how it works. It allows us to demonstrate our product in the most effective manner. At the same, it helps users understand the functioning of the product.

Explainer Videos: This helps when your product is new in the market or works differently from others. Explainer videos are the best videos to guide your customer about your newly-launched product. You can teach them about accessing and using all the features. On platforms like YouTube, you will find different video types, and one of them is explainer videos.

These are the types of videos you can find on a landing page. I hope you understood each video type properly and decided which one to use for your new landing page.

How to Create a Video Landing Page?

In this section, we will learn to create a video landing page. We will be explaining each step in detail to make everything clear to you.

Step 1. Choose the Best landing page builder

To create a landing page, you will need to choose a landing page builder. It will help you manage your website and landing pages easily in one place. In addition, you can perform multiple tasks like A/B testing, selling products, etc.

There are a couple of builders present out there. Yet, we recommend you to go with Leadpages because it is one of the best landing page builders to create and publish landing pages.

Else, you can try other platforms like Squarespace, Wix, WordPress, and Unbounce.

Step 2. Choose the template from the page builder

To create a page, we will need to choose the template. Page builder will assist you in making a stunning landing page without any need for coding.

Check out the Leapges Templates here

Step 3. Create And Publish the Landing Page

We have now selected the best template to create the landing page. Now, start building the landing page. Before going ahead, choose the type of video landing page video you want to create. After that, select the video type you want to go for. To make the custom landing page, you will need to take care of a few things, which we will be mentioning below.

Head over to the next section to check that.

Best Practices To Create A Perfect Video Landing Page

Follow the best practices to create a perfect landing page for your marketing campaign.

  1. Identify Your Call-to-Action: One of the most critical parts of your video is the CTA. Before creating the video for your page, you have to write powerful and action taking CTAs that convert. Without CTAs, your landing page would be a standard web page.
  2. Connect With Consumers: Creating an emotional connection with your visitors is essential to convert them into loyal customers. Figure out their pain points and create a perfect video around them to establish an emotional relationship.
  3. Build Trust: No one will believe in your product or service until you prove to them that your services are worth buying. Here reviews and testimonials play a huge role. You can add customer reviews and client testimonials to your landing page video to build trust with users. This will help to convert visitors faster.
  4. Short and Crisp Video: While creating the landing page video, make sure the video is short and crisp. It should be informative and straightforward. The video should clear all of their doubts without any boredom.

These are the best practices to create a perfect landing page. Have a look at the 10 best examples of video landing pages.

10 Best Examples Of Video Landing Page

Here are the best examples of a video landing page to understand them better.

Example #1. Headlime

Landing Page Videos

Our first example is Headlime. Headlime is an AI-Powered copywriting tool. It is a perfect example of using a video to attract more visitors and convert them into returning customers.

As you can see in the above image, the layout and design are simple while the content is easy to scan. We can also see a video on the page showing how to write a perfect copy and connect with their visitors.

The best part about this landing page is its CTA. They have added Try For Free. No Credit Card is required as a call to action. The CTA is ideally positioned to get higher results. This CTA will undoubtedly perform better and encourage users to click on the button and move forward to test their services.

Example #2 Adidas

Landing Page Videos

Adidas is known for its durable shoes, apparel as well as marketing campaigns. Now, Adidas has also become an example of a perfect landing page.

Adidas has created a stunning landing page with soothing animated video in the background. The video is playing automatically in the background. This is the perfect example of a background landing video. This video is helping in grabbing users’ attention and pushing them on clicking on the button.

Again, this is a classic landing page with loads of information and zero distractions. Also, the CTA is perfect and placed in an ideal place.

Example #3. Tissot

Landing Page Videos

Tissot Homepage is another example of a perfect landing page. They have used a video in the background that conveys everything about the product without any introduction. You can observe that they wanted to convey that they offer luxurious watches with the best quality.

The video has done a great job explaining their business and product with features. You must check this page for inspiration. Also, the visuals are impressive and perfect for capturing users’ attention.

Example #4. Ferrari

Landing Page Videos

We all know Ferrari for its luxurious sports and racing cars. Another thing now Ferrari is known for is its beautiful landing page. The landing page features an inspiring and jaw-dropping video in the background that explains everything about their product with the help of a short video. The car itself is a fascinating product for users, so it is the ideal video to hook prospective customers.

On the landing page, we can see CTA – Start Your Engine. This encourages visitors to take action quickly. Users can browse Ferrari cars after clicking on the Discover The Ferrari Lineup CTA and heading over to the next page.

Example #5. Odoo

Landing Page Videos

Odoo is a business known for offering business management tools and services. They have an attractive yet simple landing page. The page focuses on three points: Attention, Engagement, and Conversion.

It all starts with grabbing customers’ attention, engaging them with the content or video, and ends with a good call to action to get a higher conversion rate. It is an illustration of the hero landing page. The page also allows them to play and pause the video.

Example #6. Screaming Frog

Landing Page Videos

Screaming Frog offers an all-in-one tool to track your rankings on search engines. Their landing page is quite appealing and easy to navigate. As we can see, they have added a demo video in the upper body. This is again an example of a hero landing page video.

This video helps users to understand the product, its features, and how it works. They can get a closer look at the product with the help of the video. On the other side, they have added the Download CTA.

Example #7. Rolex

Landing Page Videos

This landing page by Rolex demonstrates how you can create an appealing and simple landing page without losing creativity. They have added an animated background video showcasing their product and its features. The landing page states the premium features of Rolex watches. To increase conversion, they have added multiple story videos to engage customers for a long time. In the end, they added a call to action button to generate leads.

Example #8. WordStream

Landing Page Videos

On the landing page, WordStream has added a video with a profound meaning. This video gives a comparison between a person using WordStream services and a person who isn’t. On one side, a person is happy, and on the other side, sad. This video directly connects with users’ emotions. And, this is a perfect example of connecting with visitors’ emotions.

On the video itself, they have added a CTA – Start My Free Trial. This encourages users to opt for their free trial, later than to convert them into loyal customers.

Example #9. Click Funnels

Landing Page Videos

On their landing page, ClickFunnels has added a video with a few texts beside it. The video does the entire work of showing the product and its features. Besides the landing page video, they have placed a button with CTA on it. In addition, they have outlined features like 24/7 Support, etc.

Example #10. Impact+

Landing Page Videos

Impact+ has also followed the same design as ClickFunnels. They also have a video in the upper body along with some text introducing its services. After that, they placed two buttons. One button lets them sign up to use their services for free. Another one allows them to take a look at its services and features.

These are the best illustrations of video landing pages.


Good to see you reading till the end. We finally looked at each section in detail. In this article, we discussed landing page videos. We understood landing page meaning, its benefits, types of landing pages, and how to create them. Instead, we looked at the ten best examples of landing pages. We hope you understood everything correctly.

That’s all for this article. We will see you in another article about Marketing.

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